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  1. CIC Audio system upgrade (stereo, hifi, top_hifi, m_individual_sound)
  2. CIC Retrofit (Or Change) and FSC import
  3. E60 and ComBox Telematik
  4. CIC Question
  5. Technical Information & Pinout BMW Combox Module Wiring Diagramm
  6. E60 CIC CODING results in error after retrofit/Change with CCC
  7. BMW + ComBox + CIC + Iphone+ Plugin + Video
  8. How To program a CIC (Firmware Update/Flash)
  9. Howto find out current software version of CIC
  10. How To get VIN out from CIC to update Map Data of your Hardware enabled BMW CIC Navi
  11. Part numbers for the cables from usb/aux input to combox?
  12. CIC controller in CCC - retrofit coding
  13. Exchange-Top-Hifi-DSP with Combox Media
  14. E70 CIC retrofit grafical PDC, climate
  15. Connecting to car's webserver and CIC ftp server
  16. Combox Retrofit
  17. What's required to change CCC idrive to Cic idrive?
  18. How to code Combox in e60 with .ssd file
  19. CiC retrofit + Dension 500 + BT
  20. Does the retrofit Cic vin need to match the car Vin?
  21. if i install the cic in my car
  22. CIC + COMBOX = Internet?
  23. The instruction on installation CIC Retrofit adapter
  24. HOW TO: Retrofit COMBOX MEDIA in E60 Wiring & Coding (TCU Swap) 6FL/6NF/6NR
  25. Retrofitted Cic, how do I get maps, voice control etc back?
  26. Got MY CIC Retrofit Kit
  27. After Retrofit CIC in E60 i have some small Problems i need help.
  28. Someone activate sirus on 2011 335i(idrivecombox)
  29. 'Unknown Code' error when trying to play a DVD on e92 Cic
  30. Voicecontrol/ commands for CIC
  32. CIC Navigation lost after Firmware Flash
  33. CIC and RTTI
  34. HOW TO: activating internet service Combox/CIC (Internet via Customer Mobile Phone)
  35. Plug and play harness for Combox retrofit. I'm nearly there but might need some help
  36. CIC retrofit..
  37. CIC Coding | No Sound
  38. Update E60 CIC with SP V41 but problems with connected-drive
  39. CIC retrofit Incomplete options and values
  40. CCC controller in CIC
  41. Which cars share the E60 CIC hardware
  42. Cic question
  43. cic controller with 2008 ccc
  44. CIC on Non-Nav 2006 530i - is it possible?
  46. Retrofit Coding CIC in NCSExpert - Error - Wrong ECU Coding Index
  47. E84 Complete CIC Retrofit - Can code CAS and NFRM but not the CIC.
  48. changed production date,CIC is being recognized CCC-ASK and CCC-ANT are still present
  49. Retrofit option 6NR (BMW Apps), SP-daten-43 use FSC code
  50. Telematic combox 07 e63
  51. E60 CBS issues after CIC retrofit . SOLVED
  52. Problem with CIC after front PDC retrofit.
  53. Brand new CIC
  54. combox plug and play cable
  55. E82 swap radio Professional with combox telematic to CIC
  56. what do I need for 2008 US E60 to get cic fully functional?
  57. installed combox retrofit
  58. CIC Retrofit, stuck on "starting navigation system..."
  59. Firmware upgrade cic
  60. OPS Transformation CCC CIC language
  61. E70 CIC retrofit - Questions about IBOC, PDC and rear camera
  62. combox installed =- no sound
  63. Voice control for CIC
  64. Coding FRM and CAS ,but trouble code in dashboard and CIC
  65. How-to enable BMW Live on your CIC/COMBOX Setup
  66. CIC update via enet
  67. HELP: CIC is bricked again,can't update CIC-GW
  68. Why do all eBay auctions for CIC
  69. Reverse Camera with CIC
  70. E90 CIC unit
  71. Coding CIC through ENET.
  72. Combox mic
  73. e70 camera retrofit (cic)
