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  1. [E6X / E7X / E9X] Available coding options published by other users
  2. iDrive Language (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.) help
  3. Disable TPMS
  4. Windshield Wiper Complete
  5. 2011 e92 enabled back REST (Residual Heat) instead of ALL Button
  6. I love my fast blinkers!
  7. Anyone running Catless headers w/ disabled secondary o2 sensors
  8. Enable EfficientDynamics Gear Shift Indicator
  9. iDrive sleep mode timeout after engine shut off
  10. Coding non-standard values and voltages through nettodat.trc
  11. Seat Belt Chime
  12. Service errors after coding
  13. Disabling airbag warnings (car has no airbags)
  14. KOMBI coding does NOT reset service (only reset time)
  15. Fuel Reserve Warning...
  16. coding fzd module to remove interior light errors
  17. Remove convertible top down speed limit
  18. More problems after SW upgrade - Please help me!!!
  19. Strangest NCS Expert Error I Have Ever Seen....
  20. Reading 2URAD (Radio Professional) RAD2
  21. Unable to determine to which module belongs a switch in FSW_PSW
  22. read/change info from FOB key
  23. Adaptive headlight unit replace coding
  24. Another race car coding: need help removing EDC error on 2011 M3
  25. K words for official retrofits
  26. How to talk to Specific module
  27. changing of spoken language CCC system
  28. CIC iDrive default screen setting?
  29. Google maps to CCC & Enable SMS
  30. Always Keep Instrument Cluster Lighting On
  31. PROGMAN help!!!!!
  32. Autowiper on permanently
  33. Word of warning: folding mirrors on 2011+ 3 series
  34. High beams and fogs
  35. Steering Column Error
  36. Welcome Light Timeout
  37. Translations
  38. Daytime Running light delete
  39. Fog lights on by default?
  40. Double High beams?
  41. Error While trying to read nfrm BIP-0009 best version
  42. change nav startup image?
  43. Please help...big troubles now...
  44. Coding success! Finally. LCI LED Tail Light refresh for 2010 E92 M3.
  45. How to remove seat belt warning light in instrument cluster?
  46. Some advice: DON'T code with older coding data!
  48. Grey'ed-out Options in Navi
  49. Opps from China
  50. Register new Battery
  51. General ECU TYPE & CODING Question
  52. help with language
  53. 2010 x5 cic Daymode-Nightmode Automatic?
  54. Speedometer display malfunction
  55. e63 no audio after reprog
  56. Quick question: to return to stock
  57. Backup cam nag box
  58. Feature Coding without Smart Top 360
  59. Help with coding out Angel Eye errors
  60. Isss v2.38
  61. NCS-Expert - COAPI-1000 Error - After using Dension programmer to enable CD Changer
  62. Can Heated Front Seats be Activated via Coding and Command it through IDRIVE Menu
  63. Updating to v2.40
  64. How to disable seat memory safety feature?
  65. How to order FSC Code for Navigation Activation with the VIN of the prelci car ?
  66. DVD in Idrive
  67. Auto-Wipers ON on Start Up
  68. Error during flashing ccca
  69. "flasher" is not working any more when light isn't on
  70. Coding fogs to turn on automatically
  71. DRLs Highbeams and AE
  72. Rear Fog on with Brake Lights?
  73. Auto hazards on heavy braking?
  74. CCC coding - Microphones
  75. Re-enabling Telematics
  76. Autolock
  77. Bulb Check for side markers. 2006 e90 06/2005 build date.
  78. New Model TV Module wording in CIC FSW
  79. PDC_87 - 'DATA' folder
  81. Cant code Rad2+ in E8x
  82. Auto engine start/stop - on/off button memory
  83. Coding 2010 X1 with NCS ?
  84. Nav in Motion for CCC?
  85. Have access to a Auto Logic Unit... Looking to code a 2011 X5d
  86. Angel Eye Error Coding - burnt bulb
  87. How to CCC Reprogram: Steps with WinKFP
  88. Translation project I'm working on
  89. HELP need to reset coding on NFRM
  90. Bypass Adaptive headlight error
  91. WINKFP Signture Error
  92. E90 Traction Control OFF
  93. INPA looks for wrong control unit
  94. Increasing AE brightness?
  95. Changing voice commands on european models from German to English
  96. Got the Digital gauge going but how to get it from kph to mph?
  97. Steering on M3
  98. INPA How to?
  99. Changing mileage on BMW E61
  100. New VO with CIC help
  101. Coding
  102. Problem with ACOUSTIC for lock/unlock
  103. Need help, Please
  104. NCS error
  105. Inner lights lit when reversing..
  106. BMW GT1 can do coding???
  107. Engine Layout Downgrade and vocals command
  108. How to code e93 top and windows for roll them up with FOB?
  109. Engine swap M52b20 to M52B28 - ZUSB ?
  110. Q: Power Reduction S843A
  111. Has anybody been able to code an E85?
  112. Comfort Access Keyfob
  113. Real Time Traffic Information
  114. Coded Car but got some strange results
  115. Getting new features in kombi
  116. E92 Cas coding
  117. Voice control
  118. 2009 e90 airbag warning LIGHTS HELP!!!!
