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  1. [E70] X5 Power TailGate/Trunk Coding
  2. [E70] Help with X5 2011
  3. [E70] X5 rear view camera while moving
  4. [E7x] Everything you need to code a X5/X6 in one location + tips for easy coding
  5. [E70] Broken CAS (2009/10 )
  6. bmw x6 - DVD player on CCC
  7. [E70] Side view camera (s5dka) stay on or enable while driving?
  8. [E70] MASK to CIC
  9. [E70] Coding for A/C not to turn on automatically whenever I start my X5
  10. [E70] Problem with flashing AFS (Active Front Steering) ECU
  11. [E70] Rear Fog Lights on X5?
  12. [E70] Help! Pros who had done coding successfully
  13. [E70] HID fogs, what values in FRM need to be changed?
  14. [E70] Problem mit 6VA.....
  15. [E70] 2008 , disable Rear Camera Disclaimer
  16. [E70] 2009 Auto H always active?!
  17. [E70] PDC, seat belt chime and various gong volume regulation
  18. [E70] ACOUSTICAL_LOCK_CONFIRM What Module ?
  19. [E70] BMW X5 2008 Coding Battery Help!!
  20. [E70] Looking for the value to code AE on 2012
  21. [E70] Get stucked on something pls help me
  22. [E70] Disable the TI on CIC radio
  23. [E70] 2012 X5 35D Coding
  24. [E70] Coding for switching standard turn signal bulbs to LED's
  25. [E70] Retrofit Professional Top HiFi Amplifier
  26. [E70] X5 Trailer Code
  27. [E70] Disabling Fog Lights For Low Speed Cornering
  28. 2011 x5 AHL Headlights
  29. 2012 X6 orange LED disable
  30. E71 how to lower the temp.
  31. [E70] VIN FAULTY 2012
  32. (E70) HUD coding
  33. 2010 E70 M series HKL???
  34. Programming X5 E70 fob key
  35. E70 2012 usa cluster miles to km
  36. CCC - Eneble video in for TV
  37. E70 coding safety module
  38. E70 - TCU & MULF2
  39. E70 bmw apps 6nr
  40. 2013 X5 coding question - Auto lock possible?
  41. Coding VM to work with CIC
  42. Replace EGS and ews
  43. Switching to meters but leaving speed in miles
  44. Rain-Light-Sensor which module
  45. E70 RFK retrofit
  46. shifter replacment .need help with programming 2007 E70
  47. follow me home lights not found
  48. Programing more than 2 CA Keys
  49. APN Settins change for SIM card - TCU
  50. VIN rewrite E71 in used ECU with NCSEXPERT
  51. Permanent fault code on E70 FRM module
  52. Unblock Video Playback
  53. problem with FRM2 - left angel eyes always ON (after HID installed)
  54. Daten for late X6m 2011
  55. [E71] BEEP when locking
  56. Rear Seat DVD/Video on Front Screen?
  58. Rain sensor - always on?
  59. Remote central locking and comfort access problem
  60. No Angel Eyes Dimming FRM3
  61. e70 HKL coding index error (2011 newer)
  62. Problem of saving Radio Station in Idrive
  63. Navigation screen on rear seat entertainment display
  64. speedlimit_info interrupt cruise control
  65. Combox & RSE & phone Media adapter on switschable USB/AUX port question.
  66. always showed "VIN is faulty" even after after tried many times
  67. how to enale MOMENTDISTRIBUTION_MENU ?
  68. Add German language to 2009 US model
  69. Adjusting Headlights
  70. CIC not showing up in NCExpert
  71. ccc video in motion question(yes i searched 1st!)
  72. E70 chassis not showing up on home page
  73. problem during the programming E70
  75. TPMS System
  76. pls help! how to add Russian Language to 09 x6 CCC unit
  77. Replacing CCC+Screen+iDrive controller with CIC+HD Screen+new iDrive Controller
  78. X6M paddles into X6
  79. [E71] Glove box security
  80. X6 used mechatronics programming issue
  81. PnP cable for Combox retrofit and USB connector with cable for center console
  82. about those 4 lights...
