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  1. [E92] 2011 M3 Coding Success
  2. [E92] Corner amber LED delete coding
  3. [E9X] Welcome Light related
  4. [E90] How to remove the speed limit
  5. [E9x] Automatic light sensor
  6. [E90] Can't enable "Unlock doors when remove the key" option
  7. [E90] Radio Frequency From US to ECE
  8. [E90] Auto engine stop/start? Active cruise control enable if PDC already present?
  9. [E90] Folding mirrors on 2007 e90?
  10. [E92] Having trouble coding adaptive headlight error?
  11. Fog Lights with out Low Beams?
  12. [E92] M3 - Passenger Occupancy Mat (OC3)
  13. [E93] Convertible Top Up with Keyfob
  14. [E90] AHL control unit replaced with used one - does it need coding ?
  15. Has anyone fitted a FRM3 module into car with FRM
  16. [E93] Door Dong, please help
  17. [E93] is it possible to Code convertible top from key fob one touch ?
  18. [E91] DPF removal
  19. [E9X] Airbag Coding
  20. [E90] Activating the usb port in clovebox
  21. [E90] Does $6UH works for Canada (traffic option)?
  22. [E90] 2007 Folding mirrow FRM module error
  23. Disable check angel eyes???
  24. Coding paddle shift - anyone know how to activate it?
  25. [E90] What module should I code for $606 ( Business Navigation)
  26. [E90] Need help again on FRM.
  27. [E92] Parking light error, can't get rid of it.
  28. [E90] Unable to access DWAI module. Please help!
  29. [E9X] Coding Instant MPG: Not in my Kombi module, present in long TRC
  30. [E91] Junction Box fault
  31. [E9X ] Increase Brightness on NFRM / FRM3_E89.C32 ( Solved )
  32. [E92] Welcome lghting question
  33. [E92] Maintaining paddle override in Drive mode
  34. [E90] Disabling the ELV Lock for E90 330i
  35. [E92] Coding needed to remove front seats?
  36. [E90] Problem writing FRM module with NCS
  37. [E90] LCI Bi-Xenon 3 Led not working
  38. [E92] How to show hidden Service notification in CCC E92 2008?
  39. [E93] Convertible 2007 Alarm Beep?
  40. [E93] codes and option
  41. [E90] Is it possible to activate cabin vent option?
  42. [E90] FRM1 to FRM2 Upgrade, programming modules?
  43. [E90] Coding for CDC?
  44. [E90] Window Anti-Trap/Initialization Nightmare after FRM3 Retrofit
  45. [E90] Can my model be coded?
  46. [E90] How to activate DRL memu in instrument ?
  47. [E92] Problems after coding - iDrive controller constantly going left
  48. [E9X] Need Help, Bluetooth Contacts Not showing right
  49. [E92] Help with Speedometer
  50. [E91] NFRM2 to NFRM3
  51. [E9x] I need help zusb CIC
  52. [E90] 2007 Used dme coding
  53. [E90] Car won't start after coding ! urgent
  54. [E90] 2006 Enabling angel eyes as DRL's (Xenon Version)
  55. [E90] Disable Door Chime not working
  56. [E92] How to properly code LCI headlight with LED to PRE LCI
  57. [E9X] Instrument Cluster Light Always On
  58. [E90] Few questions about frm3 retrofit :)
  59. [E91] FZD module swap coding with sunoof / panoramic sunroof
  60. [E90] New DME for N43 2.0
  61. Halogen to Halogen replacement
  62. JBBF update. need help please
  63. coding FRM for bmw E90 year 2010
  64. [E92] 01/2007 Coding Question
  65. [E90] M-Ask how to change munu' and voice nav.
  66. HELP: Airbag warning from coding
  67. [E92] DSC icon changed after coding ?
  68. [E91] How to get BC_DIGITAL_V to show by default (instead of pressing stalk button)?
  69. After coding Digital V big problems :-(
  70. [E9x] iDrive options on non-iDrive car.
