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  1. Winkfp
  2. 2007 e 60 dension ipod
  3. Error when trying to add to VO
  4. How to check Service Engine Soon message
  5. clearing fault codes?
  6. The best coding product
  7. KWP2000 ECU reading/flashing
  8. e60 bluetooth menu
  9. Is it possible to use NCSEXPER to code fuel injectors on the N54?
  10. N54 Power/Boost Increase
  11. HELP
  12. How if my Keyless system is not working!?
  13. Flasher relay frequency adjustment
  14. Error DEE 44CC charge-air pressure controller
  15. ADS vs DCAN
  16. SSS Progman update
  17. Trying to find the code error (SMGIII) 4F67
  18. How to delete or clear UIF in tools32
  19. service reset with tool 32 on e60
  20. WinFFP error
  21. Easykfp install error
  22. INPA load airbag
  23. E70 : Coding out the rear parking lights
  24. Want to know all of your options available for your chassis?
  25. How to calibrate SZL with Tool32
  26. any dis masters? fault help please
  27. HELP ME i 'm desperated
  29. Perfect BMW tool in picture needed.
  30. is it possible to reprogram a cluster with winkfp
  31. Used DME to virgin DME possible with NCS, Tools32
  32. After CIC Install, E60 High battery drain. Fuel pump always working
  33. winFKP file help - (engine swap)
  34. Question: how to check the real KM?
  35. SZL change
  36. MULF2 High bluetooth ID
  37. Latest BMW Recall
  38. Failure 2EF5 map thermostat
  39. need help with E46 INPA SMG Adaptation
  40. identifying and clearing stored EVENTS in ecu's
  41. Using Inpa with DIS open and dash went ballistic.... what now??
  42. Upgrading ECU software with modules missing
  43. E63 CAS 2 is dead
  44. PUMA Measure 29604954
  45. Engine ECU mss65
  46. reset - deleting inspections isId
  47. Anyone Know What 4703 Control Unit Internal Error 7 Is? plus
  48. M3 DME Update Fail. Need help.
  49. BMW 335i Engine Surge
  50. Got Some error Codes in my E60 but dont know what they mean
  52. [E91] Electronic Failure
  53. INPA IPO or Exx.eng editing question
  54. Need diagram, Wanna coding CIC on the table.
  55. Need help!injection pump values e39 525tds
  56. E82 135i electric fault
  57. hello want to update my DDE
  58. E60 Basic Body Module (KBM) not responding..
  59. e90 idrive not working
  60. Error code 4E0E in DDE - what is it?
  61. Mulf module E61 530xd 2006
  62. Flashed latest E92 M3 DME file, now it shows an error when I try to code it
  63. PIN OUT ZGW to OBD
  64. Installing and Programming new CAS
  65. DSC Errors help required
  66. Defective CCC repair
  68. Please help!No sound from right speakers, after Bmw dealer replaced my battery...
  69. DPF Force Regeneration
  70. [E87] GPS position is always wrong
  71. Clock wont keep time
  72. 4E87 Solenoid Valve 4 (Shiflock)