  83. Cant read or code KPL module
  84. How to code brighter angel eyes
  85. Is it possible to open/close the windows without holding the remote like this video?
  86. [E70] Strange PDC after coding CCC
  87. Angle light on with no low beam. possible?
  88. Required CIC coding for mObridge DA2 interface
  89. CAN Bus Access
  90. BMW E71 CCC TV color is green
  91. coapi-1043 CBD-File FRM3_E7X.C32 error
  92. E70 Idrive CCC Controller problem
  93. Can i use e-sys to program my 2011 e71
  94. Problems with NCSEXPERT and INPA
  95. Change Nav from US English to British English
  96. E7I RRM
  97. Error! Cannot code the rear tailgate option to 2011 X5
  98. Brighter Angel Eyes on 2012 X5, Has anyone found the proper code?
  99. How can we turn off Bulb Check on 2012 E70?
  100. 2010 x5 35d bc_v_korrektur has no effect
  101. Angel eyes and fog lights challenge
  102. Increase alarm volume.
  103. Add Cruise Control (SA544) function
  104. Downside to increasing angel eye brightness?
  105. Please help! Cannot find VGSG/VTG from the module list in NCS
  106. Ccc comparability / coding
  107. NCSEXPERT no E70 folder
  108. coding speedlimit info
  109. Software Upgrade damaged my Idrive Screen E70
  110. Coding X5 success!
  111. Change Mileage E70/E71 without OBD (soldering) - Which software?
  112. WL_NSW
  113. BMW e70 2007 MASK no response
  114. Rear tailights not on
  115. Error with towing retrofit on 2012 E70 (trsvc will not communicate)
  116. PDC volume after amp bypass
  117. Dealer just Flashed, lost coding... which daten?
  118. Ista P Whole Car Update
  119. what daten file to use E71 - 2012
  120. bmw e70 dvd changer
  121. e70 voice control
  122. BMW X5 E70 Coding NCS Expert
  124. Electronic damping control (EDC) Coding Delete
  125. Navi and day/night display
  126. how to code a 2010bmw e70 X5 so that i can use the nav system while driving?
  127. unable to code e71 x6
  128. 2011 E70 front LED fog install
  129. E71 X6 Fog Light Delete, not possible?
  130. [E70] Rear Fog light
  131. which is the gear module of BMW X5 M / X6 M in WINKFP?
  132. Emission Light after coding
  133. CIC Firmware Update failed
  134. Error trying to update production date in FRM and CAS VA
  136. Control Headlight washers from steering wheel
  137. E71 Retrofit CIC Raido Issue
  138. Has Anyone sucessfully retrofitted shift paddles into a MY20122 X5 (50 Sport)
  139. Remote start via BMW assist
  140. 2007 E70 X5 Self Leveling Suspension Delete?
  141. ccc am/fm functions grayed out after coding!
  142. Permanently disable interior motion sensor
  143. E70 2009 BMW ex police car, my rear windows wont go down
  144. 2013 x5d 3.5 coding
  145. X5 (E70) daten file
  146. Programming a used EGS Greabox
  147. How to recover from blank screen after 'process car'??
  148. E70 Start without brake pressed
  149. E70 Remote start
  150. E70 Add option to VO
  151. Need help rewiring cables to make tv and rear view camera work after CIC retrofit
  152. hill accent? delete?
