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  1. [E-86] Issues with NCS Expert and NCS Dummy
  2. Coding LCI on NFRM
  3. 1 series Frm
  4. updated dsc now some yellow warning lights
  5. BMW E89 Z4 coding for cruise
  6. [E83] Coding Aux Input
  7. Logic 7 Retrofit - which VO is right?
  8. Carly BMWhat doesn't code with eBay ELM 327 Bluetooth
  9. E89 Z4 code for fold mirror
  10. JBE Failed
  11. Logic7 update to work with nbt retrofit
  12. Coding ALC Module inside headlight - recode
  13. No BC_Digital_V on 2015 ?
  15. Help request: coding files from non-US Xdrive 28i
  16. Retrofit BMW Professional HU on a E87
  17. Missing DSC options in Mdrive settings - possible to code it back?
  18. AT->MT Swap Coding/Programming
  19. E81 retrofit NBT problem with time map
  20. E89 2015 z4
  21. Exchange auf automatic climate control panel
  22. E81 - Replaced Professional radio now no gongs
  23. Is there a problem with my E85 ECU?
  24. Can't to X1 with NCSExpert : e84sgfam.dat missing
  25. PDC_Direction Not Taking Update
  26. Updating LSMC module
  27. New FRM can not be coded on e90
  28. Increasing Redial and Received Call list numbers shown
  29. E85 Daten File
  30. [E87] Parking Lights on Black Line
  31. E84 BMW X1 Cruise Control
  32. BMW E87 - 11/2007 - Parking Lights Coding - HELP
  33. Did I get the right cable?
  34. E84 x1 Nou communication Inpa ncs
  35. e87 lci Fog light coding!! Help please
  37. full I-level update for E87 using WinKFP
  38. DRL Taillight coding
  39. E87 FRM Replacement
  40. OC1 Removal
  41. E87 Cruise Control with Braking Function
  42. E84 - 2012 X1 - Coding Professional radio to HIFI
  43. [E87] FRM3 Bricked
  44. Request: DSC Module coding dump.
  45. EKPM 2 versus 3
  46. E81 aux coding
  47. E87 frm1 to frm2 ncsexpert
  48. E87 Retrofitting LCI instrument cluster on pre LCI
  49. [E87] Low fuel light coding
  50. E87 SP Daten
  51. E84 BMW X1 Cruise Control - noob help
  52. Light off when ignition off
  53. E87 JBBF coding for the rear defrost
  54. E85 2.0i sport Carly coding questions
  55. E85 Boardcomputer activation
  56. Urgently required Help 61359224588 PL2 FRMR3 (E81 Basis FRM) Dump file needed
  57. NCS Expert - can't access NFRM module
  58. E83 SVT ECU internal error
  59. Low washing fluid lamp
  60. 2004 Z4 coding e85
  61. E84 X1 N20 Sport Automatic Transmission Coding possible?
  62. E87 rear fl lights
  63. key programming
  64. Problem writing codes
  65. E87 Professional radio with USB and Bluetooth
  67. Comfort access: coding to instant locking?
  68. ECU Tuning - KWP 2000 plus?
  69. Fuel Pump Warning - How To Remove Or CHange Values
  70. Bluetooth Pairing using INPA
  71. Any suggestions?
  72. E81 123d with 120d diff (help Coding)
  73. [e83] Coding new digital speedometer
  74. New CAS need help
  75. How to register a new Batery?
  76. Hifi coding / Retrofit Alpine
  77. HELP! Disable facelift system E89
  78. Angel Eyes not working ( Retrofit Halogen to Xenon LCI )
  79. Chassis selection in NCS Expert
  80. Trying to read OBD2 codes with INPA on E83
  81. X1 E84 gearbox 8HP45X - pinout
  82. Help with enabling the aux on an E85/86
  83. Change speed for opening/closing E85 soft top
  84. Enable sport mode + adjust servotronic response
  85. E81 -EMOA appeared in VO
  86. Coding DRL on fog lights
  87. e88 after pdc volume change pdc gives no sound
  88. Bmw E87 Radio Bussines replace to Professional
  89. F-Series TRSVC into E84
  90. Coding BMW Live e Internet Z4 E89
  91. e85 Hood Closing Via Remote Fob
  92. E84- disable missing key Fob
  93. Coding Success Report!
  94. Not able to Code USB and FSE no noob
  95. I've retrofitted CIC and combox, advice on GPS
  96. SSS not recognising correct model of BMW E87
  97. After sport seats 0093AC 0093AD - how to fix?
  98. E87 2004 to 2008 headlights
  99. e87 2006 DRL's main beam to sidelights possible?
