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  1. HU_NBT (new iDrive for F10, F30) extra features
  2. Anyone upgraded NBT software?
  3. Time for NBT retrofit :)
  4. All BMW E series - NBT
  5. Coding & Firmware Update NBT in EXX [Via ENET]
  6. Coding NBT to 6NS and ambient light pack 563
  7. New update for NBT - UPD05021
  9. Problem with bluetooth aerial - NBT
  10. Strage CAFD file needet.. but its nowhere in the Psdz
  11. Getting network access to HU_NBT
  12. Flashing NBT on the table
  13. 6NR retrofit for retrofitted NBT
  14. Need help : NBT retrofit on F32 Setting time problem
  15. Bad FM & DAB+ reception
  16. Retrofit nbt e84
  17. Make use of the CVBS inputs without the actual hardware
  18. VO coding Ethernet error
  19. Cannot code NBT after upgrade; won't code with downgrade either
  20. USB/Aux socket compatibility with NBT retrofit
  21. NBT HW
  22. Change over date for NBT in F10/F11?
  23. USB dont works. Read USB stick, but dont play music
  24. NBT Retrofit problem
  25. emulator NBT
  26. E60 NBT coding auxiliary heating?
  27. NBT Retrofit in 2011built F10
  28. TRSV Connections
  29. Changing FA 606 to 609
  30. F20 116i with NBT retrofit
  31. F11 NBT Retrofit problem
  32. Microphone echo with e91 2010 NBT
  33. NBT TV module with camera
  34. [F30] - NBT retrofit questions/issues
  35. tethering bluetooth NBT after update service
  37. NBT retrofit: ConnectedDrive stopped working
  38. Flashing Screen on retrofitted NBT after vehicle software update
  39. NBT enabling plug for E60/E90?
  40. Different NBT Problems
  41. some questions after NBT retrofit
  42. emulator + kit retrofit
  43. NBT into E91: Some issues with navigation and PDC
  44. How to wire the E adapter for NBT?
  45. Help on flashing NBT HW31 retrofitted in E60
  46. DAB antenna(s) for NBT part number?
  47. Read out VIN from NBT
  48. Difference between HU-NBT and HU_NBT2
  50. NBT retrofit with Z4 antenna
  51. How do I enable shift lights in E92 M3 with NBT?
  52. Basic NBT coding questions
  53. NBT unit for retrofit f25
  54. NBT retrofit in an '04 E87
  55. Enabling ETA on NBT
  56. 2005 E60 NBT retrofit - help needed
  57. e70 Retrofit issue
  58. 2014 - F10 NBT retrofit - Radio and DAB no reception?