  153. E70 ICM Coding problem
  154. 2011 X5 top view camera`s coding problem
  155. E71 CCC GW Software for CIC Controller?
  156. E70/E71 Electronic gear selector Coding
  157. Help! can`t get a rid of heated steering wheel error.
  158. Replaced bad CCC. Getting No Sound. Need Help with CAPPL, CHOST, CAUDI ETC.
  159. Angel Eyes Help!
  160. Glovebox USB not working on CIC Retrofit
  161. E70 kufatec fiscube digital tv on rear monitor
  162. Navigation instead of camera
  163. E70 errors
  164. Updating CIC and Combox??
  165. Odometer adjustment - Myth or real?
  166. Changing transmission
  167. Disable the 6 User Programmable buttons for iDrive
  168. Loaded wrong config to CAS Help!!
  169. bmw E70 2011 Rear view camera retrofit
  170. Need Help Coding/Programming US -> ECE
  171. E71 - not saving coding?
  172. X5 hitch install+coding
  173. Error trying to update AMPT70 using Winkfp
  174. Question on welcome lights
  175. Can't get live tv signal station
  176. M Sports vs Sports Steering wheel
  177. Auto hold always ON e70/e71 coding
  178. New MOST Configuration
  179. Navigation software Update? (not Map)
  180. Is it safe to set off passenger seat sensor with NCS Expert?
  181. CIC retrofit, difference in Emulators for RFK & PDC
  182. E70 35d EGS Rolling Code HELP!
  183. Live tv broadcast kufatec fiscube
  184. E70 TPMS disabe
  185. E70 X5 rear air ride delete
  186. Coding Mirror Kerb Fuction ?
  187. Problem with A/C after coding CPPL , Help me please.
  188. E71 FRM dead
  189. High-beam on/off threshold cancel?
  190. 2011 Logic7 amp into 2008 e70
  191. Retrofit rearview camera (Original)
  192. E70 LCI Wiring Diagram
  193. Question for European E70 LCI owners
  194. BMW e70, thiefs added a new key. I want it removed. Please help
  195. BMW ASD Module E70-M50d E71-M50d
  196. BMWhat App Works On E90 But Not E70...?
  197. can read e90 but not e70 lci
  198. Coded My E90 Previously, Now Want to Code my E70 Anything I Need To Change?
  199. Just coded my '08 E70 3.0sd,M HUD needs calibrating
  200. BMW E71 DME MSD851 Correct zb number!! HELP PLS!!!!!!!!
  201. Leds smd kombi bmw e70
  202. X5 e70 can not lock the car when door is opened
  203. E70 Automatic Tailgate Retrofit
  204. 2008 e70 - what version of "daten" files should i use ?
  205. flash cas on the table
  206. Auto Hold Coding?
  207. Bmw e70 seat occupancy sensor coding
  208. E71 trunk lid brake lights
  209. E70 Coding CIC to work wtih Sirius Sat Radio
  210. URGENT : Part number for trim to fit CIC iDrive controller in 2008 X5?
  211. Sp-daten files and stupid brother
  212. INPA or Coding to remove the Auto service request?
  213. Sport Displays (horsepower & torque)
  214. Key Fob closing windows, sunroof, mirrors
  215. E70 CIC Coding screen error, need help!
  216. X5 35d (diesel) and INPA
  217. TCU update
  218. one touch comfort close for everything??
  219. Explanation of SP-DATA .ATS, .DAT, .HWH files
  220. EGS coding
  221. new battery
  222. Cruisecontrol speed 180kmh limited ??
  223. Question Regarding Coding for Two Cars
  224. No E70 Option To Run Airbag Test On INPALOAD?
  225. X5 E70 : How to change language into French
  226. E70 RPM issue after I coded M View in HUD ( Help Please)
  227. Which Value To Code Mirror As Soon As I Press Lock?
  228. X6 E71 Retrofit heated seat
  229. No Black Dots in INPA but Can Code
  230. E70 Paddles Retrofit
  231. 2007 e70 trsvc flash problem
  232. X6 LED Headlight Wiring Diagram
  233. New TCU Coding?
  234. e70 x5 retrofit x5m brake coding
  235. Retrofit Combox Coding
  236. tail light bulb check help
  237. E70 cic retrofit no pdc and tv
  238. Coded Tailgate but doesn't close with fob button
  239. Firmware Jumps
  240. Hud coding problem
  241. E70 LCI Changing region from US to ECE
  242. Help! Car won't start updating msv80 with winkfp
  243. Can't Get "FA" Vehicle Order to appear in NCS Expert
  244. E71 Code out Adaptive LED Dipped Beam checking.
  245. ECU logging disabled!!
  246. 09/2006 E70 CIC retrofit success but SOS Failure!
  247. Coding injectors on E70 X5M?
  248. help on how to code rear view camera
  249. New injectors, finally runs but now a grocery list of errors
  250. Unable to connect with Inpa or Ncsexpert