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  1. Sirius Radio Coding for F01 2009
  2. Retrofit coding for rear PDC for 2012 R56 Cooper S, what to code? thanks!
  3. If i wanted to get sirius sat radio module for lci e92
  4. CIC not reading dvd
  5. [E60] Retrofitting M5 fully electric sports seats to 535d
  6. E93 : Retrofit Comfort Access
  7. E82 High Beam Assist
  8. Coding $601 on bmw E87 ...It's possible?
  9. Alarm is not working as it must be
  10. Mulf 2 high retrofit? installed but what now?
  11. Is programming required for Cruise Control Retro fit on 2004 BMW X3?
  12. Fxx paddles retrofit
  13. E6x - after upgrade CIC concert and theater for Logic 7 missing
  14. E85 VO edit for MFL $249 issues.
  16. Reverse Camera E90
  17. Bmw e60 lci acc stop and go retrofit
  18. [E60] Rear heated seat relay
  19. Retrofit "servotronic" no active steering
  20. [E60] Electronic steering column retrofit
  21. bmw e60 lci comfort access retrofit
  22. bmw night vision retrofit
  23. X5M (E70) / X6 (E71) BMW Adaptive LED
  24. DVD Changer Retrofit
  26. Coding a brand new cluster.
  27. Mirror memory retrofit
  28. E60 : Business Navigation to Professional Navigation retrofit and Voice
  29. [E60] Steering Angle Sensor and the actual position of the steering
  30. [E60] Retrofit LED bulbs for incandescent
  31. CCC voice input and programmable buttons coding need help
  32. e8*/e9* BMW Performance Brakes retrofit coding
  33. BMW F10 retrofit reverse camera
  34. [E38] Navi/VM coding issues with SSS
  35. [Global] Dension Gateway 500S BT ( Trial and error )
  36. BMW E71 TOP HIFI problem ,~~~~~~
  37. Anyone Isolated the Towing Enable Logic?
  38. E90 ccc fit a e60?
  39. [E90] Retrofit Bluetooth ... How to ?
  40. Understanding FSC / IBAC Codes vs NCSExpert Coding
  41. E60 LM2 retrofit problem
  42. Dvb t retrofit to oe cic
  43. BMW Coding for DAB Voice Control, BMW Online
  44. DVB-T and DVD changer retrofit - part number needed
  45. E71 - CCC Retrofit - PDC Issue
  46. Is it possible to upgrade from CCC to CIC into 2005 e90
  47. e90 bluetooth upgrade
  48. E93 : Cruise control with braking function
  49. CCC Navigation - after software update I need activation code - how to skip it?
  50. Retrofit auto lights/wipers
  51. CCC to CCC v2
  52. CAN Bus Problems after Lane Departure Warning (TLC) retrofit
  53. [E46] Question About VO and Retrofitted Parts
  54. could use some help
  55. What Switches needed for Trailer Interface on F07?
  56. M3 Cluster Retrofit, How?
  57. TCU coding help... what i must add or delete from VO ?
  58. activation bluetooth (combox)
  59. Coding E87 M1 xenon in E87 with normal xenon
  60. Coding Mk4 Nav for Time of arrival
  61. Is it possible to fit E70 cd changer on to E60?
  62. E87 xenon retrofit with height levellers
  63. F10 Active Sound Design Retrofit
  64. retrofit performance seat
  65. Retrofit Professional HU with BT/USB (prod 04/2012) into e81 116i from 12/2008
  66. Retrofit Tempomat in E-91
  67. e60 lights
  68. E39 High obc coding problem with lcm
  69. How to change voice control language ?
  70. CCC to CIC?
  71. Retrofitting PDC in E60 with OEM BMW parts - Need help with programming/coding
  72. F31 09/12 with SA6NH have combox installed ?
  73. can anyone help import fsc's in cic?
  74. E60LCI Retrofit thermal night vision camera & Coding
  75. F10 Coding/Retrofit from SA676 to SA677 – no tone output
  76. E90 Professional Cd (2rad) Retrofit Problems
  77. What do I need to do a CIC TO CCC retrofit
  78. [E60] Round Vision/door-mirror camera retrofit
  79. Swap Sirius Tuners? (Seperate unit to the internal CIC unit)
  80. Can I change the VIN in CAS?
  81. Sirius Retrofit Coded, but Tuner won´t complete MOST loop- bad unit?
  82. Combox Blue Port (6NR) issues (IPhone connects/disconnects continuously)
  83. [E60] pre-LCI to LCI Radio Retrofit ( MASK to MASK2 CHAMP )
  84. [E70] KaFAS (Speed Limit Cam) retrofit anyone?
