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  1. TIP: Programming Folding Mirrors in pre 2005/6 E60's
  2. E64 convertible remote closing roof / hood
  3. new LM_AHL.ipo file required
  4. Allow AE's to be full bright with headlights on (Worked on my E60 with LCI lights)
  5. E60 Coded Car/Key memory with ncsexpert. Now Active Steering is disabled
  6. [E60] Voice code FSC activation, LCI-CCC
  7. DVD in Motion for E65
  8. Permanently turn off LEGAL DISCLAIMER on an E65/E66
  9. power button - e60 m5
  10. BMW e60 license plate led
  11. [Request] E60 - How to disble AC on engine start?
  12. [Solved] E60 - How to disable AC when Auto is selected?
  13. DRLs remain off after making them Aktiv
  14. [E65] Trying to write VIN in module
  15. MP3 option aktiv with Navi Prof
  16. E60 Controller
  17. E65 Harsh Downshift 2-1(Coasting jolt, Clunk). Fix with Progman
  18. [E60] NCS to enable MP3 read/playback (& enable CD changer)
  19. e60 Programing voice commands to change the language from German to French or English
  20. What's your favorite option on your e60
  21. Code list e65
  22. Coded 2 E60s and 1 E61 but hit a couple of glitches
  23. Vehicle coding issues after CIC retrofit - E60
  24. Disable driver seat mat E65
  25. E60 LCI: Light module
  26. [E60] Disable seat mat
  27. Problem of updating E60 and E70 M-ASK by using winkfp
  28. [E61] Coding cruise control
  29. ABG module on 2005-2006 E60?
  30. e65, Steering wheel "Star"-button reprogramming?
  31. language change on a e60 instrument cluster
  32. E65 Rear Lowered by Programming?
  33. DIY : Change LM1 to LM2 [E60]
  34. [E60] How to enable the rain auto close windows?
  35. [E61] Disable Auto-Shifting down in Automatic gear
  36. BMW E65 problem wuth EDC
  37. Newbie with E65 750i, trying to change voice command from Jap to English... Help :p
  38. [E65] '04 airbag and seatbelt light
  39. [E60] '05 TMPS issue help!!!
  40. [E60] Bluetooth coding?
  41. [E60] Adding CCC and 8.8" CID to a non nav E60. Need Help!
  42. [E60] 2005 Passenger Seat Airbag Code
  43. [E63] Where can the parameters be?
  44. [E65] Programming a new HKL module
  45. [E60] Stop fogs lighting up
  46. [E60] Coding retrofitted M5 Active Backrest Seats to a 545i
  47. [E63] Help please! Blank right side split screen..
  48. [E60] Replacing LMA
  49. [E60] 2004 folding mirros
  50. [E60] Video TV module mpeg2 to mpeg4
  51. [E60] Can a us spec e60 with a euro spec lci
  52. [E65] How to re-enable BMW Assist
  53. [E60] LCI Many options gone after removing a battery, please help
  54. [E65] Coding Help
  55. [E60] Where is the Lateral Motion Sensor module in NCSExpert / INPA??
  56. [E60] AE as DRL on 2004
  57. [E60] LCI TV tuner
  58. [E6X] CAS Dead - No key, no start, no nothing
  59. [E60] rear window doesn't close properly
  60. [E60] light module replacement
  61. [E60] 2007 525xi iDrive controller not working after CCC update
  62. [E65] Country Changing
  63. [E60] '06 Pre-LCI M5... Set Angel Eyes to act as DRLs?
  64. [E6X] 2004 530i Xenon & Halogen Highbeams together
  65. E60 Comfort seats
  66. [E60] Replace DDE?
  67. [E60] HUD calibration
  68. [E65] SIM-module problem. please help
  69. [E60] Activate TMC
  70. [E60] Removing front seats
  71. [E60] 525d Coding US-Daylight
  72. Is it possible to retrofit speed limit warning camera on E60
  73. [E61] Help, cannot read MULF module !
  74. [E66] VIDEO menu disabled! How?
  75. How do I put the V42 CIC files of an E89 into the E60?
  76. [E60] COAPI-1000 error, writing +IPOD to FA for Dension GW500 in e60
  77. What is the risk of putting a updated flash into an older car E89 -> E60
  78. [E60] OIL_LEVEL in CAPPL
  79. [E60] Welcome Light - LMA Processing Error
  80. [E60] If a value is set to standard / wert_01 etc
  81. [E60] LCI Diesel / M5 Cluster coding help
  82. [E60] Deciphering unknown codes in CAPPL Module
  83. [E60] Steering Weel Buttons recoding ?
