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  1. [E83] pre-facelift US to ECE conversion
  2. [E8X] Fold mirrors after locking car option in iDrive (CID)
  3. [E83] Language change in Nav Prof in BMW X3 3.0sd
  4. [E89] Disable EDC (Electronic Damper Control)??
  5. [E81] Blackline taillights for MY 2007
  6. NEW E83 X3
  7. 2006 E86
  8. [E88] Retrofit Folding mirrors and programming problems
  9. [E87] BMW professional radio RAD2 PDC/gong settings
  10. [E82] Gear display
  11. [E82] Corner delete on unlock?
  12. [E89] How to Japan spec watch TV in my country?
  13. Cornering Lights
  14. [E8X] Coding a FRM2
  15. [E87] Two questions about coding
  16. [E84] How to disable the Frost Warning by coding?
  17. CIC.C0F for E89
  18. [E89] TV Tuner japan Ver. What ZB number for Asia in WINKFP?
  19. [E83] X3 questions (coding and modules related)
  20. [E87] Retrofit NFRM2
  21. [E82] Door handle lighting info
  22. [E83] X3 auto unlock when key removed
  23. Need some input on the NFM module regarding E90/E82 CBD
  24. [E82] Speed limit warning
  25. [E89] Close TOP with FOB
  26. [E89] Z4 no MOST Port under glove box?
  27. [E85] Z4 Automatic doors unlock with engine shut off/key removal
  28. [E87] Install bixenon in e87 2005
  29. [E87] Coding Bluetooth (SA644) on CIC with 6FL and MULF2
  30. [E88] Coding possibilities on an E88?
  31. [E88] Code for convertible
  32. [E87] 1 series CAS DIED ?
  33. [E87] '05 LHD - Major electronic problems
  34. [E87] Coding car build in 2011
  35. [E88] convertable. No alarm chirp
  36. Adapt new speedometer dial to car
  37. [E87] Retrofit Day Light with KOMBI menu
  38. [E84] Folding Mirrors
  39. [E84] Coding second taillight
  40. [E88] First successful code, //M Digital Speedometer!
  41. [E88] My CAS txt file and some questions on the entries
  42. E87 118d egr bypass error code
  43. Oil Service after Cluster change
  44. [E85] Welcome Lights. Is it possible?
  45. DRL Rear taillighs for 1M
  46. No voice from nav after radio swap
  47. Coding for BMW Performance Components
  48. E82 Accurate Speedo
  49. retrofit Mask 2 to business CIC
  50. Car on Red Ramp after activating Digital Speedo
  51. PDC Module
  52. E87 facelift NCS Expert Coding table wanted
  53. After Update V46 cant Code my FRM2
  54. Activate/Code AUX In - 2007 FL E87 120 M Sport Business Radio
  55. NFRM - FRM3_E89.C32 Window Problem Solved
  56. Retrofit cruise control
  57. Can anyone help me to coding Daydrivelight ECE?
  58. E85: Coding VIN into used LCM
  59. [E83] MSV801 ZUSB Numbers?
  60. Decode the fog lights
  61. Coding Brake Force Display at a 09/09 e82
  62. [E85] CYCL_TI_BLK one touch 3 blink indicators, now airbag light is on...
  63. [E87] STOP lights don't work after retrofit NFRM2
  64. Updated FA list and recode car?
  65. [E85] Euro DME version - ZB Number e85 M Roadster
  66. recode warning bong
  67. [e87] upgrade firmware rad2
  68. E81 coding Professional HU for Parking Sensors
  69. [E82] PDC No Sound
  70. inpa codes
  71. Remove item from option list (VO) after retrofit
  72. [E81] KOMBI Coding Values
  73. Some Coding Options
  74. Instrument keys and AC ilumination not working since coding of AKMB. Help please
  75. Disable airbag passenger seat occupancy sensor E87
  76. Using AUX - In for Radio Device
  77. [e82] fog lights turning on and off
  78. footwell lighting always active
  79. [E82] Coding rear lights Daylight
  80. E83 EWS 2F4A
  81. Changing 25i OEM Brakes with 35i Brakes
  82. INPA problem missing right ECU airbag module
  83. Navi Bussiness 07.2006 - 03.2007 --- activate 2D roadmap ?
  84. iDrive settings without iDrive
  85. E85 xenon retrofit headlights
  86. E86 2006 X3 HID convertion question
  87. Can someone please try and explain this!! Help needed!!
  88. E81 Electric window issue.
  89. E87 120d Smoke
  90. [E89] 2012 Z4-28i with navi but no voice control
  91. FA Codes & Coding
  92. [E81] How to add mirror movement on reverse gear ?
