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  1. having trouble finding a CCC to CIC idrive retrofit thread..does one exist?
  2. What is the sockets function of NBT
  3. Combox Update 1006 for iOS 6
  4. i got a strange CIC, who know it?
  5. CIC
  6. Changing the menu language i-drive BMW e66 non-traditional
  7. CIC advanced flashing ( upgrade and Downgrade )
  9. Cic level
  10. E61 CIC Retrofit no GPS signal
  11. Retrofit CIC Touch Controller in E Series.
  12. Low sound Bass after CIC retrofit
  13. CIC retrofited USB port
  14. FSC for new CIC
  15. CIC Bricken while Flashing the CI62F1 with Winkfp
  16. e84 PDC (507) rear problem after upgrade to V41 and retrofit 6FL+6NF+6NR
  17. Satellite View on CIC coding HOW TO?
  18. new idrive controler - will it work with CIC?
  19. Change CD-ROM Naviagtion professional BMW E91 and Change nr VIN MOSTGW Mask/CCC HELP
  20. CIC retrofit BMW E60
  21. Will CIC work without MOST bus?
  22. Help retrofitting snapin 6nf
  23. Delete code FSC
  24. UK Cic retroffited on EU car -> Radio not picking any station
  25. Audio cracking and breaking after combox retrofit.
  26. Activation module NAV+VOICE+RFK emulation
  27. COMBOX Telematik Retrofit. ECALL problem
  28. CIC retrofitted into e90 with CCC and logic 7 now has no sound and SOS malfunction.
  29. CIC retrofitted with CAN Filter, for new maps is an FSC code still required?
  31. Retrofitted CIC has no vin, no fsc code? No new maps?:(
  32. Gracenote database update - how to craft one yourself
  33. Problem with antenna diversity (Tv & dab)
  34. cic audio sound
  35. [E71] CIC and Video modul
  36. [E9X]Problem with VM-TV retrofit (no image)
