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  1. E46 Cluster coding
  2. [E46] Cant get SSS progman connected?
  3. E36 (1998) M3 Auto to Manual Swap
  4. Is this normal ?
  5. Cleared Adaptations DSC Fault E46 330
  6. e46 m3 rear fog light issue.
  7. RPA (Tyre Run flat Montior) coding nad Reset
  8. Help! E46 Car key rolling code lost sync with EWS....How to re-sync?
  9. Headlight & standing lights automatic off after key off when light remains in ON pos?
  10. EGR Bypass gives engine error
  11. E53 coding list
  12. E53 - Battery Voltage display
  13. e53 aux heating unlock?
  14. E39 2001 US daylight together with automatic headlights?
  15. E39 dis error
  16. 00' E39 Folding mirror retrofit
  17. E46 Touring
  18. 1995 840 (E31) ABS/Traction control module coding
  19. lcm ci35 on a 99 323ci e46 without led!.. problem!!!!
  20. [E53] Reading odometer
  21. e39 engine swap ecu recoding question
  22. E46 M3 SMG to Manual coding
  23. E53 - Reverse Light Check
  24. [E53] Coding triple flash lane change signal
  25. auto to 5 speed swap
  26. E53 - auto door locks on drive off
  27. EWS-Mode 2 kein Code angekommen
  28. DRL Coding - Now Lights on Permanently
  29. 320D display incorrect fuel consumption
  30. [E53] programming quesstions fpr X5 3.0D 2005
  31. E46 M3 Comfort open windows issue (NCS Expert/Dummy)
  32. Need EWS Coding! 97 e36 m3 manual
  33. E36 M3 1998 EURO ... problem with ZCS code :(
  34. Coding LCM 2001 E39 M5
  35. Mk4 16:9 display mode
  36. E34 530i M30B30 ZCS
  37. Coding an airbag light - Safety Battery Switch
  38. [E39] 520i to 528i Engine swap
  39. Radio frequency, two places after the ","
  40. e46 m3 smg conversion to 6 speed manual coding programing
  41. [E46] How to code option S169A (abgasnorm EU3)?
  42. [e46] Error ECU Rejected
  43. [e46] Comfort opening active but still doesn't work?
  44. E39 2001 - Unpairing / pairing keys?
  45. E36 DME-EWS Syncro problem
  46. e36 ABS/ASC Module replaced, what and how to code now?
  47. Help in changing the engine 520i
  48. bmw x5 e53 alarm system
  49. [e39] lcm ecu rejects changes
  50. E46 voice input activation
  51. [E46] probleme comunication with NCS
  52. Strange issue
  53. e36 VN code list / generator
  54. [E46] 330D Airbag Light Advice
  55. E36 Change service interval
  56. E39 Touring Widescreen upgrade but Video module keeps the aspect 4:3
  57. E30 - can i use coding software to reprogramme a replcaement GM5 control module?
  58. E39 Alpina B10 Cluster Coding
  59. Flashing DDE and EGS in E46
  60. BC coding for 16:9 (picture)
  61. e46 03/2001 with IHK C14 disable climate control on switch on.
  62. Shift lights on Manual e46 M3
  63. X5 E53 GM module replacement
  64. e36 1997 key unable to start
  65. E39 auto: are the main ECU and the gearbox ECU paired together?
  66. Why change the algorithm, when coding a used LCM on E39?
  67. E39 2002: Is CAS the same as EWS? Can I delete a stolen key from EWS using..
  68. Windows opening after unlock
  69. E46 cluster replacement/mileage restoration
  70. Remote key working with engine running coding
  71. E39 module firmware update: worth it ?
  72. Trying to code newer NAV module to older E53 chassis
  73. e46 and e36 push button start
  74. Need help on encodng the new steering angle sensor!
  75. Coding nav unit
  76. '05 E53 double-blink hazards
  77. E38 auto to manual coding
  78. E39 525it 5 Speed Swap manual labor done, coding needed...
  79. Problem with DME/EWS alignment
  80. Program to edit engine ECU?
  81. Installing a TCU in 03 M3
  82. Radio stay on after ignition off - SES module replacement
  83. ZCS Help!!! In need of e36 M3 Euro ZCS
  84. E39 530d M57 heater Unlock / encode as heater
  85. E46 "CodE" gauge cluster display
  86. Open windows with Key does not work
  87. Code Navi Professional E53
  88. used egs computer coding ??