  93. How to enable mic ?
  94. [E87] Broken auto stop/start and Parking Sensors
  95. Complete recode possible?
  96. [E84] X1 two questons
  97. (E85) Headlamp pulse when alarm triggered problen in 2003 Z4 2.5
  98. BMW X3 E83 coding
  99. VIN mismatch with LWS
  100. Flash to pass PWM
  101. NCS Expert error
  102. E89 Ampt Module
  103. Alarm beep on lock & unlock
  104. Coding KOMBI Z4 years 2008
  105. Mechanic Coded Auto locks but it didnt work
  106. Higher Voltage at the Parkling light (Necessary it has 10Volt ) BMW e87
  107. Heated seats setup memory
  108. Parking Sensors Diagnostics
  109. 1series seatbelt warning an startup
  110. e83 auto door unlock
  111. e87, retrofitted cruise control, How to code with NCS expert?
  112. e82 vin is faulty, cant read
  113. E83 M57N 2004 VTG module coding incorret
  114. CC-ID 397 'Learn Neutral'
  115. Cornering lights with front fog lights realizable with normal xenons?
  116. E83 BMW X3 - auto folding mirrors on lock/unlock
  117. X3 2005 (E83) Coding Options Available
  118. retrofit FRM to FRM2 - welcome light without auto light possible?
  119. E87 replace DSC ecu error coding
  120. Taillight\ brake light problem!!
  121. Exhaust Valve
  122. 2012 E82
  123. Coding--- Flashing Brake Lights (Adaptive Brake light)
  124. [E87 LCI] Code Start-Stop Automatic
  125. 2006 z4 e85 Alarm Install
  126. Decode INPA Error codes?
  127. TEMPOMAT_SETZ_ANZ_DAUER not saved
  128. BMW X3 E83 Coding HVAC IKHA to disable AC compressor when pressing AUTO?
  129. Kaltueberwachung kzl
  130. (E87) 120d pre LCI DDE Coding
  131. Problem with the passenger seat mat!
  132. [E87] Screen always open
  133. Full Coding List E83 X3?
  134. ssd file e84 rear view camera
  135. GM5 missing in cabriolet e88
  136. E83 n52 power loss after update winkfp
  137. Replacement amp and hu
  138. E88: Windows on Convertible problem
  139. [FRM2] AE mini voltage
  140. E87 - Headlight E-Box ALC Control Unit Coding
  141. [E82] 1M impossible to coding
  142. E85 Coding
  143. 2005 E85: Lost bluetooth pairing code to TCU, help please.
