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  1. Update wrong ECU Family
  2. After coding 40+ vehicles, still a few issues I want to resolve... help?!
  3. Reason for updating ECUs?
  4. [E60] cigarette lighter Constant Power
  5. Some questions about coding via Nettodat
  6. Disable E-Diff?
  7. NCS Expert reported vin #
  8. fsc code I must insert in cic used - help me, also paying
  9. Can't Update N54 DME with WINKFP
  10. Auto leveling sensors retrofit
  11. Need the ECU VB# for a X5 (e70) 3.0si or X3 (e83) 3.0si
  12. voice comannd working, but dont doesn't hear me.
  13. CCC unit keeps rebooting...
  14. M_TAG_SKALENBELEUCHTUNG set to active and nothing happens e82
  15. Fog lights as DRL
  16. Hot CIC underside
  17. Light sensor sensitivity... very advanced issue.
  18. Foreign CCC in my Car?
  19. How to activate ccc-bo after upgrade with isid and ICOM?
  20. Neat trick with KOMFORT_EJECT
  21. How INPA is showing UIF VIN?
  22. Key Memory sometimes not working for seat
  23. hi, who know what is the "SVK-Ist" in ESYS?
  24. E60 updates. Worthwhile?
  25. Can not programm
  26. my PDC image doesn't show properly
  27. Error level coolant
  28. F10 Combox VIN - Tool32 - CMEDIA.prg
  29. Issues programming SPEG module
  30. Automatically turn top-view camera when car is below 10 mph
  31. how to change the navigation systems
  32. How do you remove crash data and ckear airbag light
  33. Changing frost warning temperature?
  34. Alternate Coding Options List - E Series
  35. Coded wrong Zbnr
  36. E 66 730Ld 2007 engine temperature digital?
  37. Body decoded? Won't start... No spark, No TB respondig ! HELP.
  38. Need help, about top hifi problem.
  39. Is it possible to read mirror memory position?
  40. CiC SW Changes from V41 to V41.4 / V42 ?
  41. E90 Cruise Control shows wrong speed
  42. Automatic gearbox/shift coding
  43. Can anyone explain how to edit the UIF please
  44. S1000RR ECU Soft
  45. Infos about Softwareupdates
  46. Enable CIC Internet-In-Motion
  47. Replace Used DME
  48. INPA: Test Break Force Display ?
  49. CCC: Next entertainment source - delete Aux?
  50. Updating GWSS60 Sport Automatic Shifter (SAT) failed with Signature Check Failure
  51. How to access standalone module/ECU with NCSExpert?
  52. Parameter "input_scaling_sub2" in module CAUDI
  53. Unresponsive Gas Gauge after Digital Speed Coding
  54. Software update bluetooth via USB stick oficial BMW file
  55. which code is US? (in FA)
  56. How open windows with x2 click on key ?
  57. ASC5 Module Content
  58. Coding to prevent car theft via key fob copying?
  59. Flash CIC with ESYS have a error,help
  60. Deactivate US VMAX Limit
  61. FSC for DME...
  62. HOW to use ESYS clear errors in Vehcile?
  63. Flash CIC,but NBT_63 problem
  64. Light Switch Modul (LM2) - No response from control unit
  65. E90 Dynamic Cruise Control on Low Cluster
  66. e90 CIC bricked with WINKFP and ICOM, any ideas appreciated
  67. bmw cic combox freischalten
  68. Is there a code to enable Sirius presets?
  69. reload master fsw_psw.man file
  70. Possible BRICKED e90. NEED HELP
  71. Break pad sensor
  72. Can you post your Ediabas.ini for OPS Winkfp
  73. URGENT ! Help please deleted module ?
  74. CAREFULLY FSC-TOOLS.COM SCAM, Stolen 400eur!!!
  75. Need help with coding!
  76. I retrofited a cic to 2007 E60,but have no BASS! any one know?
  77. [e92 2011] Trying to code for HID fogs
  78. Begin coding e46 328ci '99
  79. ICOM Ista/P CIC/CCC Update
  80. Upgrade the CIC discussion
  81. Can I use my OBD cable for PA Soft?
  82. E70 service reset wont work
  83. is my car too new for NCS expert??
