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  1. [E46] Coding Q
  2. [E53] X5 lowering the air chassis
  3. LEGAL_DISCL on E46 and E53?
  4. [E46] Confirmation Lock/unlocking
  5. [E46] LSZ eeprom dump needed (CI35 at least)
  6. [E36] Recode tachometer
  7. [E39] 540i DME help needed!
  8. [E39] Warm/Cold bulb test
  9. What about E46 and others - E60 and E90 Well covered
  10. [E46] Changing the ZCS.
  11. [E46] M3 non SMG shift light from SMG
  12. [E46] Anyone have a M3 SMG Kombi MAN file...
  13. [E46] Flash DME with SSS
  14. [E36] 318IS DME
  15. [E39] MID coding
  16. [E46] Coding out dashboard airbag / Warning Lights for DSC / Tire Pressure
  17. [E36] Update Dme with SSS
  18. Understanding/Coding the speedometer error out in the E46 Cluster
  19. How to enable TV in motion for MK3/MK4
  20. [CODE LIST] E46 Coding List
  21. [E46] Fold mirrors Q
  22. [E46] 320d software update
  23. [E46] Code VIN on USED DSC module
  24. [E46] Seatbelt light madness
  25. [E46] Seatbelt light
  26. [E46] Digital Speedo - is it possible?
  27. [E46] M3 MK60 less intrusive
  28. [E46] M3 "Sport Mode"
  29. [E46] Fog Light coding
  30. [E39] Trouble after retrofit cluster
  31. [E46] Invalid ZCS coding key related to transition to VO?
  32. [E46] Problem with NCSExpert and 320D 2004 Year
  33. [E36] Can't access modules
  34. [E46] DME Program from automatic to manual
  35. [E46] Changing IKE for used one [VIN]
  36. [E46] KOMBI coding problem!
  37. [E39] Aux heater to park heating
  38. [E46] EWS issue car refuses to start.
  39. E36 BC V coding
  40. [E36] 318i build 05/93
  41. Coding second hand dsc module to car????
  42. [E46] 323ci coding for alarm system and opening soft top with remote
  43. [E39] Coding a new Bmw ABS/ASC module
  44. [E39] help
  45. [E46] Front corner delete and full oem alarm activation
  46. Coding files for old school Beemers...
  47. [E46] used lcm help
  48. [E46] Removal speed limiter and revs / Mirror folding
  49. [E39] No low beam and turn signal after coding !!!
  50. [E53] X5 2001 mileage correction
  51. [E39] coding new ECS. Long story
  52. [E46] NCSexpert connection error
  53. [E46] LED rear lights coding
  54. [E39] how coding to have more informations on obc low cluster ?
  55. [E53] Folding mirrors with KF, how to ?
  56. Analog signal coding for E39 with LS swap
  57. coding disappears after a few days
  58. coding/flashing nav unit
  59. Coding the new EWS 4.3 to DME
  60. [E46] EWS coding to manual trans
  61. E39 Euro LCM Coding Retrofit
  62. Headunit burned/not working - E53
  63. E36 Enable Park Ventilation with IHKA
  64. Progman issues connecting to 2005 E46.
  65. E39 programming problem with GM 5L40E
  66. Help! Kombie e46 m3 dead
  67. Disable PDC
  68. [E46] One Touch Unlock All Doors
  69. [e46] Triple signal indicator , Possible ???
  70. Airbag ECU coding
  71. Install activitation cd message on monitor
  72. Coding EWS e39
  73. E36-Progman doesn't find ZCS
  74. E39 LCM update
  75. Coding out secondary air pump
  76. E39 Service interval change
  77. Bmw E39 Mk3 navi
  78. Error coding ASC module
  79. [E46] AKMB M3 -> E46 330... problems... problems and again problems
  80. E46 Updated Transmission with WinKFP now car won't go out of park
  81. how to install dme properly?
  82. e46 Airbag Light Will not Reset - Error Ecu Rejected instead of ok
  83. [E46] How to remove the speed limit for E46
  84. which module is pwm_wert2_fl_bixenon to have both halogen and bixenon e53
  85. Auto mirror tilt / reverse park assist (E46 2001 318i M43) coding.
  86. Bricked Ms45.1 help. E46 Experts ???
  87. Remove ASC E36 328i
  88. [CODE LIST] E53 Coding List
  89. E39 - DRL off
  90. How to remove EHC
  91. E36 , need to change/optimize DME-settings
  92. INPA on E53..
  93. Unlock the Airbag modul
  94. E46 320d 2001 MAF Issues. INPA and DIS Not Functioning Correctly?
  95. E39 MID upgrade. Coding needed?
  96. [E46] NCS Expert doesn't allow to choose RLS as ECU
  97. E46- 2001 US, SRS or Air gag coding error
  98. E46 DSC Unit Compatability
  99. [E38]/[E39] - Cannot reprogram DME after engine swap.
  100. e39 - m5 lcm coding help
  101. Help getting started with E46
  102. I have a promble MRS
  103. INPA and E46 SMG
  104. Problem why coding datas from another car
  105. How to deactivate EHC E53
  106. 2001 E46 amber paking lights?
  107. E38 - coding new instrument cluster
  108. Way to code to remove low washer fluid light on e46 m3?
  109. Help, can not activate corner lights - Us style in my e46 FL.
  110. [e46] Unlock doors when remove key from ignition
  111. DSC Lights are on!
  112. lcm e46 problem
  113. Used Cluster --> M35080 programming
  114. [E46] Change value for "Start-RPM" possible?
  115. E39 remote angels and mirror folding
  116. miles to km
  117. Best, if any way to set clock by software
  118. NCS EXPERT - Help Needed Key Memory
  119. ncs expert e39 programing .....help
  120. [E46] Remote/fob window open WITHOUT moonroof and rear windows opening?