  71. [E90] - Car not unlocking from fob
  72. [E9X] Problems coding 09+ after v45 DATEN update
  73. How to code Cornering lights with reverse gear?
  74. Coding M3 E9x dynamic settings
  75. 2011+ m3 ZCP trace to compare MDM (drift limit)
  76. [E90] Xenon lights turning off all of sudden
  77. Coding Fog Lights to ALWAYS be on.
  78. [E92] 2008 FRM2 Coding
  79. angel eyes flashing with alarm
  80. [E90] 2007 335i - Angel Eyes as DRL
  81. bc_digital_v is written but doesn't work
  82. [E90] Welcome Lights on Outisde from Auto/Lowbeam on switch
  83. Right ext. mirror position in reverse gear adjustable?!
  84. [E91] request for Ecu-Family in WinKfp
  85. E93 Convertible one-touch all windows close
  86. [E90] coding for retrofitted CCC
  87. [E90] Type of DONG
  88. E92 325i: Using MASK system as an MP3 player
  89. SOS Call System Failure...can I just disable BMW Assist and keep bluetooth?
  90. Can't fine DWAI or DWAS modules in E93 with Alarm fitted
  91. [e93] MOST junction box - where is it?
  92. angel eye problem
  93. Voice recognition on e82
  94. 09 E90 Halogen to Xenon Help!!!!
  95. E93 ENGINE ECU
  96. [E93] Cruise Control Set Speed Display
  97. [E90] Maintenance Interval Numbers
  98. Is it possible to allow the passenger seat fore/aft with the door shut?
  99. Airbag Module Removed - Disable Error?
  100. Cornering light as a high beem
  101. [E9X] SOS/Assist light after reset codes
  102. de-throttling E9x 325i with N53 engine to 330i
  103. e90 M3 s65 instrument cluster coding help
  104. HELP - Navigation function unavailable after maps update
  105. "VO" is what mean,and how to edit?
  106. how to cancel $663 from VO
  107. BMW E92 Navi professional error E18F
  108. CAS3 Information
  109. [E9x] Remove key from ignition with engine running
  110. E91 CCC Navigation change
  111. BMW E91 with CIC, but dont have Navigation from factory
  112. CAS Coding - Now Showing Maintenance Icon Warning
  113. Change VIN on SZL Module e91
  114. How to update a module
  115. Non idrive...can anyone find a weatherband option?
  116. [E90] IHKA "intensity" coding for non-iDrive?
  117. seat belt chime and now an airbag error
  118. Quick Question Rear Tailight Error
  119. WinKFP DCT ECU Family
  120. Fog light LED error
  121. E92 Halo (Angel Eyes) Flickering
  122. Inside disable floodlight
  123. Alpina D3 software on 120d or 320d E90
  124. E90 2007 problem coding LCI retofit
  125. Can't get Folding Mirrors to work on e92
  126. [E90] coding FRM error
  127. Meaning of INPA Error
  128. E81 FRM2 into E90
  129. E91 xenon retrofit with height levellers
  130. [FRM3] Unable to enable visual signal lock/unlock
  131. [E91] 2008 Mirror heating Retrofit (Spiegel Heizung)
  132. Strange Speedo issues amongst other things...
  133. Adding Gear indicator on LCD on automatic cars
  134. Code # S8SPA - Control Unit COP... strange FA/VO option...need some help please!!!
  135. E90 2011 328 - DRL question
  136. fog lights flash with alarm
  137. Adaptive Headlight Problem, no solution WORKS!
  138. Coding not accepted in my E90
  139. voice control
  140. DSC DBC RPA Errors after updating DSC Module
  141. E90 from Halogen to Xenon!!!
  142. Error reading 2010 M3 Help!!!!!
  143. Is it possible to override the temperature setting on mirror heating?
  144. Coding for driver door unlock
  145. Bmw Performance pack
  146. E90 Updated Transmission with WinKFP and then transmission lock on Park
  147. Cold start cycle removal
  148. Freaking out...car wont start, and electronics flashing
  149. hifi coding on a CCC Navigation PRO (s609)
  150. Enable ae drl when lights are off
  151. US DRL with FRM1 posiible ?
  152. Coding related to Corner Break Control
  153. e90 pre lci halogen to xenon for low beam
  154. Adjusting Launch Control RPM through coding?
  155. tv option on ccc
  156. 2010 335D MULF2 Retrofit Help Please!
