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  1. 2011 E92 M3 VO
  2. 2010 E90 328xi
  3. 2011 E92 335i xdrive
  4. 2007 335i e92
  5. e90/e92 retrofitted CIC dump
  6. 2007 E90 328XI
  7. 2011 E71 X6M
  8. 2011 M3 E93
  9. 2010 E90 LCI 335i
  10. 2011 E71 4.0d
  11. 09/06 E60 M5 ( VO + few modules trc files )
  12. 0507 E60 530d FULL
  13. 2006 530d M-Sport
  14. 2009 E82 123d
  15. 2006 E90 118d
  16. E92 2008 M3 6MT
  17. E92 M3 2008 DCT
  18. E90 2007 335xi
  19. 2011 E93 328i
  20. 2011 e90
  21. [Request] LCM from 2002-03 X5 4.6is
  22. E46 M3 Build Date 05/2002
  23. Need FA/VO from E60 without Servotronic option $216
  24. Request for 2006 330i FSW PSW Trace and VO dump
  25. 2011 E82 1M
  26. E46 M3 SMG2 03/2004 from Germany
  27. 2011.75 e92 M3 with factory 6NR (BMW Apps)
  28. new FA codes
  29. E92 M3 FSW_PSW
  30. E46 M3 Cruise control module GR2 not present
  31. E46 M3 Vert SMG FSW PSW files
  32. Calling for some one with NCSexpert and an LCI E60
  33. us spec pre lci e60 with Bluetooth fsw psw
  34. Help I'am new
  35. Additional Language install
  36. E60 CIC, MULF, IKHA FSW_PSW.trc files Request
  37. E60 LCI 0307 528i + 25 ECU TRC files
  38. NCS Dummy - not trace files
  39. REQUEST: 2004 545i LMA TRACE FILE
  40. Request: US Spec E93 TRC Flies
  41. Request: E90 LCI with Bi-xenons NFRM dump
  42. [Request] 2010 E60 LMA2 TRC file
  43. [Request] Dump Mulf 2 high
  44. [Request] E90 with Rear Electrical Sunshade VO Dump
  45. [Request] E87 with rear electric windows JBE & FRM FSW Dump
  46. Request 320d e90 dsc 2006 dump
  47. [REQUEST] Kombi from a e9x with professional radio or navi
  48. [E88] Dump of A/C, ventilation module and questions
  49. [Request] CAS and CVM trc files from an E88 that has working fob roof control
  50. request for US e60 cappl with fully funtional and paired Bluetooth portable phone
  51. EPROM Dump M3 E90 Cluser
  52. [Request] NFRM trace file from a 1M Coupe
  53. FRM trace with AHL vs without AHL
  54. E90 LCI sedan 335i N54 USA L A 2008.10
  55. E82 2011 135i Coupe UK Model Full FSW_PSW.TRC File
  56. [REQUEST] E60 CCC FSW PSW FILES pre LCI 2004/2005
  57. Request e60 lci with Automatic shiftknob, instrument cluster dump
  58. [REQUEST] E70 CCC FSW PSW FILES - 2007 spdata V45-V46
  59. [Request] Dump files CCC (24C64)
  60. [REQUEST] FA/VO and Trace Dump from an E92 M3 GTS
  61. [REQUEST] CIC (CIC.C16) and Combox (CMEDIAR.C05) Trace Files
  62. [Request] E83 ALSZ trace file. THANKS!!!
  64. [ Request ] Z3 DSC MK60 FSW PSW file
  65. [REQUEST] FA/VO and Trace Dump from a F10 with big screen.
  66. Need original FSW_PSW.TRC from E90 NFRM LCI
  67. REQUEST: NFRM2, CAPPL e90 03.2007 with bixenon prelci needed
  68. [REQUEST] E60 Pre-LCI KOMBI TRC File
  69. Original values for LCM.c18 e39 needed
  70. Urgent Nettodate from KMBI_E65.C04 E65 2002
  71. Dension BTA1500 working with iDrive [e60]
  72. [REQUEST] 2005 E46 330ci Convertible
  73. [REQUEST] CIC & Combox TRC for E9x with retrofitted ConnectedDrive with Y-Cable
  74. Request - E93 CIC Retrofit FSW_PSW.TRC
  75. what's the exactly mean of "FSW PSW"
