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  16. thinking about buying ibm t30 + dis
  17. IBM T30 w/ DIS V57 & Progman SSS V41 + china Orange OPS **For Sale**
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  19. Finally
  20. Best way to burn a Video DVD to produce in CIC zoom mode and dont lost part image
  21. OPS for sale.
  22. iPhone Bluetooth Streaming
  23. BMW E60 LCI Adaptive Headlight Bixenoni
  24. Buy and sale thread?
  25. A few items for sale - Logic 7 DSP/Speakers, Lane Depart Warning, FLA mirror and man
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  32. Anyone heard of $863 in the VO ?
  33. bosch esi tronic 2012
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  35. What can I swap from a wrecked 2008+ 535i to a 2004 545i?
  36. Software link threads deleted
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  39. Problems setting up NSExpert -- Willing to pay $$$ for remote assistance
  40. US Warrenty issues with changing the VO and retrofitting
  41. Finland - USA
  42. BMW scanner 2.0.1
  43. E60 600W engine fan retrofit
  44. SA430 Folding mirror switch - E60/E61 LHD
  46. New CIC
  47. FS UK: BMW OPS £400
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  49. performance wheel
  50. Big problem with IBS
  51. FS: Media COMBOX with the latest software and coding
  52. FS: Icom A / Icom B / Icom C / Icom P + Software
  53. 2008 X5 4.8i HUD
  54. where to buy ISID and ISSS
  55. FS: OBD Cable (one-stop-electronics.com)
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  59. Excuse me, the wiring of F10 CIC
  60. F01/F02 LCI
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  62. Buy CIC E60 Set
  63. Online BMW Parts Supplier
  64. Invitation Code for bmwecu forum
  65. Sales Thread ?
  66. Ebay experience
  67. Anypone heard of the Behördenmodul(government Modul or Lawenforment modul)?
  68. My Cinese OPS is 4Sale
  69. The dealers, modules and the truth
  70. can someone remotely sell me a fsc code and activate it for Sat radio 2011 e92?
  71. Car totaled after update
  72. BMW halts sales of M models for oil pump issue
  73. Engine Mapping - How to tell if any ?
  74. dashsoft coding
  75. Official ICOM interface prices (October 2012) for the UK
  76. Wanted: Need E60 diversity amplifier with TV
  77. E60 custom side mounted enclosure with JL 12" sub
  78. Diesel Tuning Boxes
  79. FS: Sport Automatic Transmission (SAT, 2TB) shifter, shiftbox, power button and trim
  80. BMW M5 E60 seats for sale: Front and rear heated and fully electric with
  81. Dead (repairable?) CCC Professional unit for sale or repair
  82. Mama ICOM is home
  83. SORRY FOR THIS THREAD,but i don't know how to do
  84. 2004 E46 M3 Cabriolet SMG - Rear View Mirror Auto Dim Not Completely across the Glass
  85. BMW opps head
  86. LCI E60 CCC in very good condition
  87. BMW just released new 2013-1 Europe and North America maps for NBT head unit.
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  89. Spaghetticoder gone?!?!?
  90. Sell Icom A2
  91. Vista Errors
  92. iOS 7 - any expierence
  93. ICOM A2 + B + C group buy
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  95. IB Reader Tool not working, says no Ignition
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  97. How to use Forum Advanced Search function ?
  98. sat nav proffesional help
  99. ODB failure Emission inspection
  100. ISID + ISSS Or custom machine?
  101. Question regarding ECU Tuning
  102. After tining control for changing lcd display from steering not working ...
  103. E71 MSV80
  104. E90 Used DME MSD81 programming
  105. help me virgin or guid me on how to progam a ecu
  106. E91 Non coding question
  107. 2002 BMW 325i post cat o2 Sensors Disabling.
  108. EGR + DPF decoding
  109. Used KOMBI
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  111. Cable
  112. Spam...in Off topic discussion forum
  113. FS: OBD Cable (exactly as one-stop-electronics)
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  115. BMW INPA / Ediabas K+DCAN USB Interface Cable
  116. BMW X5 E70 LCI ECE Only Main Wiring Harness
  117. FS: K+DCAN USB Cable from one-stop-elecetronics
  118. BMW Dealer update question, bmw techs are welcome to chime in!
  119. Can BMW be Hacked/turned off ?
  120. Help our BMW/ Euro club win VIP at TX event!!
  121. neo_andersson THE BEST
  122. Question: INPA
  123. bmw-navigation.co.uk
  124. NBT Retrofit REVIEW on E60 pre-LCI (for CIC/NBT retrofit projects)
  125. X3 computer readout
  126. E60 Ecs Tuning sale
  127. CIC for sale
  128. Fully automated digital gauges without any fuss
  129. Looking for Darksys
  130. What happened to Darksys?
  131. 2003 e39 xenon headlights adjuster need part #
  132. CAUTION - bdecoder website scam
  133. Get Online Visa Assistance