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  1. Changing the Oil Temp and the Gas Consumption on the kombi
  2. How to coding DME for E92LCI M3
  3. question for coding e91
  4. E87 Default settings back please, totally different menu after coding!!
  5. Error: LFCDHDIA.CPP - IFH-0006: Interface doesn't accept the order
  6. coapi-1023 when trying to write fsw_trc.man into the vehicle
  7. M3 Owners -- Dealer changed my VO?
  8. Enable map view on 2006 navi ?
  9. Enable video play back while driving on e90
  10. How to change mile to KM
  11. Coding Multiple Vehicles
  12. Lost my key/seat memory
  13. Limit CCC mp/h- km/h
  14. Folding Mirrors Help
  15. Translations Ger to Eng
  16. Power Steering
  17. 06 Z4M DRLs
  18. ok so something odd just happend
  20. What is restoring procedure based on FA list?
  21. CCC No Sound
  23. How does VO affect coding?
  24. USB Audio Sound vs. CD/DVD Sound levels
  25. SSS V32 - can only program CKM module
  26. E92 firmware too old for CCC to Cic controller
  27. MULF2 support for A2DP
  28. How to determine ECU family for WinKFP
  29. retrofit cic bmw 1 series
  30. M5/M6 SMGIII Reflash to euro software for faster shifts + 4k launch control w/ WinKFP
  31. Progman V39: DSC identification failed
  33. What went wrong?
  34. Unlocking tailgate from remote without unlocking doors
  35. How to code 05 bmw z4 e85???? Please Help
  36. Update CCC
  37. Winkfp error help
  39. speedo limiter
  40. Ignition/Engine start interrupted/defective/failure
  41. coding Multifunctoin-Buttons on steering wheel?
  42. Quick Question about Version
  43. CCC nav died on 645ci
  44. Error Bordcomputer "red car on hydraulic ramp"
  45. aux in
  46. light package S563A
  47. How to enable variable / dynamic redline in tacho?
  48. Ringtone Question...
  49. the ccc takes 50 seconds to take on
  50. Problem with DXC8 and FRM2
  51. CIC HDD swap to another car ?
  52. need help revert back to default setting, Car will not start
  53. Anyone know what options we can code on an Mcoupe? or if it is the same as the Z4?
  54. Flash CCC with a OBD cable
  55. code out the split screen on ccc?
  56. Error coding CIC - Error in CABD!
  57. TCU Module...
  58. cic firmware update
  59. when in NCSExpert i am getting error when reading ZCS/FA f ECU
  60. Activate RTTI
  61. update modules CCC in home
  62. Eyebrows on with DRL
  63. Enable DRL (AE or High Beam)
  64. MP3 on M-ASK
  65. Problem to read RAD2 without optical fiber (i need activate integrated bluetooth)
  66. Need to changer FRM module. How ?
  67. Changing rev/speedo limiters using WinKFP
  68. Retrofits and insurance
  69. Bricked my car. Help?
  70. NPower N54/N55
  71. M5 Mirrors + Auto-Fold Via Keyfob Retrofit Coding?
  72. Is there a code for reverse "beep" or "alert" indication when in R gear?
  73. Replaced KOMBI - how to change VIN?
  74. Code out E61 occupancy mat
  75. Weird.. > Adding VO to CAS is OK but LMA fails.
  76. change the ringer combox
  77. I am buying a 2011 BMW m3 coupe
  78. Need help, car doesnt start!
  79. No traffic information on the tmc
  80. Could i ask about Mini 2011 Coding?
  81. Freischalt-Tool
  82. Problem with NCS - getting FA
  83. coding prize ( 100$)
  84. What would I need for chip tuning?
  85. Disappeared menu option
  86. Can someone in the UK update my CIC firmware for me?
  87. Ncsexpert enable tv function
  88. Seatbelt warning gong
  89. Need advise about ECU upgrade. Please help!
  90. Cruise control display duration
  91. For AT cars Show curent gear in dash?
  92. AutoLogic
  93. NCS LMA Issue, what did I miss?
  94. Programming with WINFKP, without using remaining flashes?
  95. Modifing VO/FA$ For an Automatic Transmission.
  96. FGNR SCHREIBEN for Fxx Series
  97. Disable Brake Pad Wear Sensor
  98. US DRL on an bmw e87 2010 (without xenon or angel eyes) standart halogen lights
  99. Coding new CCC
  100. Damn CIC. E92 m3
  101. programming problem
  102. Replacing DSC Unit, How to code?
  103. DCS & PDC problem
  104. How to code driver side mirror?
  105. Angel Eye DRL
  106. enable bluetooth
  107. NCS Error 1180
  108. Follow me home lights
  109. Code crusie control
  110. What do these codes mean that are in my VO?
  111. [E92] Close windows automatically on door lock?