  157. Both pdc bong. Help!!
  158. Coding out EDC on 2009 E90 M3 6MT
  159. Automatic control of lights vertical and horizontal
  160. Cornering Light question
  161. Is this blue screen normal when viewing the MSS60 engine diagnostics in Inpa?
  162. Cluster/KOMBI Issue
  163. E93 2008 : Activated CIC Driver Profiles
  164. 2007 BMW 328i serious problem need help
  165. Seatbelt Assist
  166. Autologic Messed up MRS5 Coding
  167. [E92] Unable to code rear turn signals. Help.
  168. Instant fuel consumption on m3?
  169. Problem with updating DSC module with WinKfp
  170. DSC and ABS errors after flashing e92 M3 DSC module
  171. Need help - Brake Reset Tool32 Parameters
  172. e9x voice command German to English
  173. disable warning for CC-ID 299
  174. E92 M3 coding?Help!
  175. CCC voice input activation need help
  176. Backup to FSC codes???
  177. Coding error - Please help!
  178. Coding the Radio
  179. [E90] Anyone ever have any luck changing the RINGTONE in the TCUM?
  180. how to change the language in I-DRIVE for E90 2007/ navi instructions from EN to IT
  181. Retropfit Cruise Control problem
  182. What is the code for cornering lights bulb check
  183. KOMBI - Disable Average speed on the BC
  184. E92 Programming gone wrong?
  185. Footwell Lights on at night
  186. ZB number for a FRM2 XENON module
  187. [E90 LCI] replace damaged IHKA - coding
  188. IBAC CODE> 002F -- MSA Memory aktivieren
  189. Conversion xenon to LCI xenon diagram wiring
  190. E92 CIC + Combox Retrofit and Coding
  191. [E93 335i ] Sound ignition off, roof with remote, speedometer with M3 - problems
  192. Is it possible to display the boost in the cluster?
  193. What is the difference between SONDERTASTE_PANIKALARM & PANIK_ALARM?
  194. Foglights coding
  195. e92 modules
  196. Modules not acept with ista-p
  197. CBS menu coding
  198. E91 - SBE and belt chime + NAV with no VIN - is problem?
  199. PDC Volume
  200. Servotronic BMW E90
  201. acoustic belt warning
  202. [e90] check i drive info like this
  203. 2012 e92
  204. [E90] Vehicle display in service menu - CIC
  205. Updating complete car to latest software
  206. Euro CIC front plate retrofit - 8 shortcut buttons?
  207. Adding "new" Key?
  208. Trip computer data missing on CIC (dashes)
  209. 318d Upgrade...
  210. PDC Error
  211. Question about most plug on e90
  212. mv1746
  213. LCI TFL
  214. Cat Warm-up Cycle delete
  215. E92 from Automatic to Manual gearbox
  216. Default Gearbox, Suspension and Throttle maps
  217. Volume control
  218. Sidemarkers
  219. Male Voice
  220. Disable fender marker light check?
  222. Headlight Spray Washer
  223. nfrm change
  224. Cant find DRL Option
  226. dension 500 with avr
  227. dsc malfunction after working with inpa
  228. What is the right way to update a winkfp
  229. VIN NUMBER "YYYYYY" IN INPA for some modules ??
  230. [E9x] NSW TFL Voltage
  231. service requirements inactive in CCC e90
  232. Ista/p program problems
  233. Need kombi.trc file from E92 M3 and 328i for value comparison
  234. FLA / High Beam Assistent, Camera Signal
  235. NCS Expert - No module response (one of last E90 lim)
  236. Back up FSC code
  237. BMW CIC m-drive menü
  238. coding cic
  239. Code iDrive Controller "high" as "low"
  240. digital speedo not in CAS module
  242. Injector Coding - N43 (or any 4 cylinder engine really?)
  243. Troubles after Coding Kombi Module
  244. eBay - Did I buy a bad cable (pics) - WHITE BREADBOARD
  245. Possible serious screwup?
  247. Got a few questions using NCSexpert with BMW coding tool...
  248. Create new profile for different Car ?
  249. E90 pre-heater
  250. Help creating this DIY for battery replacement and registration