  144. please need virginize ecu bosh 0281011964 dd7 797 216
  145. problem window after retrofit NFRM
  146. E82 1M, disable/enable Corner LED
  147. Headlight Sensitivity adjustment possible on E87 with Idrive CIC?
  148. help with E83 imported
  149. BMW Z4 E85 Facelift FH_FAHRERTUER_TIPP_ZU
  150. After KOMBII updated cluster not fully working
  151. After KOMBI coding- No PDC signal tone
  152. ECU coding from DME MSD81 e89 35i to 35is
  153. E83 panoramic moonroof problems
  154. CIC Retrofit & no PDC Display
  155. Coding CIC Pro to use 6.5" Display
  156. E85 folding mirror
  157. [E87] rear lights do not work anymore
  158. E87 xenon to adaptive bi-xenon headlights.
  159. E87 bixenon retrofit sidelight issue.
  160. I can't change VO date from #0909 to #0711 with NCS Expert
  161. E85 Curb mirror
  162. E84 coding
  163. E87 FRM2 problem...
  164. New Windshield, Not OEM, Rain Sensor Not Working. Needs Coding?
  165. "Engine" entry in CAS
  166. [E82] Oil level measuring works in KOMBI, but not in CIC
  167. How to: DRL standlight without low beam
  168. sidemarkers
  169. Want to flash E85 3.0i to E85 3.0si.
  170. Sun visor lights stopped working
  171. BMW E87 - 2RAD ECU - Radio Fade - Help
  172. High beam blinking racing style
  173. E85 Alarm / Interior Motion Sensor Retrofit
  174. Can't save to flash
  175. remote window opening e86
  176. [Solved] [E87] Resetting brake pads range/forecast
  177. [E83] Daylight Xenon lights
  178. [E84] Possible to code N55 to N55HP?
  179. PDC & Display position
  180. E82 125i coding problem
  181. Deactivate DRL on 2003 Z4
  182. BMW Z4 e85 - Top Audio AMP
  183. BMW Z4 E853.0i - PDC now working
  184. Anyone managed to connect to e84?
  185. help
  186. E83 US to EU MSV80.1
  187. [E87] Does this look right? Gearbox and radio left without update?
  188. [E84] Activating BC_DIGITAL
  189. e87 Business Radio Aux In disapeared
  190. Bricked Professional Headunit
  191. DFP/FAP regeneration off
  192. Code $676 (Hifi) in tool32
  193. USB retrofit, update RAD2 firmware?
  194. E85 Z4 Coding Cigarette Lighter from permanent to ignition Power
  195. What to code after automatic transmission oil and filter change?
  196. E85 Transport Mode
  198. Cruise Control retrofit, wipers & indicators stopped working
  199. How to diagnose/read faults in IHKA module using INPA ?
  200. NCSExpert coding 'not sticking' ALSZ Module
  201. What is the PID of automatic transmission fluid temperature?
  202. E84 "MIL OFF to MIL ON" coding
  203. Coding Bluetooth+USB on BMW e87
  204. Help!!! I killed by car!
  205. CC-ID 380 Coding
  206. bmw e85 z4 steering problem !
  207. [E85] Open and close the roof with moving cars
  208. Help with seat removal coding E82 Coupe.
  209. [E81-E87] Encoding Front Bumper BMW Performance with official procedure
  210. E84 Prerequisites for "S537A Independent ventilation control"
  211. Need to change VIN/Code E85 Rear Left Satellite B Pillar Module (Airbag)
  212. e93 LCI retrofit problem
  213. Retrofitted Cruise not working
  214. Help! Error COAPI-2020: no answer from ECU (DWAI) Alarm issue
  216. E87 Passenger airbag resistance
  217. Coolant sensor error
  218. [E87] CIC add languages?, I humbly ask for some help
  219. CIC bricked during Programming with ISTA/P. Is there a way with Winkfp or tools32?
  220. Problem with VTG Calibration faulty
  221. E85 control units not present
  222. Write VIN in used SBSL
  223. Retrofit Kombi E92 M3 on E87
  224. NEED coding help for E82 in DC/VA area ASAP
  225. Map view to Business navigation Pre LCI
  226. [E87] Can't change VIN on VIRTSG91 with tool32
  227. Changing from US SOS to EU SOS
  228. Invalid VO for 2014 X1
  229. How Can I code my E89 LCI 2013 N20 Engine
  230. e85 light modul change the vin
  231. klima IKHA bricked radio pro bricked
  232. Prevent daytime running lights from dim
  233. PDC sensitivity
  234. E84 x1 Coding
  235. E83 X3 Miles to Km odometer
  236. traction light on 1 series
  238. Coding a E84 X1
  239. BMW Live activation - reactivation
  240. Doing CPR on a sick CCC
  241. Bluetooth call waiting
  242. E84 lci mirrors on pre LCI 6 pins connector
  243. DRL_h with high beam and parking light at the same time?
  244. Internet / BMW Live in motion
  245. Cornering lights without light/rain sensor
  246. Red steering lock -> CAS update
  247. Kombi Coding
  248. NCS error when connection
  249. E88 convertible - cas Coding issue
  250. NFRM module issue.