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  1. e46 M3 Touring Conversion, Need help with DSC coding!
  2. MRS3 Fix?
  3. one touch signals.
  4. E39 MRS3
  5. Bmw e39 Aux fan coding
  6. E38 Cannot communicate with ECU?
  7. 2004 330CI Adaptive headlight module programming?
  8. How to code AIC (rain sensor only)?
  9. [E46] Replaced TCU with s/h unit does it need coding
  10. E39 2003 525iA Noobie disaster ..
  11. E46 SMG reset?
  12. Newbie GT1 question - no coding/ program button
  13. FA code
  14. NCS Expert Faulty
  15. Code info
  16. OBD port BMW E39 '96
  17. E39 economizer parameter in IKE PA soft
  18. Installing an Aftermarket Auto radio
  19. On my 2nd airbag module :/ please help
  20. 2000 E46 318 petrol, ECU swap help.
  21. E46 Convertible help please
  22. E46 DDE 5.06 - OBDII compliant?
  23. PPPPP error on E46. SOLVED!
  24. E46 ICOM can't read out vheicle order or VIN
  25. GM5 remote locking problem after replacement
  26. e53 EHCII stuck in assembly line mode
  27. Coding a extern Modul with NCS?
  28. [E38] Windows and sunroof close up after locking the car.