  37. Taking about FSC (Tool32 Jobs)
  38. GPS antennas, OEM BMW vs. cheap eBay type
  39. Champ II or CIC mid - BMW live or Internet access possible?
  40. e93 combox, looking for some advise
  41. How CIC retrofit without emulator?
  42. Samsung Galaxy S4 Does not Support Bluetooth Tethering !!!
  43. Airdistribution stopped working after combox
  44. 6FL Retrofit - AUX control
  45. Emulator doesn't work
  46. Right TV tuner with FBAS for CIC
  47. 2013 328i F30, no Nav , no CIC help
  48. E64 with a build date of 0909: Why can't I add $6nr to my VO?
  49. E70 CIC Retrofit, Coding Rear view camera function
  50. E 70 cic navi update
  52. Combox Data-Travel Connection Issue
  53. CIC script activation instead of Can filter , is it true ?
  54. BMW Apple AV Y cable pinout?
  55. E70 2008 CIC Retrofit (with emulator for PDC and RFK function)
  56. E90 pre-LCI CIC Retrofit without CAN emulator?
  57. CIC update does not work with FSC
  58. How to access ECALL? - Need some help
  59. Combox retrofit in 06 e92 but microphone doesn't work
  60. No Connected Drive in menu
  61. FSC 9C Date problem
  62. CIC and its link to Junction box JBBF
  63. Anyone experienced a semi dud Combox?
  64. CAN emulator problem
  65. Help with Combox Media
  66. Different I-levels
  67. Remove HBpersistence from CIC via script
  68. Let's hack the CIC!
  69. Pinout connector of CIC ---> CID
  70. SOS call system malfunction!
  71. CIC with DAB+
  72. A little "guide": CIC retrofit in e81 1-series
  73. [CIC] DVD Region problems
  74. Generating FSC (Activation Code) for Navigation Prof. CIC
  75. TPM doesn't work after Cic retrofit.
  76. Missing profiles and software update menu under settings
  77. Combox / TCU / IMEI
  78. NBT F11 retrofit issues.
  79. FSCs for use with can filter
  80. Unreadable letters on navigation map after changing CIC language
  81. E60 CIC Retrofit, GPS shows wrong location
  82. what is FSC 006F0001
  83. E60 CIC Retrofit, "External devices" not showing up..
  84. E90 CIC + Combox Telematics Retrofit
  85. DIY: Flashing CIC with WinKFP and ICOM
  86. Retrofitting E60 CIC to a Volvo V70R
  87. Nexus 4 Android + Combox in Mini R56
  88. Flash f10 Combox to work in e87
  89. Bmw e60 2006 combox
  90. CIC Emulator FXX
  91. Anyone has E60 with self installed TOPVIEW camera module ?
  92. Pin assignment CIC Plug F25
  93. Next Steps? 2007 650i built 09/2006 - CIC Retrofit
  94. Low BT volum after CIC retrofit
  95. F25 CIC (609), Rear View (3AG) retroiti
  96. F30 Retrofit CIC 8.8inch screen coding
  97. CIC VIN - Tool32
  98. How to get 00DE.fsc from F-series
  99. TCU problems after CIC retrofit
  100. Anyone experienced that the journey computer won't work?
  101. Combox Media with 663 - Combox Media with 609
  102. Question about Combox compatibility (non S609 Combox on CIC retrofit?)
  103. Retrofit TV on E9X with CIC
  104. What is the latest CIC version for today ?
  105. AUX In problems after CIC retrofit
  106. F25 CIC MID radio professional 663 - right coding?
  107. Problem with map position
  108. Connected drive:no video from iphone problem only sound.
  109. Coding 6NH to 6NS for Mobile Office and EBT
  110. Getting CIC to work in a .. say e46?
  111. How to find the software / firmware version / level of CIC?
  112. Emulator limitation questions
  113. 6NF Video Base plate project from old sa633 eject box
  114. Combox E-Series Latest ZB
  115. Cic Mid flashing question
  116. F25 Combox SW problem - factory reset possible?
  117. DAB+ Coding on CIC
  118. New OEM CCC Coding/Activation...
  119. Combox - Media - Video Player Support
  120. What could cause POIs from not turning off no matter what?
  121. E90 CIC Sat Nav error
  122. Combox defective?? --> Error Ecu Service not supported
  123. Can´t change settings on CIC E60
  124. UPGRADE from CIC_MID to CIC_HIGH for F Series cars
  125. Album art via Bluetooth
  126. Use ISTA/P after CIC/Combox Retrofit?
  127. F10 F25 CIC Controller in E89?
  128. Speed Limit Info - how to activate on other countries?
  129. Help with CIC FRM Module... Vo $6VA not valid
  130. CIC Version
  131. CIC retrofit in E90 2006 - new unit troubles
  132. Retrofit CIC unit does not always 'wake up' on car start
  133. Random behavior for Random setting... CIC
  134. Retro Fitted CIC Unit Issues
  135. TV problem in retrofit CIC
  136. Retrofit E71 2008
  137. [CIC] Setting Info display
  138. 6NF + iPhone + DisplayOut
  139. Update cic firmware via Ethernet
  140. Retrofit Cic in F20 without 6wa, some problems
  141. E90 sport display coded in CIC but not working quite right
  142. CIC to OBD , wiring harness for ENET ,
  143. bmw f20 with CIC retrofitted , coding help
