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  1. I cant PM yet but you can contact me back at ameen.barethz at gmail

    I came across a previous posting and was wondering if I could get some help with coding my NBT EVO. Originally when I bought the NBT EVO I thought it was a US unit and did not have the donor vin to look anything up so I coded with the US parameters I got from one of the fellow users on the forum. I had accidentally coded it with my car vin as well and when I had bimmercoder remotely look at it he told me it was an ECE unit and I was coding with the wrong FA parameters and I have locked my unit by trying to code it so many times with the wrong parameters even though I had my emulator plugged in everytime I coded. I am still able to and easily can code through FDL but it is just a pain. I was wondering if you can help me determine if it is truly locked and if it is what I can do to unlock it and get the correct FA for VO coding it. Thanks
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