  89. need help with LCM coding
  90. car idling high after coding error - E46
  91. BMW E39 and E46 diagnostic problems
  92. E31; Blinker Coding
  93. BMW coding n00b with a 'new' e38 740i - cluster, steering angle sensor, airbag module
  94. Coding control unit in other chassis?
  95. EDM rear foglight option into US E46
  96. E36 M50B25TU auto to manual swap. Coding proces.
  97. E39 Daten Files
  98. e39 m62 1998 dme BOSCH ME7.2 flash with winkfp
  99. BMW standart tool 2.12
  100. LCM new version
  101. Cant find Assembly Number for e39 ME72KWPO in WinKPF
  102. Airbag light on e46, mrsa 131 and 134
  103. [E39] Coding a 2002 525i
  104. E46 can''t enter in car memory and key memory
  105. BMW E53 2003 X5 ABS CODING
  106. A few questions on if this is possible
  107. E36 M3 3,2 Euro Spec MSS50 - Interface to flash the ECU with winkfp
  108. inpa quicktest
  109. E38 Steering Angle Sensor Calibration, coding etc
  110. LCM trouble
  111. WINKFP update prob with 540i M62 1998
  112. E46 auto decrease Radio volume when in reverse
  113. E36 Cluster max speedometer value change.
  114. E53 LCM option Misiing!?? GPS_UHR and PWM_FL_BIX
  115. Installing Russian V32 Nav software, not able to get russian text, through inpa i
  116. Window Close With Key Fob Issue
  117. BMW E53 X5 EGS programming/ update software
  118. BMW E53 X5 EGS folding mirrors programming
  119. E46 US Siedemarker need Help
  120. PDC reverse activation problem
  121. [e46] usa side marker problem
  122. E46 Xenon encoding
  123. Problem with LCM: crazy arrows
  124. E39 - disable the "key in ignition" message
  125. convert DME 7.2 automatic transmission in manual transmission
  126. Turn on MK4 out of the car
  127. E53 disable check control message
  128. Coding on E46 M3 OBC for larger jets after supercharger install
  129. injektors different values normal or not?
  130. E46 Cluster Motor_Kennfeld (Motor operating characteristics)options.
  131. winkfp ms41.0 .IPO problem
  132. flashing ms43 ecu to eu2
  133. BM54 radio module - how to flash
  134. Need a little help with my TCU e46
  135. Seat Memory
  136. Installing Used ASC Module?
  137. USB OBD cable fine in all tests except DIS Vanos
  138. fail to read CKM on E46
  139. Halogen to Xenon retrofit - Need help coding
  140. Airbag ECU won't code
  141. Bad rookie mistake
  142. [E53] Change language
  143. Bmwscanner does not receive data
  144. E46 LED Tail Lights Retrofit LCM coding help
  145. Deristricting my Z3 M Coupe ?
  146. [E46] Auto folding mirrors on e46 2000.
  147. E36 EGS programming
  148. how to change can index
  149. E46 m3 Vert Coding Windows down first then put the top down
  150. e46 m3 coding index problem
  151. E46 330D Fault Hex-code decoding
  152. E39 Coding Help - Time on OBC
  153. E46 Airbag module - coding dual stage?
  154. E46 after coding lcm, lights always on while ignition on
  155. E53 front fogs to act as cornering lights - is it possible?
  156. gauges not working after coding ike
  157. VO missing from E46 SP-Daten
  158. I have no high beam and signal after encoding IKE
  159. help please I'm pulling my hair out
  160. Missing data to flash Kombi
  161. Celis taillights on E39
  162. E46 pre-facelfit: how to copy vo from ews to lsz
  163. Error coapi 2041
  164. E46 kombi need help
  165. BMW E39 ABG module coding - NCS Expert
  166. Is it safe to set off passenger seat sensor with NCS Expert?
  167. Alarm coding help
  168. E46 330D 2004 ECU tuned/chipped file.
  169. E46 coding cable
  170. e39 retrofit remote lock/ unlock
  171. E39 M62TU thermostat reprogramming
  172. help to code my used ike.
