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  1. [FXX] Video in motion
  2. [FXX] F01 and F10 / INPA and NCS update
  3. [DIY] Change FA for F-series car with E-sys
  4. [FXX] What's software to diagnose F01,F10,F20,F25?
  5. [FXX] Anyone code BMW APPS yet?
  6. [FXX] Coding Options
  7. [FXX] Coding start\stop, battery charging, drain current limit in standby & seatbelts
  8. HOW TO: activating internet service (Internet via Customer Mobile Phone) on f10
  9. Where to start
  10. Power Car Off / Single Push
  11. Auto hold coding function on the start "ON" ?
  12. [FXX] Problem with CIC
  13. Radio DSP Flat
  14. [FXX] CIC change US to EU language
  15. need help! my Mcic died...(can show but can't work)
  16. Coding new sw for kafas
  17. How to read fault codes for Fxx ?
  18. F10 CIC Change language to Chinese
  19. idrive screen split to 4 after coding with autologic.
  20. Enable bluetooth internet: Any success?
  21. Psdzdata...Is there anything newer than 46.3
  22. Snap-In Vs USB Cable
  23. Automatically release parking brake (manual car)
  24. Speed limit info display. Camera or navi is used?
  25. Need help from the new request
  26. How do I check the CIC version?
  27. Part replacement, no CAFD
  28. Can Filter nav enabler
  29. Importing FSC files from/into Fxx using E-SYS
  30. What to code when retrofitted to M performance brake kit?
  31. Written data does not match read data
  32. Fxx Seatbelt Reminder Disable Instructions
  33. Cruise Control display
  34. How to code modules back to default settings on Esys?
  35. Connect Sport,Comfort,Eco Switch to icm
  36. Part Number Change
  37. Can no longer read CAF for Combox
  38. Read Coding Data (HUC_CIC) - ERROR cafd..........
  39. Compare CAFD
  40. Acoustik Beep after closing the F13 BMW and opening the Car
  41. help, i imported FSC to CIC by esys,but NAV aslo can't work
  42. 2012 BMW 3 series??
  43. Shutdown music when stop engine
  44. Theft/sabotage alarm after F07
  45. Retrofit Folding mirror - and many more ??
  46. PSDzData SALAPA values
  47. How to disable additional (not used) keys on Fxx series?
  48. bmw f07 how to change fa
  49. Help please,side top rerverse camera
  50. HELP: CIC Non Stop Rebooting itself after a Navigation Map Installed
  51. E-Sys automatic folding mirrors without comfort access
  52. FZD no CAF's
  53. NO Navigation Direction on HUD
  54. How to extract PSDzData files for special chassis from ISSS?
  55. iPhone dock video
  56. calculate fp
  57. Trace File F01/F02?
  58. f01: turn signal HUD?
  59. hello all! who can give me a F20 FA file?
  60. Hep. How to enable Bluetooth Data Transfer
  61. F25 2013 X3 HUD Color
  62. BMW NBT F-Series Navi Activator it is ready :)
  63. Blind spot detection and Frontal Collsion Warning
  64. voice control
  65. Hid's on F25
  66. Double Bink hazards
  67. HELP!How to get the sport+ mode?
  68. i-level important for coding?