  29. bmw e39 lights anb webasto coding advice needed
  30. E46M3 coding by SSS V57 not succeed
  31. E46 DRL then engine started
  32. E46 323i Euro2 Tune Software.
  33. E39 Manual trans swap using NCS expert
  34. Coapi-1000
  35. how to enable radio without key using ncs expert or dummy
  36. Error using NCS Expert with 2005 X3
  37. E36 318i to 325i Engine Swap and Euro Tune Questions.
  38. Coding with NCS Expert (95% Success).
  39. E46 no connection
  40. e31 coding
  41. E39 probably Immobilizer
  42. E39 MRS3 or MRS4? Software can't decide.
  43. Can someone read a Dinan transmission eprom for E34/E39 540i 5hp30 auto trans?
  44. e38 light switch
  45. e46 halogen to xenon coding help please
  46. INPA communicate to MID problem
  47. 2002 BMW E53 X5 Can't access airbag module with INPA
  48. BMW E46 325i SSG ( SMG-C) Software Update
  49. Code VIN to a used ABG module?
  50. Disable bulb chck
  51. Instrument Cluster Z3M in Z3 2,8
  52. ZCS Coding Please Help E39
  53. Egs update on 2004 e60 now has no lock up
  54. NCS Expert function key not working, ok with mouse
  55. DME ZusB update
  56. E46 M3 Instrument Cluster in 330d
  57. How coding lights at 7000rpm
  58. How to unlock Aux/heating E53 x5
  59. SP-Daten Version Issue E46 USA
  60. Can I code E38 with NCS Expert ?
  61. So what is that Law Enforcement setting?
  62. e46 lcm 4.0 or 4.5
  63. E46 330d 150kw oil temperature
  64. E39 NSC Expert shows me a ASC module but the car has a DSC modul
  65. BMW e39 530d 2001. aux. circulation pump error
  66. E39 2000 520ia airbag module replacement (MRS3) - coding
  67. Programming dme replaced by previous owner
  68. e46 ALSZ
  69. lost ZCS coding
  70. 320Ci IKE / KOBMI ISSUE
  71. E53 ehc2 need help
  72. BMW E39 Replaced the Dashbord Instrument Gauges- Shows other Millage then real one
  74. E46 updating dme
  75. E46 sidemarkers US
  76. e46 LSZ cant read , reset module
  77. Inner halogen lights with xenon high beams
  78. BMW E39 530D DDE unit killed during WinKfp update
  79. BMW X5 E53 4.4i instrument Cluster to be replaced
  80. Central Coding Key Faulty
  81. What is "Taxi Mode?"
  82. Coding needed for MKIII?
  83. Change EWS without DME, where is UIF? E39
  84. E39 key not locking
  85. Recode & ReFA whole car?
  86. Coding issues on 2000 E39 540 using NCSEpert
  87. E39 pre-facelift 6-cyl 5-speed swap - do I need to flash?
  88. e34 m5 coding
  89. Us Blinkers with angel eyes
  90. Need reprogram/ update to e53 gearbox software. Mobile service ? Leicester area
  91. E39 DME programming issues
  92. E46 Alarm not working and not showing in Coding list
  93. E46 - problem with Dynamic Xenon
  94. [E46] Auto to Manual Conversion help
  95. E53 Updating and new module coding - total n00b
  96. Z3 2001 how to code oem alarm
  97. Engine Swap E46 How To Flash
  98. BMW E53 Cluster issue
  99. WinKFP Question
  100. Trouble with NCS
  101. CODING AE ONLY AS DRL ON 2006 4.8is
  102. E46 Brake Force Display PROBLEM
  103. E46: Remove RAD and SMF from VO but still visible in ECU tree
  104. 2011 No bluetooth after TEL/MULF WinKFP flash
  105. bi-xenon adaptive back to halogen
  106. E46 activating OBC. Please HELP!!
  107. bmw e39 instrument cluster dump file
  108. E39 auto lights option.
  109. E39:how to enable auxilary heating by coding
  110. E53 add AHM module
  111. updating lsz hw 15 sw 3.01 into sw 3.6 on
  112. e46 320d M47 air bag Internal ECU error INPA
  114. E46 M3 airbag fault - "Error ECU Rejected"
  115. M5 E39 Error ECU rejected
  116. BMW E46 INPA Identification
  117. P0420 fault freeze
  118. E53 passenger mirror tilt feature issue
  119. How to retrofit Automatic lights and Rain light Sensor on e46 pre-facelift ?
  120. E53 SSD file help?
  121. BMW E46 DDE4 M57 update with WinKfp
  122. Need help coding my S54 frankenwagen..
  123. Program old style tailights in new style LCM
  124. E36 OBD1 - Error writing to ABG (ZAE2.C05) but no problem reading it..
  125. IFH NOT FOUND when starting INPA - ADS Interface - Need INPA 3?
  126. SSD File for coding Range Rover as E53?
  127. Flashing E36/7 MSS54 DME back to stock.
  128. Problem with BMW X5 e53 gearbox
  129. Coding BMW Z3 E36/7 ?
  130. Low beams are always on
  131. Made some changes, now have tamper light E39
  132. E53 Coding EHC2 OFF
  133. 1999 bmw e46, will not turn on us sidemarker
  134. E39 Xenon low beams always on after coding
  135. Automatic headlight levelling with OEM xenons - can't access it in INPA
  136. E34 Airbag module problem
  137. e46 GM5 has GURTSTRAFFER_FAHRER_1
  138. E39 Auto-manual swap
  139. E46 Xml file
  140. Battery Relocation Compact BST Coding.
  141. Control cruise not foun after conversion smg to manual m3 e46
  142. Thermostat with characteristics control M62 lower temperature throw DME
  143. E53 IKE Coding. Fuel, Revs and BC not correct
  144. .oda files. US, EOBD, Jap and Golf
  145. Is it possible to code a 2003/07 325i?
  146. INPA missing E53
  147. Speedo showing low speed
  148. Bmw 2002 330ci LCM coding
  149. BMW
  150. Code problems ( P1340 )
  151. Trace file for E38 740i IHKA module?
  152. e46 CSL Transmission Flash Time?
  153. e46 manual swap coding issue
  154. I can´t updte MS43 DME with Winkfp
  155. E46 MK60 change from non-m to m software
  156. Any guideline to code cluster for different speedometer scale?
  157. MRS2 E38 Unlock
  158. [E85] Unusual 5E38 code in 2004 Z4
  159. E46 Sedan 2004 retrofit LED rear lights coding problem
  160. E85 SBSR Coding error
  161. Unlock doors when ignition off - 320d e46 4doors
  162. E36 Cluster Coding on Bench
  163. Speed Sensing Lock Coding
  164. Coders in Nashville
  165. modify throttle response on e85 2.5i
  166. E46 instrument cluster only reads ”code”
  167. Help I lost my zcs - E46
  168. Flashing Manipulation dot in E46 build 02/1 Help!!!
  169. 2003 E39 Odometer KM to miles
  170. 02 E53 3.0i Trailer module enabling help
  171. Brake fluid DME nightmare!
  172. Can't connect to Z3 GM IV
  173. E39 540 Touring Manual Swap - Need Help with coding
  174. winkfp - how do i know each zb discription? n42 e46
  175. E46 retrofit PDC
  176. E39 530DA Cluster and mid radio problem
  177. Looking for coder for hire, brand new cluster coding
  178. E39 M62tu auto mapping
  179. E38: LED lights
  180. e46 AIF (UIF) full, winkfp error 206
  181. E46 Cruise Control - NEw DDE/EWS
  182. E39 MODULES ECU 1/2
  183. E36 S50 M3 New DME Programing
  184. BMW E39 - I need BC button MID files by BMW Scanner 1.4
  185. E53 Daten
  186. Tapping into E39 canbus
  187. Lost my zcs
  188. x3 remote coding
  189. Experience with new "uncoded" modules? (Specifically, E36 EWS)
  190. How to modify Coding Index?
  191. E39 Low cluster with bc retrofit (help)
  192. E39. 540 (gm73079). Needs coding work done
  193. DDE bricked after flashing with WinKfp
  194. E36/7 ZCS alteration
  195. E39 2004 ABG trace file
  196. EWS/DME alignment after EWS replacement, MS45.1
  197. Problem ZUSB gear x5 e53
  198. E46 LCM parking lights code
  199. deactivate the airbags for Recaro e46 bucket seat...