  112. retrofit cic bmw e87
  113. ELV
  114. FRM3 basic and FRM3 Max
  115. PDC Coding help
  116. Unlock eject DVD map CCC
  117. problem with ccc locked
  118. Strange sunroof button behaviour
  119. How to enable new option in multifunction steering wheel menu?
  120. code for AHL light on E87
  121. help:NCS can't read KOMBI(but can read and write CAS/FRM)
  122. E90 LCI Angel Eye DRL
  123. DCT won't engage without seat belt. New BMW m3 software.
  124. PDC Retrofit HELP!
  125. How to activate headlamp washer
  126. ECU Timeline
  127. Do I need to code a new keyfob for comfort access?
  128. adjust voltage of tail light
  129. Can Coding Cause my Climate Control Fan to stay at Low Speed?
  131. E61 CCC what is brovn or silver menu (CCC) ?
  132. How can I recode an use LCM to my car?
  133. data for winkpf
  134. is there a way to hard reset the FRM
  135. CCC Module Bricked
  136. ccc failed to program
  137. program FSC-tools
  138. +MUEB
  139. CCC video in motion
  140. enable DRL
  141. How to enable aux in on ccc modul?
  142. connect ops to bmw standard tools
  143. New member ASAP selling BMW ASAP login info
  144. A little help in interpreting errors in DIS & INPA
  145. Changing sound of acoustic lock/unlock
  146. Mirror folding question
  147. CIC changing language of nav system
  148. Front Fog Light with turn signal ?
  149. ncsexpert cant find or see cic module after retrofiting cic, please help.
  150. Changing the production date on cic
  151. some nob question
  152. Error message when try to coapiReadSgGetFswPsw
  153. Added vo for cic, but what number to delete for old ccc
  154. INPA files for CIC
  155. cic retrofit, but nsc will not open or read module??
  156. Questions about lights functions ?
  157. Flashing 05' CCC
  158. Questions about CIC 2010 coding
  159. Canīt rewrite some values
  160. Lock/unlock beep option in iDrive
  161. Programming new Key
  162. Airbag and Seatbelt light on
  163. CCC coding: Language idrive changed while coding
  164. VO meaning?
  165. Help: Disable Bulb Checking on 2006 e90
  166. Did anybody try to add 240S to VO
  167. CBS Idrive Indication
  168. Need to disable the frost warning
  169. Change radio frequency
  170. FRM Cut off Power to Angel Eye Harness
  171. kombi error e104 help!!!!
  172. anyone have links for VMware BMW DIS and SSS Progman working with ops ??
  173. Does any one know what these control?
  174. DTC Coding Missing
  175. Adaptive Headlight Coding
  176. [Exx] Brake force display codes
  177. Cant turn off hot and cold and warning error for front lights need expert advice
  178. Basic functions in NCSEXPERT
  179. Writing blank MAN files, good or bad?
  180. Tail Parkinglight
  181. MSD81 DME SWAP question
  182. Automatic Headlight Sensitivity
  183. help,about easyKFP,can't get OPS software version
  184. Why my CIC upgrade is so slow? (use winKFP update to V43)
  185. 2011 X5 SAV - 4x4i DSC Error After Low Battery - Help!
  186. How to active angel eye as daytime running light
  187. help and advice needed.... alarm tell tell
  188. Help Please with DIS and Progman
  189. Angel Eyes stays On until locking Car
  190. RDC tire pressure problem and idrive wheel
  191. Can't read the VIN on a 2012 M3.
  192. problem about programming DME via winkfp
  193. Volume by PDC
  194. OPS connection
  195. TPM values instead of green and red
  196. what's mean the error(winKFP)? anyone know?
  197. Winkfp update CIC, each ZB-number How's different?
  198. Progman v32 and China Clone - Load Software to modules Question!
  199. How to activate Seat-heating distribution in e92?
  200. Anyone know how to downgrade?(V43 to V41)
  201. NFS can force fashing an dead module inside to CCC?
  202. Airbag light
  203. OPS lan cable - wiring diagram? I messed up my cable
  204. No audio sound from CCC after programming with WinKFP
  205. change ZIF and ZIF backup
  206. Problem with the MOST bus, please help
  207. Coding combox for bluetooth
  208. Reward for coding success.
  209. INPA error code: IFH 0003
  210. Battery of Key Remote Control Empty-->Error Message sucks...turn off with NCS?How to?
  211. how to fix this WINKFP error?
  212. Adaptive Headlight Related Question
  213. bmw teleservices not working
  214. winkfp eror
  215. How to change ECU's VIN ?
  216. LED Bulbs on NFRM2
  217. [WinKFP] Manually create a WinKFP measures plan to update ECUs
  218. NFS?
  219. Can I retrieve the sim phone number from my Telematics combox?
  220. How does one know which ECUs are affected for each VO?
  221. Reanimate CCC
  222. change language I-Drive
  223. I this created to steal our cars ????Why BMW so easy to steal ???
  224. Info needed pls
  225. How to increase angel eyes brightness.
  226. Measures Plan
  227. Coding my first car besides my own
  228. TV DVB-T Coding
  229. Cruise Control - from mls to km/h
  230. lost day/night mode cic
  231. need help to add sound confirmation option for lock and unlock in idrive menu
  232. Non-Xenon to Xenon coding possible?
  233. CCC Eprom Request
  234. System restraints failure after coding seat belt chime of :-(
  235. Coding CCC that is not on car ?
  236. TCU Retrofit Microphone issue
  237. FRM3 - are they all the same?
  238. [2RAD - 2MULF] Enable Bluetooth Problem
  239. Show coolant temperature in dash?
  240. Battery change coding (wet-->AGM)
  241. BMW E92 Idrive update
  242. Disabling O2 sensors
  243. Disable TPMS sensor
  244. controlling the behavior of various systems using coding?
  245. settings for use ICOM with WinKFP (OBD and MOST)
  246. Set Oilservice with tool32
  247. Clown nose blinker
  248. e92 help needed replaced 1 headlight turn signal works but low beam doesnt and angel
  249. Does USB for iPod need coding?
  250. Key Fob Buttons. Tell us what you have managed to get programmed