  76. KOMBI FSW_PSW.TRC from E92/93 Diesel 6 cylinder
  77. REQUEST: NFRM2, CAPPL e90 04.2007 with bixenon needed
  78. looking for e92 2010 diesel kombi high eeprom dump
  79. Request: E60 ccc hw4.4 24c64 dump
  80. [REQUEST] CIC and Combox Trace Files for E64 combox retrofit
  81. Request e53 rpa file
  82. Request NFRM AHL trc files.
  83. Request for e90 CIC, MEDIA, CAS trace files preferably US...
  84. request e93 egs and ctm trace please
  85. *Wanted* E93 LCI FSW_PSW file please
  86. Nead FA.TRC file for E70 2008
  87. Needed: TRC File for M3 Cluster retrofitted in 335
  88. VO for 545i preferably 2004 please
  89. [REQUEST] FA/VO and Trace Dump from 2013 F10 with NBT
  90. REQ E87 FRM3 xenon dump
  91. Wanted: E92 LCI Coupe FRM 3 TRACE please :-)
  92. Request: E63 2007 650i
  93. E90 M3 Cluster ECE dump
  94. E90 pre LCI Xenon FRM2 Dump
  95. *Request* E61 pre-lci CIC retrofit + LCI ihka panel fsw_psw.trc files
  96. *Request* E46 330d M57/TU 204cv Manual gearbox fa.trc file
  97. Lost my FA from a f30
  98. Request: European Spec FRM3 Trc file from E92 or E82
  99. Request for M-ask e60 st10f269 dump
  100. where to find the file CAFD_00000DED_003_005_107
  101. Request forUS Spec 2011 E90 CIC Module Dump
  102. Request for US Spec 2005 E83 X3 Sunroof Module Dump
  103. E90 2011.06 N55 335i - Canadian Spec VO Dump
  104. Request: LMA for VFL after LM1 -> LM2 upgrade (Still VFL lights)
  105. Fsw_psw.trc for ABS/DSC --E46 2003-2004
  106. CCC GW 5.104
  107. cic + combox trc for e90
  108. Request FRM2 trc US halogen needed
  109. REQUEST 2011+ E92 LCI frm3 dump
  110. REQUEST: EGS---> E89-GKE11P.C02-FSW_PSW.TRC
  111. REQUEST - E93 CIC dump
  112. Need Dinan transmssion software eeprom dump for 5hp30 transmssion
  113. [Request] E85 ALSZ trace file
  114. E60 09/2009
  115. Need E61 CAS2 TRC with smart key
  116. Us parking lights on lcm2
  117. BMW E60 Petrol (550i) Nettodaten for M-HUD RPM scaling
  118. request Kombi FSW PSW E82 1 M Coupé
  119. Request E8X / E9X with radio professional built in bluetooth + usb VO
  120. Request F30 fem body Bi-xenon cafd file uk
  121. as requested by miloka
  122. Request: Kombi EEPROM dump E82 1 M Coupé
  123. Request: FRM3 default factory dump
  124. EPS servotronic activated needed please
  125. Request: TMBT/TMFT from E6x with SA430 (folding mirrors)
  126. Request: fas & bfs module E61 pre-llci comfort seats
  127. REQUEST: CIC.C16 TRC without $6VC in VO
  128. Request: KOMBI TRC from 128/135 Manual/no High-beam Assist (preferrably 2011+ model)
  129. E61 Retrofitted LCI tail lights with original bmw cables and LM2 Dump
  130. E84 or E90 VO FSW_PSW Xenons PLEASE!!
  131. E90 Factory fitted CIC, Combox Media & Kombi trace requests
  132. Request - E46 330Ci DSC and LWS FSW_PSW.TRC files
  133. FSW_PSW for 2012+ BMW with xenons and angel eyes please!!!!
  134. request FDL file from ECU CIC, PDC and TVRSC / Car BMW F11, with rear cam
  135. JBBFE for E91
  136. FSW_PSW for BMW e87 with Hill start assistant please!!!!
  137. Request: ZKE3 FSW_PSW.TRC for E53 with Servotronik
  138. Coding SZL?
  139. [Request] E70 2008 PSW_FSW FILE.
  140. Retrofitting pdc e 60
  141. HELP pre lci to lci e60 03-07 man file
  142. Help 53 plate 530d. FSW_PSW error
  143. Request: FSW_PSW.TRC for E87 or E90 (6cyl. engine) with Start off assist.
  144. E60 530D XDrive Nettodaten for M-HUD RPM scaling
  145. E66 Software version and last update version
  146. Euro E70 FSW_PSW Trace (or at least the KOMBI trace)
  147. E92 PDC trace file
  148. E60 CCC and 8 buttons idrive
  149. Need E60 (545i) VO file
  150. Automatic Trace Backup and Setup Program
  151. BABG - default settings E93 - with Seatbelt chime
  152. E60 CID_60.C03
  153. VO Dump for a 2008 X5 (E70)
  154. Looking for a fsw psw e60 3.0d 2004
  155. LCI LMA2 Bixenon non AHL E60
  156. What tool to use for read/write cas dump e60
  157. Need RES TRC Files
  158. Request CIC MEDIA FA
  159. FSW_PSW Engine code
  160. Request Euro E84 LCI with Adaptive Headlights NFRM Nettodat.trc
  161. Need fsw psw trace and vo/fa dump for us spec e66 with res
  162. E71 X6M Cluster Dump ECE
  163. Request *.NCD Files Nbt and Nbt Evo F30
  164. Request: ZBE trace file
  165. Request: F32 FA xml file for esys.
  166. Request: Need a Euro e9x KOMBI dump.
  167. E70 / E71 SSD file
  168. Help me to create ssd file
  169. Chasing FSW PSW.trc E82 DSC module W/aktiv/nicht
  170. Request: R56 SHD Dump
  171. E83 TRC or MAN file
  172. E60 530d TRC or MAN file
  173. F30 FEM_BODY cafd file
  174. Request: FSW_PSW ALSZ for e46 with Bi-xenon (2002)
  175. E90 LCi update: The following control units have been identified the vehicle
  176. My NCSExpert does not have a FSW PSW profile
  177. Required - E60 CAS2 FSW_PSW.trc for newer key fob
  178. VO Dump Spreadsheet?
  179. I need FSW PSW for E61 LCI High IHKA
  180. Expertentool
  181. G30/G31 VO for NBT EVO
  182. Request: Need a E90 NFRM FSW_PSW.TRC file
  183. Need FSW_PSW for E60 IHKA High with preLCI solar sensor (one on central dash grill)
  184. Trc file from jbbe e9xm3
  185. Request vo dump bmw E92 06"
  186. E60 USA KOMBI TRC
  187. FSW PSW dump of CIC Mid E90