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  1. cic what max. version of module is needed to enable apps without fsc
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  13. Connected Drive News App
  14. CIC Swap Question
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  16. Problem e70 CIC d link e100 CIC
  17. Retrofit CIC
  18. AC issue with CIC upgrade
  19. Combox telematic F02 with RSE retrofit coding help
  20. Aftercoding no more dvd playing...
  21. Combox retrofit
  22. How do I Code out hourly beep from Cic retrofit
  23. Mini Countryman Navigation Retrofit Problem
  24. hsd usb Pinout
  25. For a 525d e60 02.2005 Professional Navigation- Can I switch from CCC to CIC.?
  26. Sos failure retrofitted combox....
  27. Help, combox retrofit w/ Live was working before, now BT data transfer suddenly fails
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  29. Cic Update failed need help to fix
  30. BMW Apps 6NR for factory CIC
  31. Combox retrofit on an F07
  32. CIC flashing to get APPS, Internet and BMW Live working?
  33. E70 CCC->CIC, with TV and rear view camera, almost done
  34. Combo Box upgrade query for f01
  35. 2015 Bimmer coding possible?
  36. Pin size on tcu mulf connectors?
  37. Combox retrofit- extension cable
  38. Dead Combox?
  39. sirius satellite radio updating list audio not available
  40. Connection to car when engine is running
  41. Navigation function disappeared after coding CIC - Help!
  42. CIC - Complete set of Repair FSC injection E92
  43. Winkfp flash amp through most
  44. CIC Mid Business 16GB repairing flash help
  45. HDC Option
  46. Combox & internet
  47. How to make DAB working on CIC after retrofit?
  48. Need help updated Cic stuck in bootloader mode
  49. BMW stopping internet service?
  50. CIC shutdown timer and sleep settings
  51. Any Canadian cars with Internet/Live/Online working over Bluetooth?
  52. cic coding problem e70
  54. Winkfp: flash bluetooth module in which mode
  55. Latest SP DATEN Files - E89
  56. Hello everyone Newbie here CIC Retrofit Done but need help with Aux for E60
  57. Mini cooper Cic and champ2 retrofit and activation
  58. e60 VO 3AG cannot be added
  59. E60 retrofit, navigation fsc dosent work
  60. combox f10 coding
  61. how to import new sw Id (fsc) into cic
  62. flashing CIC on the bench
  63. CIC mid aka Nav Business on desk
  64. flashing cic winkft error 211
  65. BMW 335D Tourer - CIC Firmware update
  66. CIC mid 8GB unbrick help!
  67. Downgrade CIC, WinKFP Error 106 with MOST_ASYNC_ab625
  68. BMW E91 LCI Business to Professional CIC
  69. In BMW Live only weather:9
  70. E61 'SOS error' after retrofit combox MEDIA to TELEMATICS
  71. CIC retrofit NCS coding error (NCS generally working ok though)
  72. Combox telematic ??
  73. CIC Bad Coding resulted in CID error
  74. Newbie here, ccc to cic with telematics combox retrofit
  75. Combox telematics e90 retrofit
  76. cic coding using AVDI ABRITES
  77. issue with cic controller retrofitted in an e 90 with ccc
  78. CIC FTP language files
  79. SOS issues
  80. CIC and Combox retrofit coding issue
  81. CIC retrofit
  82. E series cic keeps rebooting every 3-5 seconds
  83. cic retrofit BMW E60 - USB PROBLEM
  84. How to register VIN from zb# not recognized by winkfp
  85. CIC Pro / High upgrade from Business - STRANGE BMW Online issue
  86. Retrofit Combox in F10 without MULF or TCU
  87. method CIC virgin in Fxx
  88. Combox TRC file explanation
  89. No Bluetooth connection on Retrofit Combox
  90. DEAD battery on CCC winkfp update
  91. Combox Retrofit E91 Questions
  92. Coding F10 Combox Media, USB
  93. Combox retrofit how software need CIC
  94. F25 CIC professional retrofi - CID not working
  95. CCC->CIC Retrofit e90 2005 No Radio(FM/AM Stations)
  96. bmw e90 cic fsc problem
  97. coding cic+combox help
  98. CIC update never make a-z search
  99. Connecteddrive menu gone?
  100. Google Local Search
  101. Software update for CIC
  102. Need Help with E93 CCC to CIC Retrofit AUX No longer working
  104. BT with Andoird (Samsung) no working
  105. E series CIC PDC view
  106. E60 CIC/Combox retrofit coding help.
  107. 2009 F02, there are VSW modules
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  109. F11 2011 cic activation
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  112. E60 CODING
  114. e60 2006 ccc retofit need help pls
  115. Flash amp through winkfp on what bus? (E9X, E6X)
  116. Flashing f30 cic
  117. E84 retrofit dashboard
  118. CIC, Combox retrofit - Plugin issue (greyed out) (E61)
  119. Combox retrofit issues