  119. CCC Problem
  120. CAPPL coding
  121. How coding airbag sensor NCS?
  122. 2005 E87 Coding Help
  123. Alarm Coding
  124. Alarm Sensor
  125. How To program (Firmware Update/Flash) an ECU (Module) with OPS (china clone) MOST
  126. Process Car Error - TCUM Module
  127. Alarm coding - Motion sensor not working
  128. Coding HUD to show higher speed than 260 Km/h
  129. Connect the DCAN interface directly to the CCC (outside the car)
  130. Display cruise control set speed
  131. How To know ZB Number of ECU for WinKFP ?
  132. Changing Vehicle Order
  133. Convertible open and close
  134. Updating CAS
  135. Passenger Side View Mirror Doesn't Tilt in Reverse Anymore
  136. 2008 E63 - LMA module - usual behaviour with welcome lights
  137. Defroster Coding?
  138. Strange bug in LMA
  139. Aftermarket angel eye errors
  140. Retrofit CIC and dont have sound
  141. FRM2
  142. problem with new cable from ebay.
  143. Restraint system Error
  144. DVD I-M
  145. Length of Welcome lights
  146. E90 power window coding?
  147. 2008 E63 - real time MPG - would this work?
  148. 2011 LCI, corner delete mod.
  149. How change language in CIC
  150. 06 325i airbag light on!!!
  151. Retrofit Cruise control
  152. Error Code, Can this be reset?
  153. Invalid for FA: #0306
  154. Alarm coding issue - car won't wake up
  155. E90 2011 - Airbag Light / Accident
  156. e92 m3 race seat option
  157. Enable the logic7 equalizer on non logic7 system
  158. Adjusting Welcome Light Time
  159. Coding/Diagnostic on older cars
  160. Automatic transmission update
  161. Flashing MULF2 only with OPS?
  162. Fancy TPM
  163. NCS Expert - adding $502 option problem
  164. Changing DRL to use only sidelights
  165. WinKFP and error 211
  166. Problems with Cruise Control after using NCS Expert, Need Help!
  167. Angel eyes as DRL BUT lowbeams WITHOUT Angel eyes
  168. FS: Schumacher INC-700A power supply
  169. So I got bored and wrote a bash script to find latest ZBNumbers
  170. Replacing procedure for FRM modules
  171. Battery charger with SSS and WinKFP
  172. Disable hardtop speed limitation on convertibles
  173. Read Zusb from all moduls with Inpa
  174. Unlock Doors When In Park
  175. Strange E92 coding issue
  177. winkfp/sss progman
  178. SMG Neutral Beep [HELP NEEDED]
  179. How to get the default .trc in my E92?
  180. Performance software
  181. Dont have voices in Navigtion in CCC
  182. CCC Problem
  183. Can't read ZBE
  184. e 60
  185. How to install Chinese font in C.C.C
  186. FRM or NFRM in CAS module
  187. Fold mirror in z4 E85 2005 (No NFRM)
  188. USB DCAN Cable issue
  189. Retrofit $602A to $609A
  190. SSS Progman questions
  191. Import FSC Codes ???
  192. Turn Signals
  194. chip tuning via INPA EDIABAS
  195. CD Changer to IPOD retrofit question...
  196. Remote Coding
  197. E91 airbag module not writing back
  198. Help - Socal Coding 2011 X5d - activate rear fog lights
  199. Auto Start/Stop not working - what to check
  200. RHD->LHD conversion occupancy mat
  201. How To Change VIN in used ECU?
  202. Fitting AFTERMARKET/OEM Xenon (REF)
  203. Missing functions in instrument cluister
  204. Battery Replcament 70AH to 90AH
  205. eight buttons of ccc not in function and idrive don't work hell
  206. Xenon retrofit - Angel Eyes full power
  207. What needs removing from the FA after E92 CIC retrofit
  208. what i do for having welcome lights i e91 2006 with parking lights
  209. Gong for belt or door open
  210. controller ccc
  211. Reverse camera with CIC
  212. coding for top down with key fob 2011 e93
  213. 2007 E63 650i , can I code the driver seat?
  214. US drl for 2008 models
  215. Fog lights + High Beams flash
  216. CIC Coding Question with CIC.C08
  217. Update DDE sofware with WinKFP - Error -> IFH-0003
  218. How to know if the mileage was manipulated?
  219. Upgrading Business Radio/cd player SW version ?
  220. Who can please tell me what FA +NSBK means
  221. Buttons on the steering wheel
  222. 6 speed swap...
  223. Light under CIC console buttons
  224. Is that possible add the chinese language on ccc?
  225. Serious! want to know how to lower the mileage
  226. Strange behavior after coding RAD2, MULF/USB & Voice Control - GURUs please help!!
  227. Torque Screen on CIC
  228. INPA Error: Error compiling script file!
  229. Initialize SZL (steering angle sensor) with INPA?
  230. Bending light with foglights?
  231. Error after NAV Business Flash
  232. SMS in professional radio (2RAD)
  233. Help !! Coding--- Flashing Brake Lights (Adaptive Brake light)----
  234. problem with lights
  235. lock unlock folding mirrors
  236. ToolSet32 and battery registration ...
  237. Different volume levels in the CIC
  238. do upgrade with progman???
  239. about ISSS server
  240. [Problem] After coding, sunroof not open completely. I modify code: "REGENSCHLIESSE"
  242. 08 e90 Hid errors fix
  243. Does anyone know what is this VIRTSG92 ?!?
  244. extend duration of e87/e9x puddle or courtesy door handle lights
  245. A bit off-topic... anyone try doing USB dumps of BMW Apps in action?
  246. M3 DCT memory option
  247. battery voltage
  248. Euro light coding for E85/86 Z4 M
  250. Problems with 6FL retrofit coding, reading rad2, tcum, and 2mulf modules