  84. M HUD on Diesel!
  85. Lack of specifications for NCS Expert buttons: "Change Job", "Basic Functions"
  86. Fold-in side mirror automatically when power off engine
  87. Water damaged z4 project
  88. Import POI via USB? Navigation, to import speedcam POI
  89. Hi can any one in Kent Uk with a working Dcan cable help
  90. Flash to Pass speed
  91. How to: OPS with WinKFP, INPA
  92. "Pivoting during comfort closing" not working with BMW Scanner 1.4
  93. 2urad not updating after VO change
  94. E65/730Ld/2007/5 recode Zuheizung on Standheizung
  95. Hybrid TV Update
  96. Seeking MINI (BMW) coder to fix nav software bug
  97. FSC to CCC
  98. Millage modify in S1000RR ECU
  99. ISIS 3.1
  100. DME coding options for throttle response?
  101. CCA060 Module question
  102. Tool32 ARGUMENT C_C_LESEN
  103. SOS call malfunction after using INPA
  104. hello all! who know how to activate this reversing camera mode?
  105. [E39] NCS Expert - light switch warning - wrong outside temperature
  106. Problem with AE Brightness on FRM3/C32
  107. Navi voice volume CCC
  108. Which software do I use to activate bluetooth pairing mode in x5 e53
  109. japan imported car CCC change to UK standard
  110. Short circuit in FRM
  111. Coding Options between years
  112. Deactivate inner halogen lights as cornering light
  113. Missing SGFAM.DAT
  114. updated ccc and now idrive controller isnt functional
  115. Can clutch slip be removed with coding?
  116. Test Cluster without to connecting it to the car
  117. Turning of the horrible Auto-Loudness functiom!
  118. putting a new DME *AND* CAS into a car, what else needs to be coded/programmed?
  119. EWS 4.3 Test point
  120. Turn off traction control
  121. E82 cruise control coding options
  122. Programmimg EGS for E83
  123. How can I alter rev limiter on E60 M5?
  124. Change the number of wiping count
  125. Trying out SSS/Progman v32... I have a couple of errors/questions
  126. DME coding "OLULCODIERUNG" aka power class
  127. Don't know what kind of error is...
  128. [2007 E90 320i] Can't Communicate with Any ECUs
  129. IHK climate control: is this possible?
  130. IFHSrv32 Netserver function
  131. ECU Communication Errors
  132. Car software update with ISIS prevents using which programs?
  133. problems for programming of bmw icom.
  134. First time coding and now my car won't start...
  135. LED Blinker bulbs coding to avoid fast flashing?
  136. CCC : Lost bluetooth streaming but phone still works..
  137. Winkfp doesn't choose latest zusb?
  138. [E6x] CCC - Change country BMW call numbers
  139. I maby kill my mpm...
  140. Question for NCS EXPERT experts - entering FA manually
  141. [NCS] Can’t Delete VO Option in ‘Enter FA’
  142. Code haptic feedback back into the iDrive knob?! Possible?
  143. Vehicle Manual on Idrive
  144. Reset CBS values with tool32
  145. Disable windows down option
  146. New AGM Battery, correct coding
  147. CCC Module Controlling CIC ..Please help...
  148. Insert FSC by ESYS encountered a problem!
  149. CCC DEAD ?
  150. Stolen Car Key - how to delete from CAS ??
  151. seatbelt bong immediate at ignition - issue
  152. No value in CAS FA
  153. Coding changed km to miles and reset service indicators
  154. BMW X3 E83 2.5si problem after update
  155. Battery registration history in DIS and mileage
  156. Problem with ABG module on E60 of 2006
  157. CHANGING Build date in VO question....reason.??
  158. Now CID,iDrive is dead..after playing with Tool32 and register battery, how fix it?
  159. Can´t read and programm some ECU´s with NCS-Expert
  160. Integrated Owners Manual
  161. Passenger side air bag mat 2006 750li
  162. Coding Options Values Interpretation Question
  163. Vehicle options codes (VO-FA) PDF 29-06-2013
  164. CCC after flashing dead
  165. Difference MT and AT Cluster
  166. Vehicle simulation SSD
  167. E90 CCC Korean to Germany
  168. Aux heating coding for E53 X5 2004
  169. (fa/vo)language
  170. [CCC] coding for Fiscon kit
  171. 100% ETHANOL?