  73. Increased Emissions Diagnosis and CIP/GT1
  74. Advanced Diagnosis Section Rules - Read this thread before posting Please
  75. SGM-SIM Processor reset - strange kilometer meassurement
  76. DDE and BSD interface issues e60
  77. E60/3 hit by lighting.
  78. Used 2000 323ci with used cluster, how to code
  79. What inpa/ediabas version for F series
  80. Check engine light
  81. help with coding in perth australia
  82. BMW e92 EAC problem
  83. Fault: IHKA - 21 IHKA: IH check valve, LHA changeover valve
  84. E60 M5 stuttering throttle. What to look for in INPA
  85. How to do offline programing of CCC/CIC units?
  86. MDK leads me to suspect Computer issue. Please help.
  87. E39 modules not responding
  88. Executing Tool32 Arguments.
  89. Active Headrests in e90
  90. F10 - Navigation interface disapearing
  91. Does anyone know how to update the i-level after flashing latest files?
  92. Problem DDE, car won't start !
  93. 335 DPF life cycle reset
  94. Restraint fault after update SGM-SIM module with winkfp
  95. Accidented E60 - Airbag deployed - Reset?
  96. INPA - Turbo pressure
  98. IHKA Question - Do I need to remove my retrofit and reprogram??
  99. Need help with connecting modules on desk
  100. 2007 e90 fault code 4580 Help please
  101. [bmw e60] failed front disk reset. other possible ways trough obd
  102. 08 135i I-drive failure
  103. Used DME MS45 is it possible?
  104. [E61] Change trailer modul AHV
  105. how to reset air mass values
  106. INPA n43 engine ?
  107. E60, can not access service menu!
  108. E38 6-Speed Convertion DSC/DME issues.
  109. S1000RR Ista/p - problem
  110. Sunroof Tilt Fault
  111. BT no longer working after Dension install
  112. e39 K-Bus issues
  113. e93 autogear box jumps into manual mode
  114. ews dme problem please help this idiotic newbie.
  115. CD87, PT-Can Communication failure
  116. bmw 528 ews +ecu data
  117. Reading errors?
  118. Secondary Air System
  119. help X3 E83 year 2007
  120. CCC Screen not working when reconnecting - battery not disconnected
  121. What would cause a FRM3 module not to take coding?
  122. Error code 9C77
  123. INPA and PRG or IPO issue E65 w/ N62
  124. E60- Windshield Washer no power ?
  125. [E60] Engine Temperature Dials + Battery Issue (Help)
  126. CIC doesn't play disc
  127. 2010 X3 where is the MOST loop??
  128. e89 Confort acces don't work
  129. [E61] New owner - system failure :-(
  130. [E60] 2004 545i MPM history file interpretation please
  131. [E60] ABS | DSC Problem
  132. Error A43E - Please Help
  133. [INPA] MAF Diagnonsis
  134. [E60] Error ABCA
  135. Help with Fault Codes
  136. Cluster won't go the sleep anymore after having battery disconnected for a day, HELP!
  137. [E46] Weird Setting in Airbag Module?
  138. E92 - DSC unit - coding help required...ABS light won't switch off after recoding
  139. E60 2004 M54 won't start.
  140. After some help with a corrupted DSC module
  141. E60 2004 Mirror problems
  142. 645ci no start crank forever.