  173. '98 E36 Instrument Cluster
  174. E53 LED Turn Signal Retrofit - Request to disable front and rear turn signal checks
  175. E46 side light active when unlocking?
  176. e93 front windows not work open roof
  177. E46 ASC/ABS VIN(?) problems
  178. e39 airbag ecu problem
  179. E39 Coding Brake Force Display
  180. E39 coding out hot/cold reverse light monitoring
  181. E46 coding MAF error
  182. Help with assembly/zusb number.
  183. show current speed ??
  184. Do you have a 1997 E39? Can you help out?
  185. E46 Instrument cluster coding
  186. Replacing LCM...W
  187. loading e38 euro spec via winkfp
  188. LCM dead after coding, beyond rescue? 1998 540i
  189. Engine Swap coding question
  190. Can't get INPA to Communicate
  191. Trouble with PA Soft
  192. Cluster issue
  193. NCS Expert not reading my VIN
  194. SLS Delete coding
  195. Flash winkfp went wrong: CCC bricked
  196. help me "code" transfer fluid change?
  197. E46 lost ECU and Trans computer in PA Soft
  198. E39 - BM54 & MK4, Brightness Settings Value is not stored....
  199. E46 Not original xenons blinking after coding drl
  200. Disabling PDC?
  201. Newbie trying to code an E46 Adaptive Headlight Module
  202. Best way to use Dinan DME in 2001 E39 540i?
  203. Autotilt mirror retrofit coding (BMW E46)
  204. E53 EHC2 replacement
  205. [E46] Stopwatch and code start
  206. NCS Expert ABS/DSC coding problem
  207. e39 lcm upgrade
  208. [E53] IHKA Module Question
  209. E46 GM5 problem
  210. E34 ZVM.C31 coding - mission impossible?
  211. Coding E46 M3 DSC
  212. E39 Blinking hazard lights when open/close
  213. E46 320i DME Update
  214. ISTA P update failure.
  215. Coding E46 AUX Fan Activation temperature for Mechanical fan delete?
  216. E46 Rear light issue (after LED retrofit)
  217. Coding needle sweep ?
  218. Remap ECU
  219. EWS-EWS EWS-EWS…….@&^$&^^@#* piece of &^$&&&#$%&(*&())#
  220. 2 axle air suspension coding out SLS message
  221. [E39] M57 Diesel: Unlock/encode parking heater
  222. Anyone used a M35080 programming tool?
  223. [E46] Coding Help: M3 SMG to Manual Conversion
  224. BMW E46 HarmanKardon retrofit coding with ISTA P
  225. lost zcs
  226. Coding webasto thermo top z c d from e39 in e46 or without car?
  227. How long to flash e53?
  228. E53 steering angle sensor replacement
  229. E39 + NCS EXPERT, dimmed high beam as DRL
  230. Updating Bluetooth ULF module firmware
  231. IPNA message
  232. Tried activating buckle warning now SRS light (E36)
  233. Transmission Coding?
  234. E46 Coding Question
  235. VIN FAULTY! Help!
  236. calibrate bmw x5 4.6is air suspension
  237. Coding LCM for DRL
  239. issue i think is coding so need help e39 airbag
  240. E46 Comfort Folding Mirrors not working
  241. e46 facelifted, how to activate both rear fog lights
  242. im lost... key memory
  243. Programming g20 eeprom????
  244. chassis faulty error
  245. connectin-issues with DDE 4.0
  246. Need help with E46 xenon headlights retrofit
  247. BMW E39 520i Instrument cluster.
  248. Coders of E53 2005 X5 (disable seat belt chime)
  249. e53 3.0 d gearbox nudge 2 to 1st gear - gearbox reprogram
  250. e46 autodim rearview mirror electrochrome