  172. First run of ISTA-P generates loads of coding -- why?
  173. Profile editor
  174. Unable to default-code MASK on E61.
  175. Please can someone help, i've killed my Bluetooth!
  176. How To Define Each "Gong" Sound?
  177. Gps problem bmw ccc professional Module e-87
  178. CCC Front Panel
  179. Save/reset MOST configuration
  180. E90 MSV80 DME number
  181. No BATT in VO - how to code from AGM to regular battery?
  182. How to code 'one-click' folding mirrors?
  183. program new abs control unit in bmw e39 mode 2001
  184. E90 Comfort access activation
  185. Opening Door makes car shift into"Park"
  187. Lost SZHZ from my ECU BMW E60
  188. Door handle LEDs
  189. z4 IHKA Module
  190. UIF and ZB Number from DDE Dump
  191. cic signature failed error
  192. WINKFP and EGS
  193. How to manually change CBS for brake fluid change
  194. Onboard Computer R50
  195. How to get sunroof on PDC graphic
  196. Heated steering wheel
  197. cant save cading on bmw permanentely
  198. Sport mode
  199. Bmw e93 retrofit headlights and led. help coding with!!
  200. CIC & DAB
  201. Airbag light on E65 sport 2005 730d (facelift)
  202. FA Invalid
  203. Confirming battery registration.
  204. Navi in CCC instead of OBC
  205. Cruise Control with DTC off
  206. Can we get an i3/i8 subforum?
  208. E92 - Adding to VO via NCS Expert - S### or $### AND Which Modules?
  209. coding was successful but now changes aren't being saved
  210. Dension Gateway CDC Coding
  211. COAPI-2020 when trying to communicate with CAPPL Module
  212. Disable fast wipe with auto-wipe?
  213. NCS Expert : Stored (already in module) setting in FSW_PSW.TRC is not a valid value??
  214. Issues I have ran into AND SOLVED while learning to code my E92 BMW
  215. WINKFP - ZUSB not found :(
  216. [E60/CIC] Reading FSC 001B file with K+DCAN...
  217. Coding Out MOST connection on Radio
  218. HELP! ZBE firmware update failed :(
  219. WinKFP - Signature Check Error?
  220. How to verify what version DME on car with E-Sys?
  221. Any way to code out the speaker checks (like bulb check)?
  222. Changing voice command language, which module in NCS Expert?
  223. Anyway to code out (turn off) some of the useless entries under "BMW Services"?
  224. MINI R50 CVT to Manual conversion coding
  225. Registering new battery (90AH NON-AGM to 90AH AGM), Process Car Necessary?
  226. INPA and NCSExpert help
  227. Coding with fiscon kit installed
  228. Code Trunk/Boot To Only Open
  229. Adaptive Headlights
  230. Programmed CIC with wrong ZB Number
  231. E65 coding abs dsc module, need help
  232. can i load every vehicle in bmw std tools 2.12
  233. F30 comfort module
  234. Retrofit F20 or F30 independent heating
  235. i3/i001 DSC/Traction Control Disable
  236. Costum alarm problems
  237. NBT Programming Problem!!! Help
  238. Safe to default (NCS Expert Blank MAN) a module without additional power supply?
  239. Bricked BMW Motorrad alarm unit? MRDWA
  240. F30 "eyebrow" coding?
  241. ISTA/P native expert gives error when connecting to car HELP!
  242. Cold vs warm LED monitoring
  243. IHKA klima module bricked, need ecu family
  244. radio pro winkfp
  245. E39 Aux heating. Park heating
  246. Cable issues
  247. Reading coding data with Tool32
  248. NBT hard drive locked after ISTA/p update
  249. Help, Air bag "restraint system malfunction" error after Winkfp update
  250. How to get RTTI working using a SIM on a mobile or cell phone