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  1. Getting Started with Coding your car
  2. Warning & Disclaimer
  3. What is Coding? Know your options! Know the rules
  4. How to update NCS properly?
  5. NCSExpert errors, what they mean and how to fix
  6. Attention on spelling
  7. Error when trying to read LMA
  8. Vehicle details using NCS Expert or INPA?
  9. Can I code the new F-series by NCS Expert?
  10. Introduction to Coding & Programming Document
  11. Error installing/loading INPALOAD.EXE
  12. COM 1 is occupied by cable driver. Nee help
  13. INPA F1 (Info) Question
  14. Software and VM
  15. Notes after my first successful coding
  16. Cable problem?
  17. Request: ISTA/P v41 DVD images
  18. Coding not holding?
  19. Cable issues, the saga continues...
  20. Can't read 3 modules - DSC FAS RLS
  21. Battery Chargers
  22. Hello/First coding successful/Questions
  23. code exists in over all 225k trace file, but not in sub modules
  24. How to update INPA?
  25. Help installing the programs
  26. Updating NCS Files from ISTA v40
  27. Diagnose Codes - 2011 E70
  28. Need help: Trouble with digital speed coding
  29. Clear driver restraint & passenger air bag code
  30. Ccc update problem
  31. Should both black dots come on without plugging in?
  32. Updating cable
  33. ECU Reset and Service Interval Counters
  34. 2011 E90 Coding Success
  35. INPA - SYS-0012 Identification Error
  36. EDIABAS and NCSExp: Same Error?
  37. BT (Bavarian Technic) cable with INPA/NCS
  38. INPA errors
  39. Further understanding of what programs/files do what...
  40. Dinan Stage III Software
  41. Please help INPA error messages NCSEXPER problem!
  42. 2005 E90, unlocking doors without disarming alarm
  43. EDIABAS/INPA and PROGMAN success on E86 (on a mac without bootcamp!)
  44. ncs error
  45. Chassis Family Codes for NCSExpert
  46. Coded a few things, some work, some doesn't
  47. backup of coding and reset to defaults
  48. Noob Questions regarding coding and modules
  49. How long does updating the software take?
  50. newbe question's :-)
  51. BMW SCANNER Dongle and other software
  52. E83 coding question???
  53. E88 Bi-Xenon Coding 1 Series - Changing VO - Help PLZ!!!
  54. Cable for E88/E82 etc 2008?? Which one??
  55. [Help] Cluster dont work after coding !
  56. NCS Expert backup
  57. Finding out what options you have on your car
  58. Help with Win 7 NCS Expert
  59. BC_DIGITAL_V_KORREKTUR - fuel gauge acting weird...
  60. Fog light error.. how to disable?
  61. Backup
  62. Coding software update
  63. "VIN is Faulty" error in NCS
  64. problem: Versions do not match
  65. CBS Reset E60
  66. Missing Module
  67. NFRM Module Problem
  68. iPad
  69. Error when reading NFRM (FRM)
  70. Looking for coding & module values
  71. Error while Coding LCI Retrofit
  72. Could'nt talk to some ECU's?
  73. How to change VO
  74. COM Port Problem through USB
  75. F-Series "Ready to Code Pack"
  76. Just got my cable! - Any Precautions when coding???
  77. is it ok to see the SMG transmission error after coding the CAS?
  78. can someone with a working cable please post their OBD.INI file contents?
  79. INPALOAD - No E89 Chassis option?? (1 series E82/E88)
  80. NCS Expert DIY Question! - Will I lose my official xenon retrofit??
  81. Replaced ABS/DSC module which needs VIN coded and Transmission in Emergency mode.
  82. First attempt fails...
  83. coding MP3 to cd player
  84. Resetting a Mini cooper s rain sensor
  85. 2008 M3 with VT1-550 Supercharger and coding question
  86. Cable problems
  87. How to check iDrive firmware version?
  88. E83 2006 Succesful coding/ and questions
  89. E83 VO translation anyone?
  90. Ediabas 7.2
  91. API.DLL Errors | Cannot Start NCS Expert
  92. NCS Expert and CarDaq Plus Pass Through J2534 Interface
  93. coding TV funtion to M-ASK business
  94. Enable Internet on CIC
  95. DVD entertainment
  96. need help setting up icom.
  97. Help. I've lost my DVD area code for my e92 m3
  98. INPA - Menu empty?
  99. PLEASE HELP!!!
  100. What type of interface?
  101. 1999 e39 tachometer recode to early (96-97?) analog and supressing CEL messages
  102. iDrive update done, can't see any difference, advice please.
  103. A Few Beginner Questions (COAPI-1000 error, AEs, Alarm Retrofit)
  104. Adding MSFW to E87
  105. e39 20 pin with K + DCAN?
  106. Damage Car with Inpa ?
  107. 08 bmw 528i e60 code list
  108. Newbee need help for coding
  109. MASK to CCC
  110. Best version error
  111. Please decode my FA.TRC
  112. Explanation of the different modules
  113. INPA error
  114. CiC + combox retrofit sellers
  115. Will NCSexpert coding wipe my remap?
  116. DiS44/Inpa working - NCS Expert, not so much
  117. Error List ?
  118. Cant seen CIC Module on E87 (NCSexpert)
  119. Hi there~about battery replacement
  120. code the trunk open
  121. Cable link for newer than 2010 BMWs
  122. Enable Shift Suggestion in 6MT
  123. Following feature is invalid for FA $8S3
  124. Help: SOS Malfunction, No bluetooth, No audio, CD or Radio at all
  125. Trouble when trying to connect
  126. Will DIS v57 work with E90 LCI ?
  127. A limited number of coding?
  128. [E8x] need to connect to FRM in 1 series with INPA,
  129. NO Sound from PDC after CCC retrofit.
  130. Bluetooth 'Cable'
  131. K+DCAN usb cable
  132. Basic INPA 5.0 install
  133. Ross-Tech HEX+CAN cable
  134. window rollup on lock possible (not comfort)
  135. when is new FSC needed ?
