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  1. Reverse Cam Problem on X1 E84
  2. How to code your VIN to combox
  3. .AVI file in CIC
  4. E87 CIC & Top HiFi Retrofit - No Sound
  5. Help for activate bmw online and internet (retrofit combox telematics bmw e92 08")
  6. CIC update with WinKFP, need guide! :)
  7. TCU /MULF change to Combox Telematik
  8. CIC - conference call
  9. Hidden service menu
  10. Where go usb cable from MULF2HIGH ???
  11. BMW E87 CIC retrofit black screen when using CIC retrofit adapter..
  12. CIC 40gb Map update
  13. Address book not shows pictures
  14. inactive climate control menu after CIC retrofit
  15. No GPS available
  16. Combox update
  17. Cancel map update with tool32
  18. Possible to Flash only the Gateway on e60
  19. NBT Controller with CIC
  20. Upgrade to Professional
  21. CIC with Logic 7 = no sound (MOST wires connected) HELP
  22. CIC Retrofit - USB Not Working
  23. Get 1B file from Exx CIC WITHOUT ICOM
  24. No Connected Drive menu after combox retrofit
  25. Microphone PIN on Combox Media BN2000
  26. Help with accessing cic ftp server. Telnet via ethernet
  27. battery backup while coding the car?
  28. Missing options in CIC [f25] retrofit
  29. Changing from german to english language on voice commands on CIC with ncsexpert?
  30. CIC + Combox retrofot - No more Satellite
  31. Combox Bluetooth Activation
  32. Error updating CIC
  33. Europe map update on US CIC?
  34. CIC DVD Region free coding
  35. can you put cic hard drive from F to E series?
  36. 6NR question
  37. Coding a Brand New Combox Media
  38. retrofit ccc/mulf1 to CIC/combox telematic problemes
  39. Combox retro fit. Help needed pleasereee!!
  40. Allow TV in Motion E9x CIC
  41. How to determine VIN stored in CIC
  42. Cic e61 harddisk defaut?
  43. Help with coding Combox to 2008 E92 with CIC already retrofitted and Working fine!!
  44. K+DCAN USB Interface
  45. Snap In needed for 6NF and Combox?
  46. CIC update with SP-Daten v41
  47. upgrade e90 2005 navi ccc mask to cic business without emulator possible?
  48. CCC to CIC retrofit not working
  49. Mini Cooper Champ2 Flashing
  50. [HELP] Voice Control disable in Hong Kong area coded CIC
  51. CIC internet home page
  52. How is it possible, wtf???
  53. internet in motion
  54. CIC Retrofit ncsexpert error
  55. Problem of Navigation setting in CIC !!! Is it called default coded?
  56. Cic Navigation
  57. CIC retrofitted with emulator and 9C "active" but no APPS?!
  58. Cic Vin
  59. E60-CIC Flashing using ICOM. Use OBD port or Most or either?
  60. Can anyone make an Combox (Connecteddrive, .SSD file) Coding DIy with pictures?
  61. Retrofitted Combox Media in E92, but Telephone still doesnt appear on CIC
  62. How to check the current daten file version in NSCexpert?
  63. F10, Business to Professional iDrive, Backup Camera no longer works
  64. Help! Trying to pull my 1B file with no luck
  65. Exx CIC VIN change and FSC import
  66. E9x & E8x CICs the same?
  67. Understanding SP-DATEN
  68. combox retrofit ssd file help
  69. Get a big trouble when program E70 CIC
  70. AUX IN with Combox (6FL) and old AUX-IN with TCU .
  71. ConnectedDrive, Retrofitted CIC
  72. Combox missing
  73. MULF1 with retrofit CIC
  74. Combox Media in a car with TCU Assist?
  75. Iphone 4 PlugIn with Apps
  76. Looking for Manuel coding cic e60
  77. bluetooth constantly dropping
  78. CIC, Controller, Screen & Combox - same power source?
  79. High Def radio and Bluetooth tethering with CIC and combox retrofit
  80. Is BMW blocking fake VINS CIC / Combox?
  81. iOS 8.2 CIC bluetooth tethering problem..