  74. Combox software update
  75. CIC + Dension GW500 on E60 - Problem Solved
  76. Changing CICs VIN?
  77. Clima gone after fitting CIC
  78. Looking for three missing options...
  79. E60 CIC retrofit clima FINAL solution needed
  80. No Messages menu under Office menu in CIC?
  81. E60 LCI CIC buttons doesn't light up after retrofit
  82. Installing a new Region help!
  83. Steering wheel selectable menu activate in CIC ?
  84. Import POI into CIC
  85. 6NR Coded and working with 6FL but not plug-in post 03/11 E92
  86. Coded $6NR in post 03/11, what is needed for Plugin
  88. CAS VIN + CIC VIN + 001B0001 Reader
  89. Can't access the ECALL module in the combox
  90. How to install a fsc code in CIC??
  91. CIC USB Flashlight adapter "frame"
  92. Can the individual DAB unit be retrofitted alongside a Cic?
  93. retrofit E70 Mask to CIC
  94. 2011 335i with combox how to get plugin to work without the baseplate
  95. Combox Retrofit OK. but Internet don't work :(
  96. Is possible retrofit Combox F-series in E92 LCI with CIC????
  97. Can someone I'd this Cic please
  98. Is it possible to add Chinese language?
  99. Volume knob & some buttons not working on CiC
  100. Do i need FSC codes for Combox retrofit?
  101. Cic check control and service after retrofit
  102. Question - emails on CIC/Combox
  103. Combox retrofitted, Internet works but can't get BMW online working!!
  104. CIC Retrofit coding e63 m6
  105. Fitted a Cic Today and now the TV won't work
  106. CIC in place...now the problems...help please..
  107. CIC navigation don't work anymore
  108. Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) on CIC with MULF2
  109. CIC - line : IHKA_VARIANTE in CIC trace file
  110. Reverse Steering Wheel buttons after CIC retrofit
  111. Help with 6NF retrofit
  112. CIC Option coding
  113. How do i set Different volume levels for each application
  114. [E84] 6NR APPS Retrofit
  115. Changing service number and hotline mumber in a retofitted CIC
  116. CIC FSC Navigation/Voice code part number
  117. CIC / Combox Google POI Search
  118. How many locations for vin in the Cic?
  119. [DIY] Combox Retrofit on 2011 E91 (pre 09/2010)
  120. CIC language change
  121. Help with CIC Retrofit with BMW F10
  122. Combox holder (glove box) part number
  123. E70 controller
  124. Fsc codes 1b and 19 what references???
  125. Aux video in
  126. Combox retrofit and USB hub problem.
  127. Combox Video is asynchron with audio
  128. f10 Combox instead of E90
  129. COMBOX Retrofit Bluetooth Problem
  130. Will any of these comboxs work with e60?
  131. No spoken navi instructions after e70 CIC retrofit - Solved
  132. Options / Features in Modul CIC
  133. Can a TCU co exist with a combox?
  134. [COMBOX] Usb port to USB Type A Pinout
  135. No Video after add 6NR
  136. swap dead CIC with used CIC on 2010 E70 - what about FSC
  137. Sirius/HD Radio/Favorite Buttons After Euro CIC Retrofit
  138. How To Export & Import FSC Freischaltcode from CIC Navigation with help SSS Progman
  139. CIC Navigation problem - inaccurate position
  140. Extremely Low Volume with BT and TV after Plug-In retrofitted
  141. how to update CIC with winkfp and ICOM?
  142. cic emulator, camera
  143. Black screen on map update
  144. CIC CAN-Emulator for Navigation E-Series
  145. E90 from MASK to CIC - PDC screen isnt available
  146. CIC UPDATE 9223287 (adr 62) and 9223276 (adr 63)
  147. E60 CIC retrofit => no sound/voice
  148. Programming CIC by ISTA/P
  149. Enabling BMW RTTI on an CIC/COMBOX
  150. Retrofit eco pro in e8x series from june probably is possible
  151. Will UIF update in CIC erase old actication code?
  152. [E60] Controller CIC works half time
  153. Auxiliary and CIC
  154. determine the cic version
  155. Shark fin issues after cic retrofit
  156. 2011 CIC + Combox Retrofit
  157. CIC - Retrofit $620 Voice commands
  158. IPhone constantly connect/disconnect
  159. CIC Software Update for Map 2012
  160. E60 CDC not working with cic
  161. PDC Screen changing car graphics
  162. Activating HD Radio after CIC Retrofit on a Pre-LCI E60
  163. Help! E70 cic retrofit, restart boot loop.
  164. iOS 6 & BMW Office
  165. [CIC]showing in correct distance Navigation splitscreen for travel computer[E60]
