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  1. Updating the CIC System with ICOM B Most Interface
  2. Where to buy icom
  3. Diagnosing Faulty Cables
  4. Ediabas and ICOM A+B
  5. Got an icom, now what...
  6. ICOM on ediabas/winkfp/ncsexpert possible ?
  7. ICOM stop to work , how to reset ICOM ?
  8. icom login
  9. icom connection
  10. Where can i buy a OPS
  11. Buy,BMW CCC CIC language Conversion equipment。
  12. Battery Charger 50 amps enough?
  13. icom with winkfp , what portnumber to use.
  14. ICOM and COAPI-2001 error
  15. CIC Update error with ICOM & WinKFP BIG ISSUES!!
  16. Enet cable for Fxx with E-sys
  17. Why ICOM Update
  18. BMW Scanner 1.4.0 OBDII->USB for INPA/NCS
  19. LBHY Auto Inspection Equipment Limited - question
  21. How to use NCS Expert with GT1 Head
  22. Purchased an ICOM trying to get ISSS online??? plz help
  23. Difference in these two cables
  24. Do you recommend this cable
  25. Do I have the right cable (K+DCAN) for my car (E53 X5)?
  26. ICOM P
  27. OPPS IP Collison error
  28. ICOM MAC address
  29. New version of ICOM
  30. ICOM Firmware Archive - Updated 06/25/2013
  31. BMW Hardware - Terms and Definitions
  32. Do you have pin 9 in your K+D can cable?
  33. ECU Change and reprogram URGENT HELP!!!!!!!!!
  35. Replace CIC faulty hard disk
  36. Cable doesn't fit in 2010 E61
  37. Installing ISIS on Fujitsu Primergy Server
  38. Looking for an ADS/OBD Interface
  39. OBD2 - USB FTDI chipset with the FT232BL controller please help!
  40. OPS defective
  41. Securing OBD access
  42. Couldn't code RAD1 with DCAN
  43. Original ICOM inside pictures !!!!!
  44. powering ICOM A without vehicle
  45. Real icom with vmware
  46. Problem with OPS setting MOST to work with WINKFP
  47. [e90] 2009 CIC looking to update firmware, language barrier killing me
  48. ICOM don't recognize ignition KL15
  49. GT1 Head cancel reservation
  50. question about K+DCAN cable on one-stop-electronics.com
  51. Combox Update Problem with Icom and Wikpf
  52. Virgin Module Fix - 06 750Li
  53. Buying a ICOM
  54. Orange OPS and NCSexpert and INPA
  55. Bavarian Technic tool Pro Question.
  56. Got BMW ICOM, it works perfectly with 2006-2007 e60 but not 2008+ any idea?
  57. Connecting to Orignal ICOM
  58. Are These BMW Scanner 1.4.0 Pins Bridged ???
  59. trying to connect D_CAN with ICOM on a 2008 e60.
  60. INPA QUESTION, Pls Help.
  61. k+d can cable driver for 64bit
  62. Identify this K+DCAN OBDII Connection
  63. Autoland IScan
  64. dose anyone know CAS emulation
  66. "On Desk" coding and programming ( Canbus simulator )
  67. Configure Ops clone with Ediabas HELP.
  68. New OPS possibly defective
  69. Icom and BMW OSS
  70. ISTA/D native installed X61 2.29 VIN# NOT RECOGNISED
  71. setup icom clone with ncs expert
  72. omitec driver
  73. BMW OSS - ICOM or Pass through?
  74. TachoPro V2.0
  75. ICOM required for 2008 E60?
  76. China ICOM clone with Standard Tools v2.11 / v2.10 / IFH-0009
  77. Icom Wifi
  78. Power to pin# 1 on Combox as well as pin #17 on TCU and fuse number
  79. Windows xp tablet edition
  80. Can I use the ICOM B only on E60/E90
  81. I+ME Actia
  82. ICOM (clone) - access to the OSS(Online Service System for BMW Service)
  83. Anyone got a Do-It-Auto K+DCAN plug?
  84. ICOM Advice
  85. NCS with ICOM
  86. ICOM-C
  87. OEM ICOM through OSS - ISTA client IP?
  88. how to virgin dme e63 ?