  120. Coding BMW via Terminal
  121. U.K. Cic man file needed for reference
  122. E90 CIC Activation and maps load
  123. Bluetooth not showing
  124. Airbag Warning after retrofit
  125. Can filter wiring
  126. Combox Retrofit Cannot Read Combox
  127. CIC retrofitted, but Navigation does not work
  128. Battery Registration on F25 2012
  129. INPA initialization error - IFH0018
  130. DATEN question and CIC mismatch for COMBOX retrofit
  131. Combox retrofit in my E60 and lost rear camera
  132. E90 Did I physically install combox correctly? - Not showing in INPA
  133. E90 Combox retrofit - Lost Sirius tuner retrofit - 65 12 9 192 274
  134. E90 with retroffited CIC do not read DVD and have probs with PDC
  135. CCC>CIC Retrofit Almost Done E92
  136. How to load FSCs into E60 with D-Can Cable
  137. Combox Retrofit E91 partially done, problems with connection sporadically.
  138. CIC Region Code Counter Reset
  139. Add language to retrofitted CIC
  140. SWT patcher and FS Tools CIC navigation
  141. Combox - can't get internet / bluetooth tether to work
  142. need your help
  143. update CIC firmware / software via ethernet
  144. CIC programming abort
  145. Telematic combox struggle E series
  146. CIC retrofit on F34 GT 2013
  147. E9X CIC faceplate ribbon cable pinout
  148. Retrofitting Logic 7 Amp
  149. CIC E90 to E60 Faceplate don't work correctly
  150. Problem bmw online and internet letters do not appear
  151. Properly Coding a "pre-coded" CIC to E61
  152. Trying to Factory VO to my CIC Media and getting errors?
  153. Combox analog audio input - wiring vs coding
  154. Using CIC Patcher V2 and FSTOOL
  155. FSTool - script activated CiC
  156. Strange Sirius XM Issue after CIC Retrofit
  157. Should I flash CIC from C08 to C16 or latest version?
  158. K-CAN coonectons required for BMW M-Laptimer apps?
  159. M-Laptimer with Retrofit CIC+Combox Media
  160. Beginer combox retrofit on BMW E70 X5 2007
  161. Mirror mobile phone to CIC_MID with cheap HDMI to LVDS adapter
  162. BMW F25 CIC mid +combox microphone not working
  163. E60 MASK to CIC Retrofit PLEASE HELP!!!
  164. Bmw f25 cic mid + combox mic problem
  165. CIC without emulator
  166. CIC from E70 to E90?
  167. e89 factory CIC changing map region
  168. FSC code for combox retrofit CIC software c08
  169. CIC Firmware Upgrade Service?
  170. BMW Online Bad request error
  171. CIC Special Service Utility and Fstool2
  172. Cic crashes when using ‘BMW connected’ app
  173. Pre-LCI E60: idrive from CIC use with CCC
  174. Combox coding
  175. Correct way to determine CIC software version?
  176. CIC random option doesn't remember previous state?
  177. CIC/Combox tele retrofit
  178. Cic software update to C1A
  179. CIC Voice Control not working
  180. Retrofit Combox Telematik but code and use it as Combox Media
  181. Issue with retrofit CIC and the options
  182. Combox Retrofit issues, BMW Apps will work with an iPhone but not an Android phone.
  183. CIC Coding
  184. CIc retrofit
  185. Replace/Upgrade Combox
  186. Looking For Correct F01 Combox Retrofit Coding
  187. BMW CIC MID Testing on Bench ??
  188. CiC Retro... What port is this on the CiC?
  189. E60 Combox Retrofit SOS Error
  190. BMW - Activate nav on retrofited CIC-MID
  191. CCC -> CIC Retro fit problem
  192. Combox Retrofit E61, with Night vision and climate seats.
  193. winkfp crash while flash cic
  194. FSTOOL problems
  195. DVD Road Map Europe West Premium 2019-2
  196. No Sound from Logic 7 After CIC Install - E60 M5
  197. Replaced CIC
  198. Combox Retrofit Coding Problem
  199. CIC from E60 installed to E89
  200. Ncs expert - E60 coding $6NR
  201. Flash e-series CIC to v41 software, BMW Apps without FSC, by ap90500
  202. Can I read the current vin stored in my donor combox?
  203. Error when trying to update CIC.
  204. CIC navi coding?
  205. E89 CIC & MULF retrofit - Can't activate Bluetooth, please help.
  206. Looking for CIC retrofit remote coder
  207. E61 Snap in retrofit for iPhone video Out on CIC
  208. Cic mostgw
  209. Combox media flashing
  210. E61 CIC Retrofit Complete - General advice needed to refine setup.
  211. E60 CIC Reverse Camera Interface LVDS
  212. Remote coding needed for radio/navigation
  213. Activating Connected Drive services
  214. Connected app failing to connect ?
  215. E60 CIC Retrofit No sound
  216. E87 CCC to CIC coding - boot loop red screen
  217. CIC Maps update
  218. I am trying to retrofit an 8.8" display instead of an original 6.5". I have BMW X1 (E
  219. Second hand e91 - maps upgrade problem
  220. add cic language