  59. NBT flashing via esys,Have carried out 5 hours, has been in progress
  60. NBT retrofitted and ConnectedDrive not working - help needed
  61. No DAB signal on different NBT with different antennas
  62. Retrofitted NBT and bad bluetooth signal
  63. Retrofitted NBT in E-Series -- Issues...
  64. Replace the NBT, navigation unavailable
  65. Understanding MOST bus connections in E70 after NBT retrofit
  66. NBT Retrofit with nothing on screen
  67. NBT from test car flashing on F11
  68. E90 NBT radio poor reception and BMW ONLINE no weather
  69. NBT retrofit -PDC screen
  70. US version CIC or NBT with SDARS
  71. Iphone 6 No Phone Audio in NBT
  72. X5 2010 Radio/NBT/MMI stop working after DME reprogram
  73. Transport Mode/Energy Mode Active when USA NBT detect leaving USA
  74. NBT iDrive help
  75. NBT on E9X - bluetooth problem
  76. NBT on E60 not working
  77. Nbt problem
  78. Rear camera, TRSVC and PAS on NBT
  79. Trying to return NBT to virgin state
  80. TCB retrofit? enable connecteddrive?
  81. Tool32 job to nbt delete personal data
  82. Code defauld button push:((((
  83. New HU_NBT2 (NBT EVO) FSC scheme
  84. Retrofit coding
  85. Virginizing NBT unit
  87. E60 NBT Retrofit - Navigation way off and jumping
  88. Analog Video Input
  89. ZGW 01 Falsh for NBT
  90. ENET wiring bypassing OBD port
  91. Antenna problem NBT
  92. Let's hack NBT!
  93. Nbt TWO problem
  94. NBT WiFi
  95. Used ZGW
  96. NBT Retrofit in e61 LCI - flash FW without ZGW
  97. NBT Evo 2 coding problem.
  98. VIN from NBT EVO needed.
  100. No text after NBT Retrofit and FA coding
  101. Bluetooth phone calls drop immediately after NBT retrofit
  102. FSC NBT
  103. used NBT Ethernet for coding is off / HW:21
  104. nbt coding hud problem
  105. F20 with radio pro upgrade to navigation
  106. TPMS Units are incorrect after NBT retrofit
  107. Advice please on Best NBT EMULATOR For E60 retrofit ?
  108. SOS alarm after NBT retrofit
  109. No CD or USB flash drive music playback
  110. Need help to make Vo for coding Nbt in E series
  111. Updating NBT on the bench
  112. F01 2008r NBT retrofit, ICM problem
  113. battery discharge while stationary - E60 with NBT retrofit
  114. E61 Retrofit making it fit the car, info share
  115. Support idrive touch,
  116. E60 NBT Retrofit nightvison and HUD
  118. Retrofit TCB into F25 NBT
  119. F20 NBT - HK/Logic7 coding
  120. E70 retrofit nbt navigation problem
  121. NBT - GPS lost from time to time
  122. nbt retrofit in a bmw e90
  123. helppppp
  125. bmw nbt add radar pois ??
  126. How to delete NBT's FSC
  127. Navigation lost sometimes F25 NBT ret rofit
  128. Gyrosensor retrofit?
  129. e90 nbt retrofit: enable bmw live ???
  130. NBT EVO OABR plug part number
  131. NBT USB Charger ?
  132. nbt internet option code 6ar
  133. Software update for the retrofitted NBT?
  134. BMW APPS and ConnectedDrive App for Android mobile Phones
  135. Post BMW F82 M4 - NBT Change
  136. Retrofitting NBT to my F30
  137. Tool32 to NBT on table with CANBUS emulator
  138. eNBT retrofit Adapter Update?