  85. BMW modules replacement with used ones
  86. About CIC FSC code
  87. Climate control retrofit -not working properly, coding needed?
  88. Urgent help
  89. Coding help!!!
  90. Bluetooth Retrofit in E60 (2004)
  91. E60 LCI headlight retrofit problem
  92. Retrofitted cic into 2004 E60
  93. Help! Need the explanation of SAT for F18 523LI, Thanks!
  94. Heated seat buttons controlling opposite seat?
  95. Help for connect drive
  96. General Module (GM3) coding.
  97. what am i missing?
  98. 99 740il insturment cluster retrofit
  99. How to code a brand new CCC computer?
  100. Map problems after update to 2013 - missing map data
  101. 2012 professional HU
  102. Pinouts F01 LCI Adaptive LED headlight
  103. Dension 500S BT mutes (incoming/outgoing) calls after coding
  104. Enabling MP3 & retrofitting iPod interface to a 06/2005 M5 confusion
  105. Updating with retrofited modules
  106. BMW E60 retrofit comfort seats. Help!
  107. Still facing issues after retrofitting of CCC to CIC (E93)
  108. retrofit coding for e92 M3 for MDM retrofit
  109. What to think about when buying used parts to retrofit?
  110. BMW radio trivia question
  111. what are this codes?
  112. Problems after retrofit e60 LCI LM2....
  113. [E87] ipod kit BMW e87 MASK navi business
  114. E90 LCI Air con controls into pre LCI
  115. Mini R56 climate control
  116. CCC Replacement - No Bass or Voice Commands
  117. Default location without Nav (GPS)
  118. How to activate TV-Button ??
  119. FA/VO codding for Combox media retrofit e90LCI
  120. New @ this..
  121. retrofit LED ceiling lights.
  122. Dealer programming after CIC retrfit follow up
  123. Full coding backup for my X5 2013
  124. Mask to mask champ what to add or remove from vo?
  125. Can read Mulf2_HI,but can't VO code it
  126. CCC Firmware Version Software
  127. change ULF to MULF2 high SVS in E60
  128. 6WA retrofit KOMBI BMW F10
  129. LM2 - PWM the higer the wert the brigter the light?
  130. Changing VIN KOMBI - 080D0WQ / M35080
  131. [E39] Retrofitted PDC and Servotronic, how to code?
  132. Update service everytime to get Internet
  133. BMW NBT interface
  134. Sirius Retrofit
  135. steering reverse camera retrofit?
  136. Need Some Guidance and Help with X3 Video F25 and Iphone 5
  137. KMOBI retrofit -- Change cruise control display from mls to km
  138. E60 M5 DAB Retrofit
  139. Cic sat nav to non sat nav BMW e90 lci
  140. need help fitted ccc in a lci car 08 coded to car but lci controller not working
  141. coding used ccc to my car
  143. X5 Bluetooth Mic Stays Muted after Combox Retrofit
  144. went from se seats to sport seats in my E93 what SA code do i need to add to VO
  145. Need help to add FSC code to Night Vision Module
  146. BMW E90 06 Sept made halogen to LCI Xenon conversion Problems
  147. Need urgent help FRM2 Retrofit Issues
  148. Added 6fl but I have problems
  149. Progman doesn't give the battery retrofit option for 100AH battery....what do put in?
  150. Coding a retrofit LCI MASK 2 into a non LCI E61
  151. getting error after adding $609 CCC retrofit
  152. ISTA/P coding DDE7 from auto to manual conversion
  153. Auto logic code AUX IN on a e60
  154. Coding F20 blackline tails (LED) on a non-Xenon car.
  155. Help with retrofit new style amplifier
  156. BMW F20 (1 series 2012) OEM alarm system retrofit
  157. Bluetooth activating with NCS EXPERT (iDrive, CCC, MULf2HIGH) -> 2RAD not listed?
  158. E93 - Succesfull retrofit of Soft Close Option (SA323)
  159. Used SZL coding...
  160. [E91] CD Changer retrofit coding
  161. [E60] Speed limit info (KAFAS) retrofit
  162. Help with Dension Gateway 500S BT - no phone menu in CIC (2010 e91)
  163. Testing CCC module before buying on vehicle with 606A option
  164. does trsvc70.prg can work with F10 CAM?