  144. Rear camera not working after cic retrofit
  145. Another CIC problem (for almost one year now) no Navigation function
  146. Where is the TCU/MULF located in 2009 E63s?
  147. Retrofit CIC controller to work on MASK
  148. How can I code my combox USB2 to Digital?
  149. Enabled BMW Live but no browser
  150. CIC & Combox does not recognize any Android devices!
  151. Combox bricked
  152. E60 CIC Retrofit and Logic 7 Subwoofer problem
  153. CCC to CIC = Combox Retrofit
  154. CIC Retrofit Map Update
  155. CIC Mid + Combox Telematics, retrofit USB-Port = Problem :/
  156. Recent CIC / Combox Retrofit - Not Able to Rename Album
  157. Can´t change settings on CIC
  158. ZBE doesn't work with CAN-filter
  159. Combox telematics issue
  160. CIC F Series to E Series
  161. Downgrading CIC...Still not possible?
  162. Adding POIs to CIC
  163. BMW E60 CIC Retrofit - No sound
  164. DPF service light as retrofitted CIC didn't have DPF as a service icon.
  165. Retrofit Combox on 2010 E92 with existing CIC, 6NF, 6FL
  166. E71 CIC Navi Destination Input not allowed when car is moving
  167. F10 CIC Retrofit from 606.. Navigation will not avtivate.. Filter is used..
  168. Combox retrofit issues with 2011 E71 X6M
  169. Need expert for restoring FSC 6NR after CIC update
  170. Coding problems / Light Menü and Lock Menü
  171. CIC software update failed with Winkfp
  172. Pre LCI flat tyre monitor should work on CiC plus combox retrofit or I miss something
  173. How can I revive a Cic with mismatched Vin and FSC codes?
  174. CIC with no 001B FSC
  175. Newb Attempting to Understand and Get Started
  176. Help!! :( CCC -> CIC
  177. Hard drive clone
  178. PDC Graphics gone - E70 retrofit
  179. CIC / Combox compatibility
  180. Cic retorfit Navigation Activasion
  182. Problem rétrofit combox
  183. E70 retrofit CIC - no tv no pdc
  184. E70 CIC Retrofit - Subwoofer issues
  185. 6nr, Bmw Apps: What am I dong wrong?
  186. DVD playing HOW TO CHANGE CHAPTERS???
  187. Retrofit Combox E92
  188. e92 front pdc problem
  189. CIC F10 shutting down on desk after 30 sec?
  190. Usb glove box retrofit CIC
  191. CIC Retrofit Issue
  192. Power to CID HD screen
  193. I may have found an easy way to activate assist in combox retrofit
  194. Bmw e60 '03 CIC retrofit can't add $6VA or change date to #0909
  195. CIC retrofit issue... help
  196. MASK2 and Combox
  197. Another CIC retrofit but need help with finalizing everything
  198. TCU/MULF or Combox ?
  199. Combox ssd file question
  200. Those who successfully retrofitted COMBOX
  201. Importing 6NR FSC code
  202. E60 M5 CIC Retrofit Problem with ISID
  203. Sirius XM Activation / Coding
  204. minimum CIC level to support combox (eg. BT Audio?)
  205. Upgrade from prof navi to cic business E91
  206. ccc-->cic in e61?
  207. Cic mid retrofit coding
  208. Code TV (SA601) into cic mid
  209. Combox Retrofit Help!
  210. Traffice routing not working since cic retrofit?
  211. F10 CIC retrofit activation
  212. cic business retrofit climate control
  213. PIA_Master after HU_CIC in ECU list when flashing
  214. FSC Code Help
  215. tv and cic
  216. Combox retrofit help
  217. europe motion map update
  218. CIC Mute/On/Off button does not work
  219. mic voice control not work with cic tcu
  220. 6NR me not, and do not charge Snap In Media
  221. E92 CIC LCI car coding to hifi
  222. CIC FSC activation Sirus Radio (Is FSC tied to CIC only or need to match VIN?)
  223. Sigs cert (scert.swt) request !
  224. want to get cic. e90. in one. e60 will it work
  225. F01-Combox Telematik retrofit
  226. Cic retrofit map problems
  227. CIC stuck in bootloader mode after VIM DVD
  228. No CIC mapupdate with code from 001B FSC
  230. Retrofit Servotronic FSC on 2014 F30
  231. E90 cic software levels
  232. e90 CIC ecu read error
  233. Help updating my CIC
  234. Difference between CIC Menu's?
  235. Combox Media Blue and Black USB ports 6FL, 6NF, 6NR
  236. HELP!! Fitted Combox now have an airbag fault
  237. E60 : CIC HI-FI wiring diagram needed
  238. Help Needed! Missing Additional Telephone Option After COMBOX Media Retrofit
  239. CIC Combox Internet how to get it work tried to many
  240. When activating navigation with script, can you get BMW Apps and Voice command too?
  241. CIC Unit Any problem?
  242. Combox retrofit - USB no longer working
  243. CIC E60 not working aftet retrofit.
  244. E60 .ssd filw write
  245. How to read vin number being used for Internet and live?
  246. [E83] CIC in X3 2004
  247. E60 CIC Retrofit, Idrive controller not working
  248. How to upgrade CIC to accept COMBOX
  249. CIC Ex dead
  250. Messages not being received in BMW Assist after ugrade from CCC to CIC