  82. Car go into sleep mood 60 mins later
  83. USB-ports not working on Combox
  84. Factory CIC, no map update FSC codes are working?
  85. Request for TRC file - CIC.C16 without $6VC in VO
  87. CIC/Combox Retrofit - Internet/BMW Online not working
  88. Any good GPS antenna for CIC/NBT?
  89. Aux/usb vs CIC or Combox?
  90. Is it E90 series climate setting or E60?
  91. CIC/Combox error No connection to internet possible at present e70, iphone 5, ios 8.2
  92. Voice control
  93. Problem using iPhone-4S-Media-snap-in CIC Combox Telematic
  94. retrofit CIC COMBOX E61 : problems
  95. CIC retrofit coding issues for BMW online and Internet
  96. Combox retrofit errors
  97. F series combox in e87
  98. Some problem after CIC retrofit and Combox upgrade. Please help
  99. What SA to Code for HandsfreeBT with Combox BN2000 and CIC
  100. need help with F30 cic controller with bench setup
  101. Changing ConnectedDrive Internet Homepage?
  102. HELP how to Retrofit combox from mulf 2 high basis svs
  103. Help ho to Change cic vin
  104. CIC Firmware update
  105. Is it normal to see a bunch of CIC can errors in ISTA when using an emulator?
  106. Dension 500S BT on CIC HELP! (E60)
  107. 2011 Combox Retrofit on e70.. Replacing TCU and MULF
  108. A8F9 CBX-MEDIA: Software reset - It's driving me nuts
  109. Retrofit / Radio Business to CIC without Ring Most
  110. Replace warning screen
  111. Possible to ftp to cic with icom and which cable
  112. Map update method/procedure for CIC without CAN-adapter/script activated CIC
  113. Combox retrofit coding clarification
  114. CIC hdd error
  115. Journey computer not working after CIC retrofit E82
  116. Upgrade compatibility CIC hardware MY2009 to MY2011
  117. Change or Remove CIC Lifetime FSC code?
  118. Calling all ISTA/P experts - CIC programming even possible?
  119. Need help... CIC upgrade, bluetooth not working, no combox
  120. Cic Special Service utility - code rejected
  121. E91 retrofit CIC lost in information
  122. CIC, Recover bricked GW
  123. how to format CIC's HDD ?
  124. downgrade CIC .C16
  125. E91 CIC Not possible programming.
  126. E84 Combox/Bluetooth audio
  127. CIC map FSC lifetime code and script activation
  128. Flash ccc/cic unit without car
  129. MULF2 2012 E70 CIC
  130. Retrofi 6FL and 6NR to E90 that already has combox
  131. SA620 voice control
  132. CIC MID map upgrade failed
  133. Newly added Combox issue
  134. ISTA-P and retrofitted CIC
  135. help after update no navi function
  136. insert from old cic into new cic generalPersistencyData_DiagnosticSWTController
  137. Importing an FSC code/certificate using FSTOOL
  138. Retrofit CICprof. and Combox on e90 without Most Line
  139. F10 CIC Upgrade, lost Voice Control S620A
  140. CIC retrofit coding need help!
  141. Retrofit combox, flash CIC?
  142. F10 04/2010 CIC upgrade???
  143. retrofited CIC - code fsc with the reader 1B, 9C and other.....
  144. Combox installed in E60 success! However have 3 problems to solve!!
  145. downgrade CIC to v41 with NFS
  146. BMW Online works but not bmw live
  147. Broken retrofitted CIC. Possible to migrate FSCs to replacement with fstool?
  148. Another CIC dead after flash interruption
  149. e9x cic retrofit ethernet
  150. Cic Business To Professional (help)
  151. CIC Exx and Fxx change language in CZ?
  152. BMW E64 645Ci 2004 (54) CIC retrofit 'climate' issue, help needed
  153. combox coding
  154. How to check the CIC/ combox's version?
  155. problem with active online data service
  156. Bluetooth question
  157. CIC Business To Professional Upgrade - E84 X1
  158. How to complete change your CIC Vin (for retrofit CIC or restore your broken CIC)
  159. Combox telematics (2014 bmw) with CIC (e92)
  160. Need help with combox retrofit
  161. Retrofit CIC High to my F10 - Lose rearview camera?
  162. CIC question - how to code
  163. E60 CIC Retrofit HELP
  164. E60 CIC Retrofit Menu Item Problems
  165. Perfect activated CIC? Or emulator based?
  166. How To Buy And retrofit CC =>CIC + Combox on E90 P1 2008
  167. E70 CIC Retrofit Coding failed - No sound & No Words!!
  168. E91 CIC-MID Combox Retrofit Problems
  169. E91 - CIC retrofit - no aircon settings?
  170. idrive knob stopped working after battery died. Please help.