  84. [E6X] 2008 - 535xi - All Doors unlock when you open Driver's Door - Coding issue ?
  85. [E64] Factory options for specific VIN
  86. [E60] Manual to Automatic Transmission - TEMPOMAT/Cruise Control
  87. [E65] Boot Lid Close Button
  89. [E60] What does this mean ? Invalid feature for FA: #904
  90. [E65] 2002 USA make DSC relpaceing and adapting with inpa
  91. [E60] Turning off angel eyes warning when you replace with LED's
  92. [E60] How to disable bulb check on angel eyes?
  93. [E60] M5 wont start, EWS error
  94. [E60] LMA don work properly after change
  95. [E60] LED licence plate retrofit
  96. [E60] Cruise control in miles
  97. [E60] How to change voice command language?
  98. [E61] Coding by remote my bmw CIC in a E61 2005
  99. [E60] Angel Eye Coding with WL_SL_1
  100. [E65] Dynamic Stability Control flash
  101. [E60] AUX Input Coding?
  102. [Code List] E65/E66 Available Coding List
  103. [E66] Steering Wheel Fixed
  104. [E65] Auxiliary heating
  105. [E60] No sound from HiFi amp after swap M-ASK.
  106. [E60] Engine Oil Level
  107. [E60] Help! When I coded an E60, it displayed "vin is faulty"
  108. [E60] Bluetooth Coding M-ASK.
  109. [E60] MPM need to be coded !
  110. [E65] 2003 software update possible / neccesary?
  111. [DIY] E65 Video In Motion
  112. [E60] Automatic climate control passenger side temperature
  113. [E60] Can't get alarm chirp working
  114. [E66] Reprogramming DME on 735Li
  115. [E66] 2003 735Li Valvetronic / DME CAN Bus error
  116. [MASK] Is video input impossible with OEM equipment?
  117. [E60] Which modules for vehicle order change for battery swap?
  118. Is true anlasssperre_bls set to not active keep ignition on?
  119. [E60] Cruise control not working
  120. [E66] MMI Retrofit Errors with NCS Expert
  121. how long would it take the dealer to reflash all the modules in an e60?
  122. [E6X] coding engine temp to show up in dash
  123. HOW CAN Re-aline DME and 745i using INPA or DIS V57
  124. [E65] airbag time not starting after programing 2 times SSFA,SSBF and SIM modules
  125. [E60] Request - How to code LM1 to accept LCI tail lights
  126. [E60 M5] Help needed please
  127. [E60] Non navi to Bussines navi
  128. [E61] Found a MULF2 in my car, but I haven't bluetooth.
  129. I need to update DME on 745i. MY error is 2D03 by INPA
  130. [E6x] Adding 6FL to CCC based iDrive?
  131. [E65] Coding flickering Xenon headlights
  132. Head Unit not Programed Correrctly.
  133. [E60] MASK to CCC Retrofit Questions
  134. Error while reading HKL and MMIGT modules on '06 E65
  135. NIVI pairing or mmigt hack
  136. e60 ACSM Pass restraint system malfunction won't clear with INPA
  137. Changed Alarm sound (Video included)
  138. Mismatched characters on MMI: ' and ?
  139. Problem after changing M-ASK
  140. cant find options thats supposed to be in cappl
  141. [E63] Coding Paddle Shift Controls
  142. New Coder - M5 Owner - Update Spreadsheet?
  143. Set active side bolsters to full on car start
  144. [E6x] 2004 730D Side Light Problem - Light Control Module
  145. BMW E60 CCC LCI
  146. DIY [E65] ALPINA style instrument cluster (KOMBI) with digital speedometer
  147. [E65] HighBeamAssistant (FLA) optimization
  148. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Delete
  149. Uncoding SA633
  150. [E61] Want to go/move car in reverse gear with drivers door open. Coding issue?
  151. E60 CCC flashing
  152. [E6x] harsh 2-1 downshift....
  153. How to enable a tear open car DME?
  154. E70CCC change Chinese
  155. [E6x] SOS Idrive error after performing BT retrofit tcu implant
  156. no voice guidance and commands
  157. E60 Lci Uif list.
  158. [E65] HID Xenon Highbeam
  159. [E60] possible to change time lapse for locking doors after unlocking?