  69. f11 front headlight
  70. ZGW is not replying to the ping if the IP is not assigned automatically
  71. F30 Close windows with keyfob.
  72. Help me I have big problem by coding
  73. Oil and water temperature on display
  74. Some issues with coding
  75. BMW Office
  76. PhoneNumbers in ConnectedDrive, default ConnectedDrive Language, few more...
  77. Daytime running light inclusive tail lights
  78. Retrofit: BWM APPS
  79. Night vision without lights?
  81. E-sys change vin in telematic unit
  82. M performance LOGO in BC
  83. HELP!F25 problem!
  84. Fxx KOMBI Battery Meter Coding
  85. PSdZ Data from ista/p vmware
  87. Need help with F25 X3 Coding?
  88. F10 with Sirius prewire $693-Activating Sirius $655
  89. Disconnect ICM
  90. System requirements E-Sys
  91. Auto Headlights?
  92. Psdzdata 48.3 and the future of coding F series
  93. F10 2010 Satnav professional retrofit?
  94. Issue when reading code
  95. Fxx Bang & Olufsen Coding
  96. Help needed...
  97. How to disable emergency (turn) flashers after a quick break/deacceleration ?
  98. Enable collision warning with KAFAS (HBA & SLI enabled)
  99. HBA Stalk F10 US M5
  100. Reset BMW Assist/connecteddrive
  101. ECO-Pro Coasting (Sailing)
  102. Navi Guiding
  103. F30 Coding Radio (Non nav) from 6 speaker base to hifi?
  104. [E-SYS] prepareECUforCoding error
  105. Coding Error when using Esys
  106. Low-beam turn deactivation
  107. Problem with F01 LED retrofit
  108. F30 Led Reverse, Code to turn off check?
  109. Build PDX files!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  110. About 6WA
  111. Coding instrument cluster backlighting permanently on
  112. Enet connection problem!
  113. FZD Module missing
  114. Convenience window opening F10
  115. Error with E-Sys, please help
  116. Coding Bluetooth from 6NH to 6NK??
  117. Anyone got a full coding list specific for F25 X3?
  118. How to flash program into GWS module?
  119. KOMBI Needle Sweep
  120. How to retrofit top hifi in F18(f10)(cann't find cafd)
  121. DME CODING F10/F11 523i/528i 6 cyl
  122. Code for Speed Limit and LDW
  123. ConnectedDrive - Message Filter Default
  124. High-Beam Assist Auto-On
  125. Background NV Pedestrian Detection
  126. Auto Fog Lights at Start Up
  127. E Sys error 49184
  128. Can't VO code NBT
  129. F01 Daten
  130. What ecus hold VO in Fxx series ?
  131. Cic Display To NBT
  132. Coding Cruise Control
  133. Unlock all doors also unlocks the tailgate ?
  134. 840 Option or sport susp
  135. Cant connect to car with e-sys F14
  136. Coding Front PDC
  137. Nbt usb problem hasnt got voltage
  138. How to display foreign languages characters in iDrive/ music collection
  139. Time F001
  140. Navigation activate code
  141. Activate voice control for NBT
  142. Coding used modules Fxx safety
  143. Retrofit F30 Lane departure warning and high beam assistant
  144. 6NR Activation Question
  145. gong by reverse gear
  146. Code KOMBIi to turn off MIL light?
  147. Coding 2014 Video in Motion
  148. Enable Auto Scale in nav w/o having a destination set
  149. Folding mirrors speed limit
  150. Gear display in cluster
  151. EPS F10 coding
  152. F01 disable bulb check for DRL's how to?
  153. Encode retrofit LED taillights bmw f20
  154. Problem with updating F10 I-level 2.49.4 files
  155. how can i watching video?
  156. ZGW fail
  157. Secondhand DME
  158. Adaptive Cruise - resume time and DRL Angel eyes sensitivity
  159. Navigation do not show arrival time
  160. Vehicle check fail.
  161. adding / Coding TV module on Fxx
  162. I have problem with my F10
  163. Coding foglights to turn on when you make a turn - F10
  164. Retrofitting used cluster ???
  165. HW Upgrade
  166. Code Active Cruise Control with Stop and go function
  168. Flashing (strobe) welcome lights when car opened
  169. Retrofitted NBT sounds like a kitchen radio
  170. FSC Import in HU_NBT
  171. Found some extra .ipo's that you can reference in INPA for F30
  172. snap in cradle for iphone 5s
  173. F30 CIC navigation, Chinese version can have a way to use USB to upgrade the map?
  174. PMA doesn't work on F07
  175. Fold Mirrors with single press
  176. F10-JAPAN to ECE/CIC Navigation and FSC's
  177. UPGRADE CAR TO LATEST SW - just with Esys and Enet cable
  178. Stop A/C from turning on automatically
  179. Read Coding Data (HUC_CIC) - ERROR cafd missing
  180. F07 Initialise new headlight
  181. Coding the 2015 M3/M4
  182. Newest E-sys and PSdZ
  183. bmw f10 auxiliary heating and remote control
  185. How to retrofit F25LCI air condition
  186. F07 TMPS Disable
  187. New cas4 in f10
  188. Need help with an F25 CIC retrofit
  189. Need help..EPS on F25 X3 stopped working after coding wrong CAFD values
  190. e65 airbags
  191. F02 with a modified M steering wheel paddle shift function can not be achieved
  192. Accidentally deleted my CAFD files? - HELP PLEASE :(
  193. Just got back from Dealer and can't code CAS
  194. programming with esys
  195. Urgent, about F20 Japn CIC change to ECE/CIC
  196. Replaced headlights with used how to encode them to vehicle
  197. Replaced ZGW, no Cafd file, help please :(
  198. Frost/Temp Warning Removal
  199. error opening ECU VCS
  200. mini serie f
  201. Errors when trying to connect with ESYS Help!
  202. BMW F10 2013 Change at the top hifi bluetooth -echo
  203. Out Of Place - But Best Guess Is Here (MINI F55/F56 Coding)
  204. Help coding 2011 F11 CIC for DSP & install advice
  205. F30 Electric seats retrofit coding
  206. F10 dual battery !!!!
  207. Retrofit LED Lighting on Halogen Active Tourer
  208. Cafd File Needed
  209. Steering Wheel options retrofit
  210. looking for btld for LRR
  211. how to check if TV module has DBV-T via i'ts photo / serial / part number
  212. updating went mostly ok but.....
  213. TV enabling
  214. Retrofit Seats Komfort BMW F15 Problem- does not detect the driver's seat
  215. Coding 6NS to F48 X1
  216. F48 X1 ECO Mode default
  217. f12 Kafas2 fsc activating after replacement.
  218. Bodydomain controller F45 front foglights as welcome lights
  220. F33 reset short circuit on REM
  221. Hide Passenger Restraint System Malfunction F30
  222. F48 - Seat belt chime disable problem
  223. BMW 2010 F01 SZL not responding can I fit used or does it have to be new??HELP!!!
  224. looking for help coding used replacement SZL module SCOTLAND_FIFE_KIRKCALDY
  225. Change Language F82 NBT2 NEED HELP
  226. F45 Retrofit of 5DF "ACTIVE CRUISE CONTROL"
  227. BMW F83 acsm flash failure
  228. Remaining trip time in navigation
  229. Bottom right of cluster F87
  230. "Online widgets" not available (visible) under split screen options menu
  231. Coding issues
  232. Code out towing hitch
  233. Replace DVB-T with DBV-T2 encrypted/private TV channels not in channel list
  234. BMW enhnaced bluetooth error
  235. Installed OS Giken diff, need to code out the M-Differential
  238. M20 power steering unit replace
  239. Bench platform for e-sys with fem/bdc
  240. EPS retrofit into 2016 F48
  241. delete GHAS (M Active Differential) after installing mechanical LSD