  143. Airbag fault, will not reset
  144. e61 520d dde not responding
  145. IHKA60 Basis, injector heating problem.
  146. Dpf removal
  147. Active Steering Inactive/ DCS fault
  148. INPA Error Code KOMBI A3AA 60
  149. Unlock webasto heater bmw e60
  150. mini cooper R56 EGS transmission limp mode
  151. INPA wont connect to a new aux heater
  152. E60 MAF sensor
  153. Need help with INPA queens area. 2F44 code
  154. Testing Air Conditioning System with Dis v57 in cold weather
  155. BMW E65 cranking but not starting
  156. F010 Remote locking
  158. E46 Cannot read ECU
  159. E46 Engine adaptation values
  160. Extracted these errors on my F30 from INPA, could I have caused this?
  161. BMW E39 Resolving some errors
  162. E66 745Li MOST communication problem
  163. Fix for DSC error 5DF0 - Pumpenmotor defekt
  164. [E92] Angels eye stuck on
  165. E53 adaptive headlight malfunction getting "wrong CAN-version" on steering angle sens
  166. Resetting gearbox adaptations
  167. Interpretting INPA codes
  168. E87 don't react anymore?!
  169. Constant errors after replacing both fuel pumps
  170. E90 ABS diagnostic difficulty
  171. major issue with cas after using ista-p
  172. ISTA 3.0 The new system
  173. E60 535d Wont start
  174. Inpa on e60 with Dcan-cable choosing wrong modules?
  175. 335xi e92 AT coding and help please
  176. E90 klima problem
  177. Speedometer display malfunctioning
  178. INPA MSD81, roughness/smoothness status?
  179. E70 40d, dde 7.3 HELP with BM Technic
  180. E65 DDE6 M57 Injectors problem
  181. F20 air con vo problem
  182. CCC Navi Prof showing wrong location
  183. E60lci ecu/champ updating issue.
  184. R56 KOMBI coded, now car is broken
  185. CAR Dead after upgrade FRM to FRM2
  186. E61 2005/03 530d M57 -- jerky driving exp, odd gearbox behavior
  187. DME resets itselfs after restart
  188. Progman Bricked my E60 CAS2 module
  189. E60 NCS coding
  190. Unable navigation appear in the HUD
  191. 2006 550i E60 - car will not start - suspect immobilizer- key symbol displayed
  192. E46 330d
  193. E88 strange problems with i-drive
  194. E39 NCS Expert \ INPA cant communicate with EWS
  195. E46/E39/E38/E83/E85 ULF Update?
  196. DIS window reinitialization
  197. Recommend battery charger / psu
  198. Anyone experienced that a CAN emulator have damaged a module?
  199. E90 JDE replacement
  200. Canbus sniffing
  201. ZBE3 disassembly
  202. ehc_e70.ipo request
  203. E90 CAS3 fault, cloning possible?
  204. Bricked MSD81 ! - Anyone knows how can I resuscitate the DME module? Can it be done?
  205. BMW e60 cant reset oil service
  207. CF35: Messages from CAS don't exist
  208. Changing EGR settings with INPA or ISTA/DP
  209. 2011 e91lci start/stop system not working, no errors
  210. Engine Swap - How to stop codes from an engine that is not there any more
  211. E31 Vehicle speed signal
  212. Problems with my e91 318D
  213. 50$ Bounty: INPA: Can't Access SRS / Airbag / Satellite (E65)
  214. E46: CAN version fault
  215. TPMS Malfunction and iDrive control knob/button not working
  216. Cluster errors after coding KOMBI (E90)
  217. BMW E60 5EB4 DSC sensor voltage fault
  218. E61 2005/04 MOSTGW/CCC Flash failure
  219. ISTA-P update problem E87
  220. E70 X5 2010 after DME program the MMI/Radio and upper screen stop working (NBT)
  221. e65 745i UK
  222. Rail pressure problem
  223. Bmw auto-tilt not working.
  224. [E9x] Airbag error after coding ABG module (by ncs expert)
  225. After easy accident wont start
  226. Help to read LMA in e65
  227. Lighting System Malfunction after CIC Retrofit
  228. N62B44 (alpina build 545i) NOISE
  229. e39 coding problem
  230. E70 3.0d xdrive electric folding towing hitch error
  231. New CCC in 2004 545i, now TPMS is not accessible to reset in Idrive? Need help please
  232. CAS not being read in INPA and CAN K-Line errors
  233. HELP: Tool32 coding has caused DSC 5F18 error - invalid trailer setting on 650i conv
  234. New Transmission Coding help
  235. Transfer case module (VGSG) issue
  236. Active steering initialize/Inpa AFS module miscommunication
  237. R56 FRM VIN change problem
  238. e84 new transmission (differential front/rear + gearbox) from newer model
  239. problem on coding
  240. Fuel filler door not re-locks when car automatically relocking entry doors
  241. E85 Z4 Cranks but won't start, possible ecu problem? or esw?
  242. How to recoding SRS module on E39 using PA Soft BMW scanner v
  243. Mini r52 brand new ews coding help
  244. E92 kombi error pls help
  245. Please help frustrated e60 owner
  246. Unable to initialize the key on e60
  247. Sos call failure. E60 2009.
  248. Side repeater indicators not working?
  249. Progman created big problem
  250. Replaced BT MULF module with ebay purchased MULF still not working.