  160. [E60] Low beam witness
  161. [E65] Bricked NAVI02 ?
  162. [E60] Problem programming M5 S85 DME
  163. [E65] Ipod interface coding with rear entertainment
  164. [E65] Alarm Chrip
  165. [E60] Break light
  166. [E6x] How can i recover one unit Mulf??
  167. [E65] LM2 coding xenon head lamps
  168. Adjusting servotronic assistance, e60
  169. Key FOB showing wrong VIN
  170. 2008 e60 520d particulate filter problem
  171. E60 : EWS - DDE rolling code sync
  172. [E60] Rds text speed
  173. Trying to read E65 TCU - wrong coding index
  174. coding kombi on e65
  175. file eeprom kombi e65 (740d) uncoded (62116956632) . Have you?
  176. [E60] Is it possible to code tilt mirror when reverse?
  177. [E60] can we add $861 to delete EOBD and remove MIL forever?
  178. [E60] CCC update went bad...... CID not working anymore, need help from experts!!!
  179. E66 760Li N73 & INPA - how to ??? Help
  180. SVS phone option on E65
  181. BMW E60 CCC Speech Language
  182. [E60] Retrofit Sports Automatic Programming
  183. Coding BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK with Nettodat.trc for flashing hazards
  184. MMI lost menu after upgrade with winkfp
  185. Comfort Access (CA) coding
  186. E63 6 series remove fog lights
  187. voice control on e65
  188. [E60] Voice Commands doesn't work
  189. E60 - Engine can't startup after change FA
  190. E60 - BMW Assist / SOS Error
  191. AM Radio Delete
  192. Progman doesn't see SMFA, pics attached.
  193. Very curious "SIM module" error on my e65 bmw Please read and help !
  194. [E65] Progman does not see my MMI
  195. [E60] ACC2 error after M5 seat retrofit
  196. change welcome picture in ccc - need help
  197. help needed with E66 rear sunshade coding
  198. Last Update M54 Engine
  199. E65 xenon retrofit
  200. Key Programming Question
  201. Using Used Keys
  202. What " +EVER / +NAV2 " means in the VO
  203. [E61] Activating passenger airbag
  204. E66 how to disable front crash sensors
  205. [E60] Night Vision and CIC, Fog Lights
  206. dsc deactivated problem
  207. E60, can't read MASK, no CAPPL?
  208. E65 pre-facelift AUX input
  209. Deactivating rear side airbag?
  211. PDC and Reverse Camera enable menu for CCC?
  212. CAS is dead, read and write MC9S12DG256C , Dump is saved, need new CAS ?
  213. DRL off on 2006 E60 M5 ?
  214. Bmw e65 pre-facelift Coding engine temp. dysplay in tachometer
  215. E60 LCI - CCC nav system hang`s on BMW logo and reboot constantly
  216. [E60] Increase brightnes AE on LM1
  217. Oil Reset Problem
  218. CarPC on iDrive screen
  219. how to tell current daten?
  220. E60 Navigation on Non-Nav M-ASK Possible?
  221. Navi03 for BMW 745i E65 2002
  222. Retrofit of Radio Tuner in BMW E65
  223. Speed in cluster display
  224. Coding new DME on E65
  225. New Key for E60 re-coding help
  226. Possible to use Angel Eyes + Fog Lights as DRL?
  227. 2006 E60 bluetooth pairing
  228. Wiper Auto Parking ? Is it possible ?
  229. E63 Active seat bolsters
  230. Is there a time limit before you can set alarm
  231. Adaptive headlight problem - Scary
  232. Mask Nav
  233. Tacho 6945633 flash
  234. Any way to Re-code Voice commands to different functions?
  235. [E60] Head Unit not Programmed Correctly
  236. JBE vs KGM
  237. It is posible disable Active Steering in a E60?
  238. E65 - Aux input
  239. E60 M-Drive Button
  240. Harsh Shifting Conversion +HADS (Need To Remove This Now)
  241. LCI E60 Headlight retrofit. Adaptive light issue.
  242. DSC module
  243. E60 Low Bass frequency after coding
  244. how to add sports mode to 02 e65
  245. Active Steering Module
  246. [E60] MP3 retrofit
  247. Cornering Light
  248. GPS clock in Bord computer and synchronize with on Board clock
  249. 2004 E60 Replaced MULF, Need help with SSS Progman/winKFP
  250. Retrofit CIC in car with Headup display