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  1. folding mirrors don t working
  2. Write eeprom greyed out/disabled? LCM HW7 SW21
  3. BMW E91 Navigation Portable Plus coding
  4. Autodiag k+dcan Usb Driver
  5. Usb retrofit
  6. JBBF + CAS + MRS -> INPA VIN 000000 OR yyyyyyy -> Safe to WinKFP correct VIN?
  7. 07.07 Production BMW : What is the correct NCS Expert production year? (#....)
  8. NCS Expert CODIERDATEN_LESSEN OR Nettodat Read EDC module crashing NCS Expert???
  9. Adding +MUEH to VO results in "COAPI Error 1000"?
  10. [e6x] Reset ISTA/P request for manual HW input
  11. WINKFP
  12. after updating dde with winkfp
  13. Professional radio HU analog aux AND USB
  14. Winkfp problem no ecu family found
  15. E71 FRM Coding Problems - Help Requested
  16. F25 (X3) fuel gauge offset after coding
  17. Problem with ULF after flash with WinKFP
  18. Bmw e60 second hand ccc unit coding
  19. F-series and E-series list of Modules
  20. Backing up DME with WinKFP
  21. NCS-Expert Profile's missing
  22. Z4 E89 code list
  23. e89 2011 fold mirror with keyfob
  24. The Official Guide To Resetting A Short Circuit Fault In An FRM Module
  25. esys no description at Bytes
  26. Trying to code CAS module no CAS260 file
  27. bmw tool32
  28. BMW SP-Daten v36
  29. HELP PLEASE - CIC Screen divided into 4
  30. Hitag2 fob programming question
  31. Upgrading CIC to latest ZUSB - Do I have BMW Apps + Voice FSC?
  32. How to do elight module?
  33. ISTA/P says CIC BO, GW all current, just APPS have upgrade. Safe to WinKFP JUST APPS?
  34. Looking for a few options coded..... Remotely
  35. New CAS Module Installation & Programming
  36. Possible to view previous battery registration history?
  37. Advice on a tool to use to deactivate sound chimes
  38. E46 corrupted coding
  39. Request: 135is DSC Module coding dump
  40. Vmaxx bmw e60 m5
  41. Code for AUX
  42. Voice Control Activation
  43. bleutooth audio
  44. (E39) DSP coding help
  45. tool32 resetting Crash telegram Memory
  46. E60 CAS and LMA FA are different???
  47. HELP :S
  48. FSC is not read
  49. I am looking for coder that I can pay to remote code my e92
  50. e92 coding question
  51. Is it possible to suppress false error code by tool32?
  52. CAFD won't change
  53. Looking for software Lci m6 Cluster
  54. Programming 'NEW' FRM - Problems after installing
  55. F54 reversing camera
  56. Codes for Auxiliary Input (2002 e65)
  57. LED bulb warnings E60
  58. Latest Daten Files needed PLEASE help!
  59. At dealer getting update ilevel - will it flash Sirius and HD radio modules (CCC)?
  60. 2009 e60 - Coding CIC works fine after code but no words displayed after restart?
  61. language change ccc/cic/nbt
  62. Deutronic Battery Charger Help!
  64. G12 7 Series
  65. BMW X5 E53 Cluster swap coding
  66. Messed up FRM module using ISTA/P 2010 E82 135i
  67. SLI and LCW dysfonctional after 6WB retrofit
  68. Close the near light beam, motor monitoring. What documents are needed to be modified
  69. Head up
  70. ecu version
  71. Internet solved
  72. E60 micro power module problems
  73. Missing IPO file: 00CBX36.IPO
  74. No scrolling from Idrive after coding
  75. MULF2 high replacement - need coding?
  76. How to code DDE/DME with NCS Expert?
  77. cruise control ant mph -> km/h
  78. Files request.
  79. Winfkp CAS Programming Error
  80. Wiring diagrams after coding whith ncs
  81. Errors after ecu flash
  82. Flashing an e46 DME MS42 with WINKFP
  83. Edit 0pa files
  84. [MK4] Display switch 16:9/4:3
  85. [MK4] Display switch 4:3/16:9
  86. FRM 3R E87 E93 E93 XE module errors after fitting in E87 ?
  87. E39 ista p
  88. Coding equipment suggest
  89. latest flash files
  90. BMW Apps limited function in some countries
  91. cic-combox-coding
  92. cic-combox-coding
  93. Combox analog audio - wiring or coding?
  94. Reset Adaptation Values vs Reset learning functions
  95. Coding the JBE (Junction box electronics) module
  96. Coding the JBE (Junction box electronics) module
  97. CIC Firmware Flash/Update - Ethernet or local service?
  98. c_c_lesen "free addressing" mode (Tool32)
  99. Esys launcher problem
  100. BMW CODING IN Dallas TX area available
  101. Profession Programmer required
  102. Kombi needle movement parameter in F-xx
  103. 6WB retrofit error when inject CAFD
  104. Removing/disabling post cat o2 and SAP from e46 325i (EU2 will not
  105. E60 : Code out Start Assistant Inactive error
  106. E53 X5 Suspension
  107. F45-218i --2016 year----urgent plz
  108. Anyone had this issue with a Genuine ICOM B NEXT before?
  109. 0C3 Coding for new Passenger Seat Mat
  110. mini r59 active spoiler
  111. E70 Shift Paddles on steering wheel and SAT retrofit questions
  112. E70 Shift Paddles on steering wheel and SAT retrofit questions
  113. E70 Shift Paddles on steering wheel and SAT retrofit programming and coding
  114. E90 FRM3R Winkfp missing ZB-Number
  115. iDrive navigation display remaining trip time
  116. Esys coding but only see 17 ECU's and no vehicle profile names
  117. G05
  118. Remote coding service
  119. G05 Fog light disable with high beam
  120. coding F series : all package with tuto = tested 100%
  121. HELO I need FSC for KAFAS4 or KAFAS3 and who sell ,please PM me ,
  122. PA SOFT Help!!
  123. Trouble with downloading E-sys and ISTA+ on new laptop
  124. Hi, some newbie help please?