  121. Can't read anymore CKM.... E46 330da
  122. OEM e46 M3, rear LED's 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'
  123. Air Bag Light On- INPA will not clear the fault
  124. E38
  125. E46- 325I ABS/DSC coding errors
  126. E46 M3 EWS delete for track car
  127. Xenon lights coding or not?
  128. E46 ZHP
  129. Help! Key not recognised by EWS
  130. E46 lights without blinks
  131. [E46] One Touch Driver Window Remote Open Only
  132. e39 M5 cluster retrofit. Coding Oil Temp signal.
  133. Blank navi in E39 M5 after update
  134. MSS54 Max Rev stored?
  135. e38 - code RLS to work with the car
  136. [E46] How do I dump the contents of EEPROM in IKE?
  137. bmw e39 angle eyes brighter
  138. e46 airbag coding
  139. coding obc stalk to e46 320d
  140. [E39] how to add one function from SWTFSW01.dat to GM3.C05 - stucked with NCS Dummy
  141. [E46] IKE coding is not enabled.
  143. E39, retrofitted cruise control, How to code with NCS expert?
  144. switching LCM.. now no foglight in the back :( "location:german"
  145. How to activate BC in e46 ?
  146. reprogramming e46 software
  147. [E46] NCS Expert Module Selection
  148. INPA and My ECU reading problem.
  149. e39 KOMBI to IKE upgrade coding vin and mileage w/NCS
  150. Enabling Interior Lights Package
  151. E39 led rear lights
  152. Anyone have performance files for a 540i?
  153. Programming Used Cluster Help! PA Soft 1.4.0
  154. E46 K-bus system
  155. auto to 6spd swap
  156. coding stand heating an e39 2002 530d
  157. [E36] mileage change with ADS Hardware
  158. Can I have e39 M5 IKE - FSW_PSW.TRC file?
  159. E36 Change ML to KM in Speedo
  160. [E53] Used dsc car won't start
  161. E39 lock your car when starting
  162. Add not listed/new language to car
  163. BMW E39: how to swap current GM3 module with module from donor car
  164. How to update e39 zcs with ncs?
  165. HELP! e39 Airbag Module (MRS4) won't code!
  166. How to programming BMW fob CA key transponder?
  167. Fuel Gauge Reads Empty after code and restore
  168. How deactivate RDS Lamp
  169. Replacing MAF sensor using progman
  170. Coding E53 Webasto Parking Heater
  171. Coding n00b having IHKA error. Help!
  173. Coding E36 Z3 - MS43
  174. e39 module breakdown or master code list/// NEED HELP
  175. sss v32
  176. How to program the tailgate to open the window when press key button?
  177. Coding new radio E46
  178. Wrestling w Key coding on E39...
  179. E53 x5 NCS error, please help. Searched 2 days now.
  180. Remote Top Down Problem
  181. replacement LCM retrofit via NCS Expert - E39
  182. E39 IKE Changing Automatic to Manual
  183. Welcome lights, pathway lights on e53
  184. How do you programme a used GM5 Module in an E46 using pa soft 1.4
  185. Missing a module in NCSexpert
  187. help with tv module e46
  188. Help Removing SA536
  189. E46 - Clarifying some coding..
  190. need help with NCS on e53
  191. E39: How to replace LCM, short DIY
  192. Cruise control retrofit problem
  193. E39 525D modules no communicate
  194. E39 MID
  195. E39 abs ecu coding
  196. LCM & GM3 Upgrade on E38
  197. BMW X5 E39 airbag disable
  198. Install aftermarket remote lock on E39
  199. e46 DWA deactivation
  200. EWS3 re-coding issue
  201. [E46] chassis faulty when using NCSexpert
  202. [E46] $609, change language
  203. Error coding IKE
  204. Auto to manual swap SA coding issues
  205. trace file of e39 diesel IHKA
  206. E39 Speed limiter?
  207. How to set default settings in ALSZ after updating FA
  208. E53 coding with NCS
  209. Noob who is in dire need of help IKE issues
  210. Coding won't change
  211. Update...
  212. [e39] 1999 528i EWS DME Realignment in INPA
  213. E46 Dimmed Turn signals
  214. used DDE4 ECU VIN and EWS adaption
  215. E39 540iA rpm not correct after codding new IKE?
  216. E46 320D fuel consumption calculation value change
  217. E39 2002 EWS
  218. 1999 bmw 528i align EWS and DME
  219. SULEV
  220. E39 Trouble reading several ecu
  221. DME issues
  222. No readout anymore ZCS after ULF install
  223. Coding out 0B/22 - Battery safety terminal 1, resistance too low
  224. Coding RLS sensor X5 in E46
  225. E39; Problem: no massage on high OBC for open doors and trunk
  226. e53 folding mirrors
  227. E53 inpa fault
  228. Tpms location
  229. [e39] 540i/6 cruise control parameters
  230. E46 Alarm and Comfort Close Issues
  231. E36 NCS Expert help please
  232. Coding RLS sensor in E39
  233. E53 bluetooth problem
  234. E46 EWS problem
  235. Need to dissable passenger airbag E46 2000my
  236. VO E53
  237. Increase/Decrease Heated Seat temperature values
  238. E46 320d 136bhp maf update
  239. Remote setting
  240. MK4 Splash Screen
  241. Coding GM3 unit on E38 1995 - wrong coding index problem
  242. E39 change Date format on MID: US -> ECE
  245. Newbie seeking info on Bm Technic
  246. NCS Expert make faults in the trace files
  247. E39 engine swap to LS1 Cluster Coding
  248. X5 E53 need language change
  249. [e46] Convert from SMG to manual trans- Need ZB number for DME
  250. [E46] Digital speedo?