  171. Please HELP! E90 ccc-->E93CIC Navigation menu grayed out
  172. Help discovering VIN for maps update CIC
  173. Ethernet not working on retrofitted CIC, E91
  174. Combox was working - now won't respond
  175. HDD swap MAP UPDATE
  176. Retrofitted, script activated,and with rejected 1B fsc CIC map update... how?
  177. [E61] retrofit combox COAPI error
  178. E60 CIC retrofit TV+Nightvision Coding
  179. help for script activation f25
  180. level DVD AUDIO
  181. CIC firmware update successful but still at CIC.C08 (SP-Daten 53.3)
  182. CIC retrofit with TCUM (no MULF) BT issue
  183. Converting ECE CIC to US spec
  184. Can't read CIC BMW F02 - Missing CAFD_000000F9_007_006_009
  185. F1x pre-lci from cic-business to prof
  186. Can't code CIC anymore
  187. ConnectedDrive ci63 forom asia to ece possible?
  188. F10 CIC retrofit in UK car but now in German
  189. Retrofit central armrest USB - COMBOX and BUSINESS CIC
  190. E61 doesn't update map
  191. Please Help, CIC hasn't Sound on Tuner?!?
  192. Has anyone tried to use BN2000 combox software on BN2010?
  193. Question about getting a combox
  194. Combox and bluetooth needed guide e90
  195. Changing CIC music fast forward and rewind speed
  196. CIC FSC with BMW Live enabled
  197. ccc to cic retrofit emulator issue
  198. Can I use ZGW-01 MID to start F10 CIC?
  199. cic: 2015 map update failed now broken cic
  200. retorfit combox f25
  201. Basic CIC Retrofit questions
  202. cic retorfit script in f25 problems?
  203. [guide] X1 E84 Internet activation from iPhone tethering on CIC
  204. CIC Restart procedure
  205. CIC Retrofit CID/Screen problem
  206. Difference between F01/F10 and F30 CIC units?
  207. (e61) retrofit combox 'office' issue
  208. CIC with basic cluster F10 Directions?
  209. Tool32 cicr.prg no responding ecu
  210. map premium
  211. More options to add in VO after CIC retrofit
  212. CIC retrofit on E90 +old TCU throws an airbag light on
  213. F10/F11 change vin of cic tool32
  214. VIN for CIC Internet over BT
  215. E60 CIC Retrofit - FAIL!
  216. GPS status No Gps available
  217. Bmw x6 e71 pdc and camera emulator....
  218. CIC Internet over Bluetooth
  219. FsTool with Icom
  220. E90 CIC reboots after map update
  221. Got enable code problem after try to recover brick MINI CHAMP 2012 (cic)
  222. CANNOT get BT Data / Internet working on E70 CIC / retrofitted combox
  223. cic: intenet while driving
  224. CIC Pinout
  225. Combox Retrofit with Assist?
  227. DEAD CIC
  228. F20 - Retrofit CIC
  229. Retrofitted cic in e90 but no screen?
  230. CIC not mute after switching off the ignition
  231. CIC and climate control
  232. F10 Retro fit screen and head unit.
  233. Aux/Bluetooth/Usb Not working!!
  234. e60 combox retrofit issue
  235. cic how to completely remove fsc
  236. Opinion: selling 2007 E92 with or without retrofits (car under warranty)
  237. update car with cic emulator
  238. E90 BMW apps FSC
  239. CIC reboot loop
  240. CIC retrofited , Parrot bluetooth doesn't work any more
  241. 6NR retrofit
  242. Update 2016-1 problem on F10
  243. Combox Retrofit Issue
  244. Combox question??
  245. CIC not turning off after removing key fob
  246. CIC bench playing
  247. problem while flashing E90 CIC to E60 zusb
  248. update script activated CIC
  249. iPhone iPod Touch TV-out with 6nf (Netfix, etc)
  250. Bn2010 combox Bluetooth not disconnecting