  139. BMW NBT Sirius XM Sat Radio Retrofit in e90
  140. Nbt Evo and F30 Hud in Exx series?
  141. Curious : BMW Apps appear without valid 9c FSC ???
  142. Eco modes in e60 retrofit?
  143. F series AMP Harman Kardon in Exx series?
  144. NBT Rear View Camera Recommendation
  145. E84 non iDrive retrofit - help
  146. E71 with NBT retrofit, just few doubts
  147. BMW NBT USB Charging Problem witH Iphone 4s Turns on / off
  148. HU/RAD NBT replacement on F25
  149. E91 NBT retrofit - need help connection with E-SYS and ICOM?
  150. Parts for NBT retrofit
  151. nbt problem
  152. e90 nbt sometimes navigation totally lost
  153. NBT in flash mode, how to "exit"?
  154. Need help - Coding NBT with Individual Audio (752)
  155. NBT on E6x with night vision and TV
  156. BMW E91 NBT retrofit - a few coding questions!
  157. e90 enbt emulator sometimes volume up and down
  158. NBT in E90 M3 - MDrive Options
  159. NBt in e9X
  160. Voice Commands after Retrofit not working
  161. F25 NBT retrofit
  162. What nbt works on e6X series? help
  163. NBT F30 DAB and FM Radio Problems
  164. My 1. (ongoing) NBT in E90
  165. Nbt in e92 Sound issue
  166. Need CAFD cafd_00000ded-003_001_012 for NBT
  167. BMW E60 NBT Logic7 Active Sound Design retrofit???
  168. e70 NBT retroffited no sound
  169. Dab Nbt in E60 which aftermarket dab antenna
  170. F15 NBT HU retrofitted on E70
  171. Tool32 can clear NBT NAVI map ?
  172. BMW E91 NBT retrofit - possible to flash?
  173. How to get BMW apps to work??
  174. BMW Apps / BMW Live / ConnectedDrive on EVO
  175. RFK not working after upgrade from nbt to nbt evo
  176. FEM setup on the bench
  177. Coding NBT EVO G Series?
  178. NBT retrofit in E60 - How to mount controller?
  179. How to mount the F15 NBT screen in E70/E71 < DIY inside
  180. OABR plug diagram pinout?
  181. NBT working temperature
  182. Missing a part number
  183. NBT VIN
  184. Coded NBT EVO fine now all FSC and CAFD gone. Still working
  185. BMW NBT update spdaten v58
  186. How to check if NBT is faulty
  187. DAB problems with NBT in E60
  188. E61 Retrofit NBT test with ISTA/D
  189. Trying to flash NBT with ZGW 4SK
  190. Brand new NBT unit, how to make it work?
  191. NBT Retrofit e9x - OBD Wiring Network Connection Issue
  192. NBT Retro fit (F30)
  193. e64 NBT retrofit no GPS
  194. NBT + DKCAN + Tool32 = IFH 0009 / IFH 0003
  195. Which tv module to use with e64 retrofit and a flash problem with original
  196. Who has properly coded E61 NBT? NCD file needed.
  197. Where to pick up 12v for the 1k resistor for esys coding
  198. FA and CAFD for NBT bmw E60
  199. After retrofit NBT navigation don't show arrows
  200. NBT USB filesystem compatibility
  201. About NBT debug port UART
  202. NBT HW21 Intel dump
  204. How to get nbt hdd out of safe mode
  205. Retrofitted NBT Evo
  206. Question about APPS on NBT
  207. BMW E91 NBT retrofit front view camera
  208. E60 / E61 Nbt Retrofit Warning tones (Gong)
  209. NBT Flash failed
  210. F30 NBT Retrofit Issues
  211. Clearing error codes F series modules, E series car - How ?
  212. Coding NBT Retrofit in E81
  213. How to get vin from tcb
  214. RTTI with Bluetooth Tethering possible?
  215. How to code TCB in E91 with retrofitted NBT?
  216. How to find out Nbt firmware version
  217. BE AWARE! 2012 F30 NBT retrofit coding lead to AC issue
  218. Climate control issue after NBT retrofit
  219. NBT EVO coding problems
  220. F31 NBT retrofit with hifi 676 and touch
  221. NBT Bench Testing: Getting Started and Best Practices
  222. F10 NBT Retrofit Coding required
  223. Which ZGW do I need + couple of questions
  224. NBT Retrofit Issues (No Signal)
  225. TCB Retrofit questions
  226. NBT Evo on F10/2010
  227. Battery drain after NBT retrofit on E60 (5 series)
  228. How do I make a full backup of my NBT
  229. Internet coding for nbt
  230. NBT EVO Retrofit for E87 , share your CID DIY experience please
  231. Retrofit NBT to E60 without emulator
  232. NBT BMW LIVE over bluetooth tehtering
  233. Retrofit NBT evo e92
  234. F20 NBT Retrofit Black screen
  235. No iPhone data after NBT retrofit
  236. F10 NBT retrofit
  237. NBT bench coding help needed in USA.
  238. CAN Bridge
  239. NBT Programming
  241. Retrofit NBT Satnav direction issues.
  242. Is my NBT EVO locked?
  243. NBT in e series question fsc + vin
  244. NBT EVO finished .ncd file for E series (E60)
  245. EUROPE id5/id6 repair fsc kit
  246. NBT Evo USA id5/ID6 fsc repair kit
  247. F20 NBT
  248. another thread of NBT EVO retrofit in Eseries
  249. Nbt pdc problem
  250. NBT F20 Retrofit problems