  136. No rpm and gear in M HUD display
  137. Coding need to be done after CIC retrofit?
  138. EasyDis installation
  139. rear fog light warning
  140. PWM values , What does it mean ??
  141. Coding a 520d E60 from 2008
  142. NCS Expert
  143. TRC and .MAN file=small
  144. E46 - only front windows roll up from a keyfob
  145. FA trace program
  146. What to do after adding FA/VO in CAS and FRM ?
  147. Wireless elm327 bluetooth obd2 dongle.
  148. ICOM or OPPS , Which one to buy .
  149. Help!
  150. Can't find CCC/CAPPL module
  151. Process messages off AIRBAG E60
  152. ASP_KOMFORT_EINKLAPP - Missing option for folding mirrors? Any ideas to get it going?
  153. Fake SSS v39? Latest and LAST SSS/Progman is v32
  154. INPA and NCS Error
  155. program to use with OSX?
  156. laptop doesnt have serial port
  157. DK head and OPS head with v57
  158. NCS expert error. COAPI-1000 issue. Help please.
  159. E87 identification error
  160. INPA 2010 E87 version & language error
  161. inpa error
  162. ICOM Ediabas Connection problems
  163. DIS vmware not connect
  164. BMW X1 (E84) coding
  165. Coding Error with NCS/INPA
  166. Duration "Process Car" and "Code Car" ?
  167. Shorter oil service interval E46?
  168. Problem with NCS expert
  169. Why isn't there a full list of every code and what it does?
  170. How to code the car to not reset other coded things?
  171. How do you know in which module line is?
  172. Quick question about NCS Expert Origin
  173. Is DCAN faster than ADS
  174. How to use ToolSet
  175. Need help Coding replaced E46 Mass air flow sensor (MAF)
  176. How to bleed brakes using INPA?
  177. Got a Dcan Cable and a INPA disc - - - What to do?
  178. Enable CD changer option
  179. [E60] iDrive/software update
  180. VAG-COM Cable? Newbie Alert
  181. E46 325xi NCS EXpert error need HELP
  182. Hi everyone! New Member here
  183. Noob in Need of Help
  184. BMW Coding IRC
  185. language voice control e92
  186. Coding new key fob
  187. R56 code complete car error.
  188. fuse's
  189. INPA error help: versions do not match.Malfunction possible!
  190. buying used car help please
  191. coding vs dianostics help understanding
  192. e46 3x blink quest.
  193. Module back up
  194. CHASSIS FAULTY error
  195. Window roll down with FOB problem
  196. software update CCC
  197. codes for e53?
  198. Just NCS expert
  199. very basic question.
  200. Inpa error code meanings
  201. Software Versions Help
  202. E70 tailgate coding help!
  203. yelow bmw multiplexer
  204. 320d e46 error code?
  205. E38 swapped transmission - different part number. What do I need to recode?
  206. Coding E83 headlights
  207. SSS File Please help
  208. Variant checking (airbag) getting error
  209. Cable
  210. US markers on E65?? :)
  211. E38 ABS / DSC Module Coding Help
  212. VIN id faulti
  213. Cannot access LMA module on my E61
  214. Is this cable ok for coding?
  215. E53 coding problems
  216. REQUEST: Zip File of WORKING INPA folder!
  217. Reading INPA error codes, how can I do this myself?
  218. Change ccc language on us spec car (ista/p won't work)
  219. How to disable Active Cruise Control
  220. [E60] Can't connect Ncs to 2004 e60 but 2003 possible
  221. Coding 2012 E83 motorized hatch?
  222. A little help..
  223. cic MAP
  224. Remote Coding - Coding from a distance
  225. HELP!Inpa to diagnose bmw 320i with ops(clone) PROBLEM!!!
  226. USB VAG-COM cable with a FT232RL chip?
  227. One Key multiple values
  228. CIC install without FSC-module/FSC-codes
  229. Help with E60 2006 M5! INPA = OK, NCS = VIN is faulty
  230. Best Software for Coding and Diagnostic Toolit??
  231. Can a car be coded with NCS after programming to the latest ISTA version
  232. Can not code FRM2 (Nfrm)
  233. What version of data for Progman should I use ?
  234. Macbook Pro / Win 7 64 bit
  235. Backing up Vehicle reset VO codes?
  236. 2008 BMW X5 e70 Need Help
  237. how to configuration ICOM?
  238. Confused about E92 FRM. It acts like FRM2 but codes like FRM (11/06 build)
  239. How to ınstall latest version INPA
  240. Help: How to Install/Setup BMW Standard Tools 32??
  241. Codify CCC into E91 with CiC
  242. 2011 E70 proper cable
  243. .ini of icom? could you help me!!
  244. Difference between inpa and ista/p
  245. coding bmw's in mexico?????
  246. How to decode the errors on E90?
  247. Merry Xmas
  248. Tiecar cable: Can read CIC but can't write to it
  249. airbag and INPA coding
  250. Intercepting the CANBUS - idrive control