  89. OPS/OPPS OBD Cable Pinout
  90. Connecting VM ISTA/D to ISIS
  91. ICOM A - Problem with K-Line !
  92. I need to buy new EEPROM programmer.
  93. I need my ICOM to work now, no kidding...
  94. D-Can usb cable cant get it working
  95. is bmw opps a good tool to do coding and programming
  96. No connecton of ICOM after 1st use everday
  97. Help needed, VAG-COM cable plus a lot of confusion.
  98. Icom A2 ?
  99. Icom Wifi
  100. Use E46 cable for E70
  101. PLX Devices
  102. K+DCAN interface details
  103. Hard drive slot in CCC?
  104. (Request) CCC/CIC desk programing setup
  105. How to check the most port from an interface
  106. ista p measures plan
  107. ICOM xp password login?
  108. BMW key making/programing?
  109. ISTA ICOM connection
  110. OPS head failure MOST connection
  111. ICOM telnet using with other computer
  112. old Modic 3 Diagnostic Head connect to Ediabas / konfiguration help
  113. Coding with ICOM + ISTA P?
  114. Can ICOM work with original software BMW OSS system?
  115. Coding on my table
  116. BMW Individual Audio Power Amplifier connectors description
  117. Recommendations for ICOM + laptop
  118. any one knows about this Ethernet to OBD Interface Cable E-SYS ICOM Coding for BMW F-
  119. Original ISAP Pictures
  120. OPS OBD cable pinout
  121. COLD STARTS ( ROUGH IDLE) Please Help!
  122. OneStopElectronics K+DCAN Cable
  123. Problem with my BMW diagnostic cable from de GT1 ADS
  124. BM Technic Help
  125. BMW E36 ADS using OBD II cable
  126. ISTA/P - ICOM has red dot
  127. DCAN Interface
  128. C:\EC-APPS\INPA\sgdat\EXX.ipo(1) : error I300: Error opening object file ERRORS!
  129. Suspect defective OPPS head...anything else I can try?
  130. E-SYS connection Problem Enet Cable
  131. how to change the vin in sgm tool32
  132. icom + thunderbolt-ethernet adapter
  133. Laptop requirements
  134. Ops interface
  135. Problem with my P.A. Soft?
  136. Boot mode tricore (edc17 320d 184cv) 05-2011
  137. Test and code E36 M3
  138. DIS V57 with icom
  139. Help with connection between E-sys and ICOM
  140. OPS Bricked?
  141. To ICOM, or not...
  142. How to code through MOST using ICOM
  143. real icom with ISTA/D VMWARE
  144. Is this going to be what I want? Loftek Interface USB OBD2 OBD II for BMW?
  145. Managing my music collection - could it be done with software?
  146. Icom A2 Wifi problem
  147. Help icom clone does not connect me to ista / p
  148. 2004 Range Rover HSE, Steering alignment sensor code.
  149. Is my Icom dead?
  150. How to configure Icom A2 wifi
  151. GT1 T30 Labtop went down need help
  152. BMW Rheingold - D with Icom A2 clone.
  153. choice inpa cabal
  155. Will BMW Scanner (PASoft) Cable with with INPA?
  156. What bmw software is best and user-kindly
  157. Dension AVR Wiring Pinout
  158. OPS Head
  159. Test Plan problem on Rheingold with DCan cable.
  160. icom a1 - a2 - a3 differences??
  161. No KL15 or KL30 with KLINE & ICOM-D cables
  162. ICOM not detected in either ISTA/P or /D
  163. How configure NCS INPA Tool32 to use through ICOM A2
  164. My NCS expert not woring on WINDOWS 8
  165. BMW EWS Immo Emulator
  167. E70 ECU programming k-DCAN or ICOM help understanding.
  168. ICOM Clone - Fireware Update & Restore
  169. Flashing/Coding CIC using power supply
  170. how useful is the old GT1 and OPPS these days
  171. ISTA-P and ICOM battery Voltage calibration.
  172. How to connect icom b directly with cic
  173. Which ICOM-A2 should i take?
  174. IVini - Carly - 5 discount on adapters
  175. i want diy video how the programming e 90 with icom ista
  176. ICOM Voltage too low compared to actual value
  177. Required Power during coding
  178. ICOM A2 with WinKFP setup?
  179. Problem with updating ICOM A2 firmware
  180. config icom with ediabas
  181. Icom polarity reversed
  182. looking for a little knowledge about programing keys
  183. BMW OPPS Memory Card Image
  184. OMITEC EDIABAS D-Can Driver Win 10
  185. Bridging ENET to WiFi - Adding an AP to your Fxx car.
  186. ICOM A2 or A3 for E60
  187. ENET cable or ICOM for F1x flashing
  188. Icom next wifi connection
  189. Icom instead of Net cable?
  190. DIY ENET cable build
  191. ITool Radar installation problem
  192. VXDIAG A3
  193. Icom next communication issues
  194. Icom NEXT flashing green led
  195. Icom NEXT flashing green led
  196. ICOM A1/A2*+B+C Clone
  197. Easyconnect and Icom Next
  198. Anyone had this issue with a Genuine ICOM B NEXT before?
  199. I need files 61353457528 MINI R60 FRM EEE ?
  200. Yellow Diaghead (edic?) possible to connect to inpa\tool32?
  201. Carly for sale
  202. ICOM Next A: No ignition signal
  203. Replace CD Changer with USB/SD Card/iPod ?
  204. ICOM Next B with ICOM A2
  205. Ista/p cannot find Icom-next
  206. gt1