  165. Need help with LCI pro nav fitted in pre Lci E60
  166. Night Vision on retrofitrd CIC.
  167. RLS rain sensor retrofix into e46
  168. E90/E91: Pre-LCI Adaptive head light > LCI Bi-Xenon lights
  169. Ista/p Retrofit help
  170. Logic 7 Retrofit from standard audio
  171. Need help with E60 LCI instrument cluster (Kombi) in Pre LCI car
  172. Changing Most-Ring config with Tool32
  173. F25 Combox and standard screen (6")
  174. retro 2008 e60 m5 cluster to 2008 e60 535i
  175. F10 battery retrofit
  176. Rear view Camera retrofiting/coding on F10
  177. E60 Bluetooth after update dropping connection
  178. E82 1M retrofit coding
  179. e93 mulf2 to tcu
  180. E60 Voice Control
  181. Activating Music Snap-In adapter
  182. E91 Heated Seat Retro Fit
  183. E9x - Retrofit of SAT gear lever on standard gearbox
  184. Problem whith Usb in my CiC retrofited e87
  185. 320D Codind Advice Required. D3 / 123D ECU Flash
  186. How to save MOST configuration?
  187. E91 Retrofit IHKA with seat heating instead of IHK
  188. Logic 7 retrofit E82
  189. Saving FSC code in ISTA/P
  190. Just Successfully Completed Power Lift Tailgate Retrofit for 2007 BMW X5
  191. Has anybody retrofitted Climate control instead of Manual AC? or CIC with manual AC?
  192. Logic7 Retrofit: Amp not detected?
  193. manually input of Lat and Long data into non NAV CIC
  194. [E60] Retrofit inside button for tailgate
  195. [E60] Eyebrows flickering after retrofit LCI halogen headlights
  196. [E60] Retrofit Servotronic
  197. E91 build 0605, FRM FA_Write error COAPI-2060
  198. E91 build 0605, Lost all PDC graphics after CIC retrofit
  199. Coding help required
  200. retrofit servotronic e39
  201. E60 antenna arrangement
  203. E70 2012 rear entertainment system coding
  204. Pin outs for combox X5E70 2010
  205. [R56] Retrofit mfsw and cc on mini
  206. X5 LCI , retrofit CIC Navigation System
  207. [E90] 2005 320d MULF2 problem
  208. Coding DSC & Steering Collum E81
  209. CCC differences
  210. Retrofit mishap
  211. Default Radio Volume (Reset level?)
  212. Lost car picture for PDC in CIC, blank screen
  213. E60 Rear sunshade
  214. TV not working after CIC retrofit ?
  215. Testing CIC/CID
  216. iPod retrofit not working
  217. F30 CIC retrofit without changing Kombi
  218. F30 CIC to NBT anyone done this yet?
  219. Can the DME's in an E65 E66 be returned back to "virgin" state?
  220. CIC update with codecard?
  221. M5 speedo in non m5 how to code error off
  222. E87 weird codding issue with HiFi
  223. Cruise Control ACC to normal CC...possible?
  224. Changin Vin in KLIMA and reset microfilter settings
  225. E39 low to high OBC cluster retrofit - can I just swap M35080s
  226. E60LCI - PDC retrofit - problems
  227. 6wa EEPROM Location
  228. retrofit usb kit replacing cd changerin e90(2007). is it posible?
  229. TCU retrofit. can't code it to my VIN
  230. Coding rear led tail lights - E46 M3
  231. [E60] LM1 with LCI Taillights
  232. [E8x] Coding module without a JBE
  233. Error coder after updating LM1 with LM2 light module
  234. BMW E70 DVD CHANGER Retrofit - almost done, please help!!!
  235. [F30] Surround view module for rear camera only?
  236. CCC Retrofit: Problems and Questions
  237. Will Sirius retrofit (CIC w/ FSC) impact future coding with NCSExpert?
  238. Used LCM II -> change vin and mileage
  239. e63 BMW m6 heated steering wheel retrofit help
  240. ecu address
  241. does pro head unit need coding
  242. Rearview Cam Retrofit on 2008 E70
  243. 6wb cluster in 2008 F01
  244. Automatic Cruise Control (aka ACC) and LDM with 2007 e92 car
  245. Retrofit folding mirrors BMW E60
  246. ACC2 (Stop & Go) on LCI E63
  247. Bluetooth Headunit Coding
  248. [E87] retrofit LED LCI tail lights on PRE-LCI
  249. Will e70 cic work with e60?
  250. Professional HU with BT & USB Retrofit