  166. CIC Professional TTS (Text-To-Speech) Option disabled
  167. CIC + Combox Stuck on "Starting Internet..."
  168. New Style iDrive controller issue, which module need update to make it works ?
  169. Buying CIC + FSC codes @ eBay
  170. [Combox] ConnectedDrive communication error / BMW Online requires update
  171. e70 cic retrofit with emulator, camera not work
  172. Retrofiting E64 with CIC & Combox
  173. Retrofit 6nf and usb av-in 6NR its posible?
  174. Combox + 6NR installed, but need to go back to stock setup
  175. CIC controller on CCC Retrofit E60 LCI
  176. Coding CIC with existing TCU/MULF for BMW Assist
  177. F10 Voice Control Retrofit
  178. Version of CIC to work with combox
  179. CIC Software version
  180. Blackberry and BMW Live/Internet
  181. CAN Filter and random 6NR FSC possible?
  182. Question: What is new in upcoming v47 release?
  183. anyone konw how to connect F10 CIC controller?
  184. How to know which FSC codes are in your CIC?
  185. combox and galaxy S III
  186. E90 problem with reading Combox in NCS
  187. Removing Assist for combox retro question
  188. CIC : Coding and control Ambient Lighting (interior lights)
  189. CIC Error codes
  190. Problems with BMW Apps
  191. CiC navigation mode no voice
  192. Combox and Bluetooth Audio streaming - question about handling
  193. Missed functions after cic retrofit:-(
  194. [E71 X6] Retrofit CIC
  195. Euro Vin for Combox Internet
  196. GPS antenna invalid (CIC retrofit ), ask for help!!
  197. No file CMEDIA in Tool32
  198. Snap in cradle problem
  199. [E90] Retofit CIC Pro instead CIC Business
  200. Anyone got a faulty Cic for sale?
  201. Combox Help.
  202. Help with New USB AV/AUX-IN (14 pin connector???)
  203. What type combox to buy for E series preLCI retrofit?
  204. Retrofitting CIC professional over CCC professional
  205. [F10] bluetooth activation
  206. [E90] What Rear View camera for a CIC Retrofit ?
  207. BMW NBT = new cic starting 07/12 retrofit
  208. E6x and E9x CIC
  209. iphone 4s and 6NR port strange connection issue...help please...
  210. Combox retrofit on F07
  211. Problem with Fsc (import with ista-p) bmw e92 05-2011
  212. Coding/Wiring Issue with enabling SOME features of combox
  213. Combox with radio Boost Mini/professional Bmw how to enable bt audio streaming
  214. Snap-in baseplate MUSIC - Do the occupation of the connections
  215. E89 CIC Controller
  216. Donor CIC didn't have Voice Control. Am I out of luck?
  217. CIC/Combox Retrofit in 07 M6 with HD Radio
  218. Problems with rear camera after CIC retrofit - E70
  219. e60 cic map problem?
  220. Navi CIC M/// Logo
  221. Differences between the PNP emulators out there
  222. CIC retrofit Coding summary for E60/E64
  223. CIC and DAB+ - changing frequency band
  224. Retrofitting F25 used CIC help!
  225. CIC with USB, but which option code?
  226. Flat tyre with no warning from TPMS on retrofit Cic
  227. Updating CIC Firmware to V42
  228. INPA ERROR "module CCCA60/V4x" not found, Found CICR_HD
  229. Force same map update on the CIC
  230. Pre LCI to LCI controller trim question
  231. I-drive can't control the climate vent temp!!! Help, pls!!
  232. hello all! any one how to install MAP from USB disk?
  233. Way to enable Internet while driving?
  234. Problem: To start navigation, please insert the map DVD
  235. CIC Retrofit E60 08/2007. All ok but don't light up
  236. FYI: CIC internet access through Ethernet
  237. Wrong ecu coding index . Need help big time
  238. ipod PLUGIN function on 6FL port doesn't work, all other functions work ok as on 6NF
  239. Combox bad? or possible to recover
  240. Arrival time in F25 CIC is -- : --
  241. [E90] SA6FL Retrofit
  242. [E90] CIC Retrofit Options
  243. Cic wrong location
  244. Update CIC e89 V43 CI63F1
  245. Cic Sirius and DVD issues
  246. ESYS CAFD missing
  247. AUX-IN in F25 CIC
  248. what tool to use for FSC files upload to CIC
  249. Combox retro problem
  250. Updating CIC to V42, and then to V48 [Some improvements?]