  100. cas dme x1 isn
  101. E84 coding start/stop off
  102. [E89] Looking for INPA files for E89
  103. E89 open roof and fold mirror by remote
  104. Coding the Alpine Retrofit kit with NCS Expert?
  105. Help to understand VO adding and delete NCS Expert
  106. E87 PDC audio not active after attempting cruise control retrofit
  107. E84 Eco Pro Coding
  108. E83: Coding light module for DRL
  109. I have the wrong flash in my DME, from the Dealer????
  110. Cruise Control increment speed coding help needed
  111. E83 X3 DRL when ligyh switch is in auto
  112. E84 X1 2VG option performance control retrofit
  113. E82 2010 swaping e92 330d engine 2007
  114. E88 2010 Halogen to aftermarket HID
  115. E87 Trunk won't open without setting off alarm - comfort access
  116. Retrofit X1 E84 ACC possible?!
  117. E87 Upgraded to professional BT radio send/recieve calls but mic not working??
  118. seats without airbag
  119. E87 CAS error coding
  120. E82 cruise control km/h instead of mph
  121. DPF Warning Light - 300000km Limit
  122. KOMBI options to code
  123. BMW X1 E84 EWS Anti Tampering Reset Help after New DDE Clone
  124. [E82] 2009 ABS warning message
  125. e89 Retrofit of Memory Seats
  126. use sim 85 in z4 2004
  127. E83 Unable to code RAD module
  128. Unable to reset VIN on a used ALSZ module for E85
  129. Do I need to code my E87 with new intake manifold?
  130. Cas replacement with used one ( have the Keys of the replacement module )
  131. Bmw e86 angle eyes ...
  132. Mileage problem
  133. 2003 E85 SIM CPU NCS Expert error
  134. X1 E84 with NCSEXPERT
  135. E87 use NCS expert on Win10 to code 1RAD but...
  136. E87 SP-Daten for 2006 model with Business CD radiio
  137. HELP. Coding E84 X1. Can’t connect to FAS module.
  138. E83 daten files?
  139. Help - iDrive Software Update
  140. Mulf dead ?? Z4 Coupé 3.0 SI
  141. E87 dsc Module Coding problrm
  142. Instrument Cluster / Speedometer
  143. Angel eyes not working after coding comfort acces mirror folding?
  144. Navigation add to my bmw z4 e85
  145. e87 Bluetooth Mulf2 Replacement (Cant see for pairing)
  146. E81 / Servotronic EPS coding
  147. Bmw e87 2010 frm coding
  148. E84 2013 X1 Rear-View Camera Retrofit - OEM Solution
  149. Comfort access module (PGS) coding electromagnetic interference workaround
  150. E84 Comfort Access not working
  151. Climate Control: Auto to Manual?
  152. Hoe to use PA soft to read DTC codes from the DMC
  153. BMW E8x - E9x LCI , MPH to KMH conversion
  154. E85 MSS70 ecu update
  155. E83 Not Reading NCS Expert
  156. E83 VIN Coding of used LCM
  157. E81 front PDC retrofit - support needed
  158. Multifunction steering wheel coding
  159. [E87] retrofit folding mirror
  160. DSC Factory Coding flash - HELP
  161. Retrofit rear Windows BMW e87
  162. Seatbelt coding e82
  164. DME -> DDE swap
  165. Bluetooth Disappeared from HU
  166. [2009 128i n51] Coding in used SRS module because fault codes are firing off
  167. [E85] INPA Identify ignition coil failure and reset
  168. Fog lights on/off with high beam on/off
  169. BMW Z4 E85 Instrument Control - Kombi - IKE - Reprogramming
  170. E87 ELV problem
  171. 2013 X1 EPS donor coding/programming help needed
  172. E84 Help me for pdc coding
  173. Instrument Cluster BC Menu 2 Line/Always on